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How to Plan Tree Care


A good tree care schedule is best planned with a qualified professional. Some types of professionals that know about trees are greenhouses, arborists, and landscapers. When It’s Time for Tree Trimming. There Are Many Reasons for Tree Removal. Stump Grinding & Removal. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Plan Tree Care

How to Plan Tree Care
  • Caring for a tree is all about knowing what type
    of tree it is. From specialty cherry trees to
    flamed maples, there are all kinds of trees in
    peoples yards. You might have just one tree or a
    few, but these well-loved pieces of landscaping
    are an important aesthetic choice for home and
    business owners. Whatever type of trees you keep,
    you will want to extend the life and quality of
    the tree by planning your tree care carefully.
    Trees develop over time and need different
    amounts of water and fertilizer as they age, so
    its a good idea to take up a tree care plan with
    an arborist or landscaper that will last you
    several years.
  • Fruit trees need drastically different care from
    non-fruit types. If you have fruit trees, its
    always a great idea to consult with someone who
    specializes in them. They are worth the extra
    work, but you definitely need some extra
    experience to manage them well if you want them
    to grow large and produce fruit. A qualified
    grower can help you manage the roots, watering
    schedule, trimming, and training that these
    beautiful plants need to grow strong. Whether you
    choose organic or non-organic growing methods,
    you can achieve great results if you take the
    time to consult and work with a qualified person
    on your tree care plan.

  • Part of tree care is lopping limbs as needed.
    Some types of tree care require aggressive
    lopping and training when the tree is young in
    order for it to grow a certain way. This can be
    quite a creative endeavor, especially if you are
    trying to shape your tree. Some lopped limbs are
    usable in furniture, while others may be destined
    for the compost. You can even graft lopped limbs
    if you have good enough root stock and turn them
    into another tree. You also use them to hybridize
    new types of root stock.
  • Fertilizing and watering young trees is
    important. Some trees need heavy care when they
    are young in order to fruit on schedule, but they
    are worth the extra care. Tree care often lowers
    in frequency as trees age, so be prepared for
    good returns on your efforts if you can put the
    time in when the tree is young. You may want to
    invest in mechanical watering systems if you grow
    a lot of trees or if your tree is far from a
    water source.

  • A good tree care schedule is best planned with a
    qualified professional. Some types of
    professionals that know about trees are
    greenhouses, arborists, and landscapers. You can
    benefit from their knowledge and extend the life
    of your tree by getting to know them and getting
    advice on fertilizer, trimming, watering, and
    soil requirements. A beautifully cared for tree
    is a fabulous addition to any landscape, and a
    fruit or nut tree gives an added bonus of

When Its Time for Tree Trimming
  • Call a professional when its time to trim your
    trees. Lopping limbs actually takes quite a bit
    of skill, so its best left to someone who has
    insurance and the right equipment. Trees are a
    living plant (unless they have died), and their
    health is important. Over or under trimming can
    be an issue for the health of the plant, so you
    want to hire someone who really knows trees when
    its time for tree trimming. Trees may need
    different types of care depending on your local
    and the water situation, so a highly qualified
    local specialist is your best option.
  • Trees can overgrow onto house eaves. Its a good
    idea to call for tree trimming before this
    happens, but its never too late to call if your
    tree limbs are overgrown onto the eaves. When
    the tree limbs are overgrown, you can end up with
    a lot of leaf rot and full gutters. Make sure to
    call earlier rather than later to avoid roof and
    gutter repairs. On occasion, you might get mold
    on your roof from the tree limbs hanging too
    closely and keeping the roof wet with rain and
    dew. If you notice water leaking down your
    gutters or slime sliding off your roof when the
    snow melts, it might be time to call for tree

  • Trimming trees is important for aesthetics. Trees
    look really good when they are trimmed well. This
    often means taking lower limbs off and shaping
    upper limbs, but it can also mean topping trees
    off that are too tall on occasion. Its a good
    idea to talk to your arborist or tree trimmer
    about the look you want when you get your tree
    trimmed for cosmetic reasons. A lot can be done
    with tree trimming and shaping to make sure that
    the tree grows a certain way, and a well-shaped
    and trimmed tree can add a lot of value to your
    property. It takes some planning, but you can do
    really wonderful things with a tree throughout
    its life if you have the time to trim it for
    aesthetic reasons.
  • Trimming trees keeps them in good health. Trees
    need trimming, often in the spring, to keep them
    using water properly. Specialty trees like fruit
    trees benefit even more from proper trimming
    because it can help them fruit all the way. You
    can help cultivate a healthy tree with trimming,
    as this helps the tree conserve water and grow
    its top out all the way. Make sure that you dont
    have it trimmed too aggressively, but dont be
    afraid to trim heavily when needed, either. Your
    tree will benefit when extra limbs, knots, and
    moldy parts are removed and it will grow even
  • When its time for tree trimming, you want to
    call earlier rather than later. This prevents the
    tree from dropping leaves and pine needles in
    difficult places like gutters or flower beds.
    Make sure to ask around to find a highly
    qualified professional who will help your tree
    grow even healthier with proper trimming. Dont
    be afraid to take up a plan for your tree growth
    and plan the trimming with your arborist. You can
    make a lot of changes to the look of the tree
    over the years with aesthetic trimming.

There Are Many Reasons for Tree Removal
  • Tree removal is an important part of maintaining
    your landscape. Trees tend to get a little bit
    overgrown on residential properties, so dont
    hesitate to call for professional tree removal
    when your tree limbs get too close to power lines
    or the eaves of your roof. While trees are
    precious, so are gardens. Sometimes the two
    compete for sunlight, and it is okay to call for
    tree removal if you need more garden space. The
    ecology of your landscaping is preserved when
    you garden over the area previously taken up by a
    tree, so dont feel like tree removal has to hurt
    the environment. You can replace the plant with
    something else besides the tree if that is what
    you prefer to have in your yard.
  • Always call a licensed professional when its
    time to remove a tree. Trees are heavy when they
    fall, and you want a licensed and insured
    professional to do your tree removal so that
    accidents are covered, in the unlikely event that
    there is one. The nice thing about calling a
    professional is that besides saving your back
    some heavy labor, you can get your tree chopped
    up for firewood or lumber so that you can use the
    wood for something. In the event that your prefer
    not to use the wood, you can have the tree hauled
    and save some room in your yard.

  • Removal of certain trees is important for the
    health of your lawn and house. Some trees leave
    leaves to rot on your roof every year, or tons of
    pine needles around the yard. Trees can also
    retain rot or mold, and its important that only
    healthy plants are kept in a residential yard.
    Dont hesitate to schedule tree removal if rot
    has taken over your tree. This is especially true
    in areas that experience storms, like hurricanes
    or tsunamis. You want to maintain your yard so
    that a potentially soggy or rotted tree is
    removed before it can fall over on a building
    during a storm. Tree removal is a preferable
    option to trying to rehabilitate or clean the
  • Cosmetic removal can allow for more landscaping.
    Removal of a healthy tree is a good option in
    cases where hedges or a garden would be a better
    look for the area. You can always go with grass
    also. While trees are lovely, sometimes they just
    put too much shade on a property that would be
    better off with a well-landscaped green or
    garden. A sunny yard is a really cheerful way to
    go for most people, and sometimes trees take up
    too much water in addition to sunlight for a
    garden or lawn to thrive.
  • Tree removal may be required or desired for many
    reasons, including building preservation. A
    professional with the right equipment is always
    preferable to the hard labor of removing a tree
    by hand. Make sure that you call someone who is
    licensed and insured to help you with your tree
    removal. You will be able to enjoy more sunlight
    and more water for your garden or lawn once the
    tree is gone. You can remove trees for cosmetic
    reasons or to get ahead of a storm before the
    tree falls over. You can also remove trees that
    have too many bugs or too much mold on them.

Stump Grinding Removal An Important Part of
  • Stump grinding and removal is a great way to keep
    your property looking clean. Grinding a stump
    down can provide useful material for compost and
    landscape filler, so its a nice option for
    obtaining materials if you choose to do this.
    Removing unsightly stumps is an important factor
    in keeping your lawn and garden looking neat.
    Although some people prefer not to remove stumps
    because of ecological reasons, there are options
    to help replace the ecology. One is to have stump
    grinding and removal done so that the stump is
    partially ground down, and then pulled out. In
    this way you can move what is left of the stump
    to an out-of-the way area so that the ecological
    system isnt disrupted.
  • You can remove dead stumps before insects get to
    them with stump grinding and removal. This is an
    important thing to do for the health of your
    property, because insects and fungi compete for
    space in your yard. You dont want beetles taking
    over and killing beneficial insects, for example.
    You also dont want too many mushrooms or aphids.
    Grinding the stump all the way and removing the
    waste completely is a great way to keep your yard
    free from insects that compete with the
    beneficial ones in your garden. You can have the
    grinding done to many grades, so consider your
    options for stump grinding and removal and choose
    the sawdust grade necessary for insect removal
    before your contractor begins the removal of the

  • Removing dead stumps also makes room on the
    property for landscaping and gardening. Stump
    grinding and removal can help you improve your
    landscape by making room for items that need
    softer soil and dont grow well around tree
    roots. While some plants can thrive at the base
    of trees, this is not usually the case for
    showier flowers like tulips. Gardening over the
    spot where the stump once was is a great thing to
    do ecologically, but it also improves property
    value and adds beauty to your area. If you have a
    stump in question, dont be afraid to call a
    professional for stump grinding and removal so
    that you can garden over the area with something
    more appealing.
  • Grinding stumps is often necessary since they are
    very hard to chop up. On occasion, the roots and
    tops of stumps have been known to break saws and
    chip axes. If you have any doubt about your
    ability to chop a stump up and remove it, it is a
    wise idea to call someone who does stump grinding
    and removal professionally. These things dont
    always come out of the dirt the first try, and
    you dont want to hurt yourself or wind up with a
    chipped blade. You can use the ground material
    for many things, but the sawdust is a great
    option for piling with straw and growing large
    squash. Its also widely used in compost or
    landscaping filler.
  • Stump grinding and removal is a great way to add
    aesthetic value to your yard. You can take
    advantage of the added space and put in showy
    flowers in the loosened dirt, or you could opt
    for something like a small vegetable garden in
    place of the stump. Its also a good idea to
    remove stumps and old tree roots in heavy traffic
    areas, since they can be a tripping hazard. Call
    a professional when the stump doesnt come out of
    the dirt easily, and plan to take advantage of
    the sawdust for gardening or compost purposes.

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