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Moving to Australia: Apartment Hunting for Famous Cities


Australia is one of the most expensive countries to live in. Moving to an apartment is one of the strategies to save money. Check out this presentation for some tips regarding apartment hunting. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Moving to Australia: Apartment Hunting for Famous Cities

Moving to Australia Apartment Hunting for Famous
  • Australia is among the most expensive countries
    to live in around the world. As a matter of fact,
    it sits at the 12th place in terms of countries
    with the highest cost of living. To give you a
    comparison, the USA and the UK are 21st and 23rd
    on the ladder. So for people who are looking to
    relocate to Australia, well, moving to an
    apartment is one of the ways on how you can save
    some money.
  • Looking at the average house prices, Sydney tops
    the chart with a whopping 920,000 according to
    Living in Australia. The next in line is
    Melbourne which boasts an average house price of
    665,000. Following that is Brisbane with
    504,000. That being said, the cities have an
    extreme amount of apartment that you can choose

Sydneys Rents Drop, Most Expensive City No More
  • On the other hand, the rent for Sydney recently
    dropped for the first time in 12 years. So if you
    are looking for a sign, then this is it. It is,
    trusts me. A report from Domain Rental report
    reveals that the rent in NSW dipped by 1.8 over
    the last year. The positive news is expected to
    allure and drive more tenants in the city these
    coming years.

  • Now here are great tricks you could try when
    starting your apartment hunting journey

Apartment Hunting Websites
  • A great way to prepare for the move is by
    scouting potential apartments around the metro.
    Well, this will depend on which city you will
    want to live in. Regardless, here are some quick
    tips you can follow for hunting that perfect
  • 1. Apartment Search Engines - these search
    engines are not limited to Australia, but are
    also catering an international clientele. In
    theory, you could also apply these when you want
    to move elsewhere. Some websites I would
    recommend are as follows
  • Domain
  • Real Estate
  • Rent a Home
  • Stayz

  • 2. Local Classifieds - these websites have been
    around for quite some time and have hidden jewels
    waiting to be discovered. The pro for these
    websites is that they are going to be targeting a
    specific city for you or a specific suburb.
  • Craigslist - the most recognisable classified
    advertisement website that saw its start in
    America. The site features anything from use
    appliances to job opportunities.
  • Gumtree - is a British classified ad website that
    saw its way to Australia. The website includes
    paid and free ads with a wide range of product

Apartments Removalists
  • For those who arent familiar with removalists,
    well, they are in the business of small scale and
    large scale moving. They can help you move to
    another house or apartment, and they could also
    help you with moving your entire office.
  • What gives? These removalists are perfect if you
    are looking to move from a different state or
    suburb. It is still advisable that you hire one
    for your move and to prevent any further damages.
    There are movers for every budget out there, you
    just have to look for them.
  • Last year, Brisbane saw a massive undersupply on
    apartments due to the gigantic number of people
    moving downtown. On the brighter side, the inner
    citys rental supply has been slowly going
    downhill. So grab yourself a Brisbane removalist
    and seize this opportunity. You could also have
    these kinds of removals in Melbourne and movers
    in Gold Coast and other less popular cities are
    also favored choices for hassle-free transitions.

QA and Forums
  • The advent of Questions and Answers sites and
    Forums have made the world smaller than it
    currently is. What do I mean by that? These types
    of websites are great for getting first-hand
    experiences and answers from amazing people all
    around the world. What you may not know, is you
    could use them for apartment hunting.
  • Quora is a great place to start asking questions.
    The website boasts thousands to millions of users
    and hundreds to thousands of questions are being
    asked every day. There are thousands of great
    individuals that will answer your apartment
    hunting questions here. The trick is being as
    specific as possible.

  • On the other hand, forums are the best places if
    you want to get into an awesome online community.
    Are you a solo traveler? Search Reddit for an
    awesome subreddit that you could join. In this
    case, moving to Australia? Get in touch with the
    locals and subscribe to r/Australia.
  • There are still tons of other QA websites and
    forums out there. Try doing a little research and
    you are sure to find one that will fit you
    perfectly. Dont be afraid to ask questions and
    always be polite to other members.
  • Always remember to ask. Thats the trick for
    these kinds of apartment hunts. Document all the
    inquiries you made and make a thorough research
    before cementing any deals or whatnots. Also
    remember, it is always advisable to seek
    professional help from movers and realtors.