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Dental clinic in dwarka / Best Dentist In Dwarka


Vital Dental Care is a best Dental Clinic in Dwarka by Dr. Anurag Khandelwal. We provide you with a variety of dental treatments including Root canal treatment, Orthodontic Treatment, Child dentistry, Dental implant and pediatric dentistry In Dwakra For more information – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Dental clinic in dwarka / Best Dentist In Dwarka

Vital Dental Care
  • Our clinic Vital Dental Care is located
    judiciously in Dwarka sector 06 just behind
    sector 06 main market area with ample parking
  • We provide you with a variety of dental
    treatments including general dentistry, cosmetic
    dentistry and pediatric dentistry. We have a team
    of dental professionals specialized in their
    respective fields with highest skill levels and
    are specially
  • trained to provide utmost care.
  • We also provide you with the latest advances in
    technology including high resolution intraoral
    camera, uncompromising quality of dental
    materials, best quality of dental instruments,
    Class B sterilizer for infection control.
  • Our clinic also provides you with an upcoming
    technology of orthodontic treatment with
    INVISALIGN invisible braces and advanced root
    canal treatment.
  • We promise you to leave with an amazing dental
    experience and an amazing smile
  • For more detail please visit http//www.vitaldenta

Contact Us
  • Vital Dental Care
  • 36-A Pocket 2, Sector 6, Landmark Behind Sector
    6 Market Dwarka, Delhi
  • Phone
  • (91)-880-090-1692, 800-750-1892
  • Email us
  • Opening Hours
  • Monday  9 AM - 9 PM
  • Tuesday  9 AM - 9 PM
  • Wednesday  9 AM - 9 PM
  • Thursday  9 AM - 9 PM
  • Friday  9 AM - 9 PM
  • Saturday  9 AM - 9 PM
  • Sunday  9 AM - 9 PM

  • Dental Surgeon, 3 Years Experience
  • Dr. Anurag khandelwal is a dental surgeon and he
    has completed his graduation from Bharati
    Vidyapeeth Dental College Pune. He has 3 years of
    clinical experience and has done his residency
    from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. He has
    undergone training in advance root canal
    treatment and has performed more than 500 root
    canal treatments. He specializes in single
    sitting root canal treatment. He has completed
    his fellowship programme in dental implantology
    from the university of France. He is a certified
    member of Dental Council of India and Indian
    Dental Association

Our services
  • Scaling And Polishing
  • Sometimes When You Brush Your Teeth The Brush May
    Not Be Able To Reach The Inaccessible Areas Of
    Your Teeth. This Causes Deposition Of Plaque
    Which Gets Converted Into Hard Tenacious Matter
    Called As Calculus (Tartar) (Tooth Colored). If
    Calculus Is Allowed To Remain Onto The Tooth It
    Will Provide Right Conditions For The Bacteria To
    Accumulate Leading To Further Gum Diseases. The
    Primary Aim Of Scaling And Polishing Is To Remove
    Calculus Also Extrinsic Stains Caused Due To
    Tea, Coffee, Smoking Etc. It Also Cures Bad
    Breadth Problems.

Root Canal Treatment
  • Root Canal Treatment Is Recommended For Badly
    Decayed Tooth. It Is Done When The Infection
    Reaches Pulp (Sensitive Part Of The Tooth
    Containing Nerve And Blood Vessels) And Spreads
    Further Causing Tissue Damage And Pulp Death.
    Inorder To Save The Tooth From Further Damage
    Root Canal Treatment Is Performed.
  • How Is The Treatment Performed?
  • The Infected Pulp Is Removed, Clean, Enlarge The
    Root Canal Area And Seal The Area With An
    Aprropriate Root Canal Filling Material. After
    The Completion It Is Recommend To Protect The
    Root Canal Treatedtooth With A Suitable Crown So
    That The Chances Of Tooth Fracture Are Reduced.

Tooth Extraction
  • It Refers To The Removal Of Tooth From Its Socket
    In The Bone. There Are Various Reasons For Which
    The Tooth Cannot Be Saved And Therefore May Be
    Removed. One Of The Reasons Being Extremely
    Decayed Tooth With No Crown Structure Remaining,
    Loosen Tooth, Broken Tooth Etc.
  • We Provide You With Two Types Of Extraction
  • Simple Extractions In Which We Remove The Tooth
    Using Elevators And Forceps Under Local
    Anaesthetic Procedures So That The Treatment
    Becomes Painless.
  • Surgical Extractions/Removal Of Wisdom Teeth
    These Are Teeth Which Come At The Age Of 18-24
    Years.They Erupt In Most Unusual Position. It Is
    A Complex Procedure Done For Teeth That Are
    Impacted (Tooth Fails To Fully Errupt). The
    Removal Of It Requires More Skills And Effort
    Than The Normal Tooth Extraction And Requires
    Much Car

Dental Fillings
  • It is a type of treatment performed to treat
    dental decay. Fillings or dental restorations are
    most common dental procedures. The process
    involves removal of the dental decay by preparing
    an ideal cavity and filling it up with a suitable
    material. We provide you with several dental
    filling materials like silver amalgam,
    tooth-coloured composite resin material, glass
    ionomer cement etc. These dental fillings will
    stop the tooth decay from worsening and therefore
    will protect the tooth.
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