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Are STD Tests Different for Men and Women


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Title: Are STD Tests Different for Men and Women

Are STD tests different for men and women?
Key Points
  • The physical appearance of men and women are
    different, so are their body parts. When we talk
    about the tests for the sexually transmitted
    diseases, we assume that all the limelight will
    be in the private parts of the body. However,
    this is not the case all the time.
  • The sexual organs differ in men and women.
    Although the basic components of tests for
    sexually transmitted diseases and infection are
    same, they may vary slightly when the test is
    performed in different genders. It is not only
    important to have complete know-how of different
    STDs but also how they spread, tested and treated
    as well.
  • It is advised to take an STD test immediately if
    you doubt having one. This doubt generally arises
    after doing unprotected sex, getting sexually
    engaged with an anonymous partner or having
    unnatural sex.
  • Chlamydia and gonorrhea are those two STDs that
    spread very fast. However, they are the ones
    which are painless when we talk about their
    tests. Both these STDs require a urine test for
    both the genders. Or else, a swab in the cervix
    and a swab of the tip of the penis also suffice.
  • Other than this, some of the STDs which require
    blood test are also the same for both the

Here are the four most proven ways of taking STD
Physical Exam Urine sample
Sample of saliva, discharge, tissue or cell Blood sample
Physical Exam
  • Some of the major signs of sexually transmitted
    diseases like discharge, rash, sores or warts are
    examined by the doctor in the private parts of
    the body. It can be similar to pelvic examination
    among women.

Urine sample
  • If the doctor or examiner finds any sign of an
    STD, he may ask to take the urine examination.
    You need to give your urine sample in a bottle or
    cup in the clinic which is then examined for
    Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.

Sample of saliva, discharge, tissue or cell
  • With the help of swab samples are collected and
    examined under the microscope. STDs like
    chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, or HIV gets tested.

Blood sample
  • A blood sample is taken to test for STDs like
    syphilis, herpes, and HIV. Few drops of blood are
    drawn from the finger by pricking with the

Final words
  • All these methods are simple, painless or cause
    very little pain. They do not take much time and
    are effective to know about sexual health. Also,
    the results dont take much time to come.
  • So take the STD test and live a carefree life!
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