15 Best Natural Fertility Foods to Increase Sperm Count Fast - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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15 Best Natural Fertility Foods to Increase Sperm Count Fast


In this guide, we have discussed about 15 best natural male fertility foods that increase sperm count fast. Along with these foods use of Spermac and Vital M-40 capsules help to achieve fatherhood and improve reproductive system. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 15 Best Natural Fertility Foods to Increase Sperm Count Fast

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There are super-foods that can really help males
struggling to get sufficient number of sperms in
their ejaculate and achieve fatherhood.
Here is list of best foods to increase sperm
count and motility and achieve fatherhood.
Eggs these are rich in vitamin E, protein and
also inhibit free-radicals which can damage
healthy sperms and lower their number.
Bananas this fruit contain Bromelaine which is
strong anti-inflammatory enzyme that promotes
production of healthy and motile sperms.
Asparagus this veggie is widely used to treat
variety of problems related to male reproductive
system. It is rich in vitamin C and possesses
properties that increase semen production in
Broccoli like any other green veggies it is
rich in folate which is crucial vitamin for
increasing sperm production and protecting
healthy ones from damage.
Pomegranates either in raw or juice form this
fruit is well-known since old times for improving
male fertility. It scavenges free-radicals and
improves testicular functions.
Spinach this green leafy vegetable is full of
folic acid and suppresses production of malformed
sperms. It also improves their motility and
allows them to break protective layer of egg and
fertilize it.
Walnuts these supplement omega-3 fatty acids
and L-arginine. Both these ingredients are
wonderful for improving brain functions and
reproductive system of a male.
Barley it is full of fiber and zinc. Use of
barley in place of wheat is not only good for
people suffering with diabetes but also great for
male fertility.
Beans best sources of plant-based protein and
dietary fiber. These are excellent for
maintaining optimum fertility due to high zinc
oxide supplementation.
Red meat for people eating non-veggie diet red
meat is safe and good food to increase sperm
production and motility.
Garlic it is mainly for improving immunity and
thinning of blood but its ingredients are great
for improving male reproductive system functions.
Oysters due to high zinc content this is food
as good as medicine to treat oligospermia. If it
is available, as regular food increase sperm
motility naturally and increase chances of
Milk or dairy low-fat versions of dairy
products are sources of vitamin B12. This vitamin
improves sperm count and motility and most
importantly protects sperm DNA from damage.
Brussels sprout rich in folate like other green
veggies and also in vitamin C. so it works as
promoter of sperm production and also protects it
from damage.
Oranges these are rich in vitamin C and come
next as best fruits to increase sperm count in
males after bananas. In raw or juice forms both
ways oranges are good foods to improve male
Along with these foods use of Spermac and Vital
M-40 capsules ensure optimum male fertility and
These are herbal supplements that come with
combination of herbs to address entire range of
causes which deteriorate male fertility.
From low libido to poor testicular functions
these supplements can handle most difficult
causes of the problem naturally and without any
adverse effect on health.
These improve male vitality by improving
metabolism and nutritional supplementation and
eliminate deficiencies. Higher vitality supports
male reproductive system and improves male
fertility and drive.
Males suffering with problems like poor prostate
gland health, blocked sperm canals or urinary
canal and disorders like ED also gain immense
benefits and achieve fatherhood easily.
These supplements due to their herbal nature are
safe and harmless and can be used by male of any
age as sure-shot treatment for male weaknesses
and poor fertility.
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