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Error: Emails Missing From Apple Mail


The error in Apple mail are discussed and the methods to resolve them. Also given a different opinion to work out with errors in Apple Mail. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Error: Emails Missing From Apple Mail

Error Emails Missing From Apple Mail
Apple Mail
  • Apple Mail is an Mac OS running Email Client.
  • Its current version  uses SMTP Protocol for
    sending Messages and POP3, Exchange, and IMAP for
    receiving messages.
  • Also S/MIME for providing end to end encryption
    security for the messages delivered and received.
  • Preconfigured to work with popular email
    providers, such as Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, Gmail,
    Outlook and iCloud and it supports Microsoft

Minor Issues in Apple Mail
  • Issue Repeated asking of password
  • Sol Verify Settings or reset Password
  • Issue Sent Emails Not in Sent Folder
  • Sol Specify a folder to have a copy of sent
  • Highlight "Sent" folder.
  • Click Mailbox menu and select Use This Mailbox
  • Select Sent

Minor Issue
  • Issue No send or receive Emails
  • Sol Firstly, check for Network connectivity.
  • If it doesnt work, get to the latest version of
    Mac OS. Mostly, this resolves the issue.
  • But if still the error stays, contact Mail
    Connection Doctor for more detailed description
    on issue generated.

Major Issue Inbox Emails Missing
  • This is a different issue corresponding to other
    kinds of issues. In this issue, the Emails are
    received by the Apple mail Inbox, but is not
    being shown on the Inbox List.
  • The user get to know about the issue while
    viewing mails through other Email clients such as
    Airmail, Entourage.
  • The issue is treated to be major when important
    mails being expected are not shown in in Inbox
    list and one has to search out other methods to
    get the mail.

Why Emails Disappear?
  • The Emails being disappeared may lead us to go
    behind the reasons that lead us to the issue.
    Thus, the reasons that may be the cause that the
    Emails disappear are discussed below
  • Issue Virus or Malware attack on the system.
  • Sol There are two ways in which this error could
    be solved
  • Need to delete the Apple mail account and
    re-install/re-configure the mail account on the
  • Install an effective antivirus on to the system
    and remove all Malware virus on the system.

  • Issue Email messages are deleted through someone
  • Sol Have two options to Opt.
  • If automatic backup of the mails are taken
    before, restore the data from the backup
  • Use any Email Recovery Tool to recover the
    messages deleted
  • Issue The Apple Mail account is not well
  • Sol Re-configure the Apple Mail account with the
    correct mail settings
  • Issue Bugs in the system (machine) after system
  • Sol Uninstall the system updates and check for
    the bugs.
  • If no issues with the emails, then contact system
    updater for the bug.
  • If the bug stays with old version, reinstall the
    mail account and check the mail settings as well

How to Resolve Email Missing Issue
  • Issue Emails received by the Apple mail account
    but is not been shown in the Inbox List
  • Solution There are various solutions provided to
    solve this major issue of Email missing from the
    Inbox. Lets discuss them one by one
  • Re-construct The Apple Mail Mailbox
  • Follow the steps to get your Mailbox
  • From the Apple mailbox, select the Inbox folder
    in the Mailbox
  • Go to Mailbox menu, choose Rebuild option.

Reset the Preferences configuration of
Spotlight Preferences
  • Spotlight search is a kind of finding mail
    (message) contents in Mac OS. The error is rarely
    caused if due to error in Spotlight index.
  • Follow the procedure below to re-index the
    Spotlight Preference setting
  • Go to Menu gtgt Settings gtgt System Preferences.
  • Move to Spotlight section, and Opt. Privacy
  • Empty mail Folders listed on the list. Empty list
    using (-) button.
  • Wait for the new Spotlight index construction and
    search the mail again.

Message Filter option Disable
  • If the Message filter option is set to be
    enabled, then it may restrict some of the mails
    received there-after to be shown in the Inbox
    folder. Thus, this option is to be disabled.
    Disabling this filter option may work and the
    mails would be started showing in the Inbox
    folder again.
  • Follow steps below to get Message filter disabled
  • Open Apple mail and select View option from Menu
  • Under Enable Message Filter section, deselect the
  • View the Inbox and compare with another email
    client to verify if emails are still missing or

Re-synchronize the Inbox in Apple Mail
  • Try re-synchronizing the Inbox from apple mail
    again to the application. This could be the last
    step in resolving Email missing issue in Apple
  • Follow the procedure below to re-synchronize
    Apple mail Inbox again
  • Go to Inbox Option resided on the left side of
    the plane
  • Select the Synchronize option performing
    right-click on the Inbox
  • Check for the mails missed, if they are being
    seen or not. Compare emails viewing emails with
    another Email client

Switch or backup Mailbox to Other Email Client
  • From the search of last few years, its seen that
    the Email Missing cases have been increased and
    that the users are getting frustrated using the
    Apple mail. The users are found to be moving from
    Apple mail to other Email clients for mail usage.
  • The other Email client chosen by most of the
    users are found to be MS Outlook as it provides
    many features in mailing and managing mail
  • Apple mail backup is a two-step process
  • Step 1 Backup mail data (.mbox files) to system
  • Step 2 Use MBOX to PST converter Tool
  • Step 1 is further divided among two as follows
  • Take data from locally saved mailbox data (MBOX
  • Drag Drop Emails or Mail Folders to the Desktop
    (EML or MBOX file)

Take Locally Saved Apple Mail Data
  • Go to the destination of the folder saving the
    Apple mails in the system itself and take up the
  • Open another Email client an upload the file into
    the mail client. The folder found contains .mbox
    extension and when opened shows a list of .eml
  • Many Email clients supports MBOX file format,
    thus the mailbox data could be restored to a
    number of Email clients such as Thunderbird,
    Eudora, Airmail, Entourage, etc.

Drag Drop Mail Folders to Desktop
  • Drag and Drop mail folders such as Inbox, Sent
    mail, Spam mail, Trash to the local system.
  • Also can Drag and Drop single mails if required.
  • The file generated dropping the whole mail folder
    to system is MBOX file whereas for a single mail,
    it is EML file.
  • Restore these backed up files to Another MBOX
    supporting Email Client.

Use MBOX Converter Tool
  • MBOX Converter Tool provides conversion of Apple
    mail to PST/EML file formats.
  • The tool helps to restore the Apple mail in MBOX
    supported as well as non-supported Email Clients
    (PST/EML format).
  • Simple procedure to convert Apple mail to any of
    the above mentioned file formats.

MBOX Converter Tool conversion Steps
  • Steps to convert Apple mail to file formats other
    than MBOX
  • Launch MAC MBOX converter Tool.
  • Add MBOX files from the locally saved location of
    Apple Mail.
  • Choose File type (PST/EML) and apply Date filters
    for specific Email conversions.
  • Select the Browse button to set a Destination to
    save converted file.
  • Click Export to start MBOX conversion.

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