Here are a few Mobile App development trends that will shape 2019 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Here are a few Mobile App development trends that will shape 2019


This PPT discusses and lists a few Mobile App development trends that can help you generate better ROI. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Here are a few Mobile App development trends that will shape 2019


Here are a few Mobile App development trends
that will shape 2019
Here are a few Mobile App development trends
that will shape 2019
There is a world-wide shift in the way people use
Internet a swift movement from browsing desktops
to smartphones. The obvious reason for this shift
is that an increasingly large number of people
are always on-the-move and have a busy schedule.
It is to be acknowledged and accepted that the
shift in Internet usage has not been gradual. It
has been very rapid with the influx of
smartphones in the market. According to We are
Socials global digital report, surpassing all
the predicted numbers, the figures indicate that
smartphone users across the world has crossed
5.135 billion. This precipitous jump proves that
mobile app development is not a sizzle that would
fizzle, but is here to stay and grow by leaps and
bounds. Reaffirming this global trend is the
report from Statista, which says that mobile apps
are estimated to make 188.9 billion in global
revenue by the year 2020. When statistics
provide such positive numbers, it means that
mobile app development is going to witness a
bright and strong development trend in 2019.
Analysts believe that there may be a huge surge
either in the mobile apps currently being used by
customers or the market is likely to witness
developments in brand new mobile apps. Either
way, 2019 will be the curtain-raiser to the
mobile app revenue explosion predicted for
2020. In addition, with the integrated chips
powering smartphones and 5G networks beginning
their trial phase across the world, 2019 is set
to give mobile app developers more avenues to
explore, especially in the field of app
intricacies. So, what does this mean for CXOs of
firms? How can they use these trends to their
Here are a few Mobile App development trends
that will shape 2019
To understand the market, it is important to know
what app-trends are going to rule the roost in
2019. Artificial Intelligence Virtual
assistants and chatbots are predicted to see a
rapid increase. Siris success during recent
times is a testimony to the fact that AI and
machine learning apps have made a huge impact on
users and they have been ingrained deeply into
mobile app development. 2019 will see a sharp
rise in AI and machine learning. CXOs need to
adapt AI and machine language into their
businesses, if they want to see their businesses
grow and diversify. The more they understand the
rapid rise in AI and machine language, the better
they will be able to adopt and implement the best
practices of the trend thats here to
stay. Chatbots Development of AI has helped
integration of chatbots without the use of
intricate coding, which are now becoming a trend
in improving customer relations. Chatbots are
communicating and helping mobile users, making
itself indispensable. Statista reveals that the
global Chatbot market is estimated to increase to
US 1250 million by 2025, which is US 1000
million more than the figures in 2016. This
growth indicates that chatbots are a vital part
of digital reality. Wearable Devices and IoT
Apple, as a firm, has pushed wearable devices and
IoTs into the market with such ferocity that
affordability constraint is no longer an issue.
Mobile app developers are looking forward to
developing newer and better smartwatches and
other wearable devices. Watches, fitness bands,
movement trackers, health trackers, diet and
exercise wearable devices are areas where mobile
companies see more promise in 2019. More and more
companies are looking to diversify into the
field. For example, Uber and Zomato are looking
into investing in wearable apps that will help
their business grow. Today, most users prefer
flexibility and agility and thus, also want all
their tools to support mobility. Anything that
helps keep up with their busy schedule is going
to be in demand in 2019.
Here are a few Mobile App development trends
that will shape 2019

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
2019 will see AR and VR trends influencing mobile
strategies within mobile app development. AR and
VR connected to smartphones are engaging users,
as gaming apps become stronger. Market analysts
predict that mobile app experiences in AR and VR
may garner over US 200 billion in revenues by
2020. In such a scenario, AR and VR may just not
limit to gaming apps but may extend to mapping
apps and other utility apps as 2019 progresses.
Thus, while currently mainly for gaming, AR and
VR may see a strong presence in all arenas of app
development. Companies must, therefore pay a
closer attention to getting their AR and VR
integrated apps tested end-to-end for quality,
functionality, performance, and security. Read
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