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Best International Boarding School India - MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul


MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is the part of reputed MIT Group of Institutions, Pune. The Gurukul is among the best 5 International Boarding School of Maharashtra, India. Gurukul follows a value-based education model and is known for providing world-class education facilities. To know more details, visit us at: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best International Boarding School India - MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul

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Accreditation and Affiliation
Boarding School in Maharashtra
  • What is the most important decision of a parents
    life? Well, it is choosing the right school for
    their child. It is schooling that creates the
    childs character, perception, and individualism.
    If you are looking for the best boarding school
    in Maharashtra, then you have landed at the right

Significance of a school in childs life
  • Undoubtedly, good education has the power to mold
    an individual and to transform his/her life. That
    is why children are sent to school from a tender
    age to get involved in the process of learning.
  • In India, a child nearly spends 14 years of
    his/her life in school. So, it is a crucial
    decision to choose the right school for

  • A single decision decides the future of a child.
    A wrong decision may end up spoiling a childs
    entire life. This leaves the parents in a state
    of immense pressure and confusion.
  • One common dilemma that almost all parents face
    is related to the selection between a day school
    and a residential school during the process of

  • Today, both of the parents are working or engaged
    in their businesses. So, they cannot spare a lot
    of time for the proper upbringing of their
    children. Therefore, most of the parents opt for
    boarding schools. A boarding school not just
    imparts education to the child, but it imparts
    life skills, homely environment along with
    holistic learning and development. It imbibes
    discipline in the child and makes him/her

How to select the best boarding schools?
  • When it comes to boarding schools, it becomes
    really essential for the parents to pick up the
    right institution for their child. As the child
    will be spending a major period of his life at
    school, it is necessary for the child to be under
    the right supervision.
  • A good educational institution is the one that is
    responsible for providing course-centric
    education along with instilling values and
    creating a well-balanced individual.

  • A school should be responsible for developing the
    personality of the child, modifying their
    behavior, building their character and enriching
    them with the appropriate life skills. Therefore,
    what else can be a better than MIT Punes
    Vishwashanti Gurukul? The school is among the top
    5 international boarding school of Maharashtra,
    India. It follows a value-based education model
    and is known for imparting world-class education
    as well as for imbibing ethics in the children.

What makes MIT Gurukul stand out from others?
  • MIT Punes Vishwashanti Gurukul An IB World
    School is an best international boarding school
    in India. It is affiliated to the International
    Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) and CIE. Being
    an IB school, it follows world-class academic
    standards and simultaneously inculcates the
    traditional Indian values in a student. Here,
    every student is given proper attention as the
    student to teacher ratio is 181.

  • Vishwashanti Gurukul has a world class
    infrastructure that is well equipped with all the
    modern amenities and facilities. Our heritages
    Guru-Shishya Parampara is followed in the school
    campus as well as in the boarding. Under this
    principle, gurus mold the shishyas into strong
    individuals and prepare them to face the outside
    world. They inculcate Indian ethics in shishyas
    and teach them to respect all the religions as
    well as cultures. This amalgamation of Indian
    ethos with world-class facilities makes MIT
    Gurukul the best boarding school in Pune,

  • The faculty of the school comprises of highly
    qualified and experienced teachers. Most of the
    teachers are IB Examiners. Apart from education,
    a wide range of extracurricular activities is
    offered on the campus which benefits the young
  • MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul teaches its students to
    be bold, self-reliant, empathetic, sincere and
    confident. They enhance the overall personality
    of an individual along with imparting the
    knowledge of the syllabi.

  • At MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul students learn life
    skills and other lessons that prepare them to
    face future challenges. Gurukul is one of the
    Best international Boarding School in India. The
    residential life at MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul
    builds social skills of the students and teaches
    them to develop a strong bond with others.
  • If you wish to train your child in a conducive
    environment, then apply for admissions in MIT
    Gurukul right away!