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Bright Ideas To Add a Little Color To Your Landscapes


Maximize the impact of minimal yards by adding a color with these bright landscaping ideas. You can turn a cookie-cutter landscape into a showplace by adding color player plants, granite tiles, gravel, driveway edging, natural stones, pavers and more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Bright Ideas To Add a Little Color To Your Landscapes

Bright Ideas To Add a Little Color To Your
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Turn a cookie-cutter landscape into a showplace.
  • Maximize the impact of minimal yards by adding a
    color with these bright landscaping ideas.

Add a quick color from plants that please for a
single season. 
  • Speedy growers insert color into a yard, then
    fade with a frost.
  • Fast growing, single-season color gives
    versatility and the option to change your scenery
    when you flip your calendar.

The Color Plants that are worth to try
  • Sweet Pea
  • A sweetly fragrant when blooming in spring. Its
    also quite ornamental for its brightly hued
    pastel flowers of pink, purple and white. You can
    put it in a garden or doorway.

  • Viola
  • Violas are frost-tolerant color player plant.
    Their compact size and free-flowering habit are a
    good fit for container gardening. There are a
    variety of bright, festive colors, such as white,
    lilac, purple, yellow and orange. This mix of
    lemon and peach colors is termed as the Sunset

  • Lavender
  • Lavender is one of the most colorful, and
    fragrant herbs. Its flowers dry nicely and are
    often place in potpourri or bundled in sachets
    and kept in a sock drawer. Lavender is easy to
    grow if the site is sunny and has well-drained,
    slightly alkaline soil. 

  • Jolt Pink Dianthus
  • This plant features large, brightly colored
    fringed flower heads on strong stems. It is
    heat-tolerant so it should perform well all
    summer long.  It is an  easy-to-grow flower and
    perfect for neat and tidy gardening

  • Sunflower
  • There are varieties of sunflowers. Some grow to
    up to 10 ft. tall! So select one that stays a
    reasonable height and youll enjoy showy flowers
    and tasty seeds.

2. Add practical touches to your outdoor space
with these stone ideas for patios, paths and fire
  • Designing a welcoming home landscape requires
    creativity and durable materials such as natural
    stones, gravel and granite tiles.
  • A wide range of color and pattern selections are
    available in granite products, helping you create
    a beautiful and functional landscape that matches
    your home.

  • Striking steps
  • Terraced stone steps in a mix-and-match pattern
    produces a solid focal point, while colorful"
    plants create visual interest on both sides of
    the path. 

Photo by Norm Plate
  • Gravel Entry
  • The gravel entry is a clean casual foil for
    plant textures and colors.

  • Chic cut-stone walkway
  • You can install large cut-stone squares create a
    smooth and polished look.

Photo by Rob D. Brodman
  • Lovely terraced staircase
  • Hefty granite stones help anchor the hillside,
    and lined up along the terraced staircase, they
    form the perfect spot for displaying plants. The
    weeping orange sedge repeated on the right helps
    to soften the scene.

  • Savvy paving
  • Both the multicolored flagstones set in sand and
    the ¾-inch granite gravel let rainfall to pass
    through to plant roots.

Photo by William Wright
  • Flagstone waterfall
  • With two waterfallsone tumbling down a rocky
    bank and the other streaming from an urn. This
    pond fills the backyard with the sound of water.
    Broad flagstones near the waters edge invite
    closer inspection. If kids will be visiting your
    garden, be sure to restrict access to any pond or
    pool area with fencing and a locking gate.

Photo by Thomas J. Story
  • Boulders for accents
  • A few small boulders placed next to a path can
    create a striking statement.

Photo by  Rob D. Brodman
Why Granite is useful for patios, pavers and
  • Granite planters Stack granite slabs or boulders
    create an informal planter and then interplant
    with succulents.

  • Dry-stacked granite wall
  • Granite blocks or slabs make a compact and
    striking wall. Without mortar or cement, the
    heavy weight of granite can be enough to
    stabilize low retaining walls.

  • Garden and driveway edging To achieve a crisp,
    durable edge and a more manicured look, consider
    cut granite or rustic cobblestones to edge
    planting beds or a driveway.

Garden and Landscapes with Granite Tiles and
Natural Stone
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