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Best 10 Wholesale Baby Clothes Suppliers in US & UK & China & India


This guide will show everything you want to know about wholesale baby clothes,such as suppliers and frequently asked questions. Let's first dive into the basics of baby clothes. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best 10 Wholesale Baby Clothes Suppliers in US & UK & China & India

Best 10 Wholesale Baby Clothes Suppliers (in
This guide will show everything you want to know
about wholesale baby clothes,such as suppliers
and frequently asked questions. Let's first dive
into the basics of baby clothes.
  • Babies are the cutest beings of this world. They
    look lovely and appealing to everybody. An
    important thing of having a baby is buying
    clothes for them. Babies need a lot of them as
    they go through them like crazy.
  • This is because of the growing size of the baby
    and also because they soil the clothes easily.
    So, the parents do spend a lot of money on just
    buying the clothes for their baby.
  • Regards to this, the online business of selling
    baby clothes is quite lucrative. There is a
    constant demand for such items and the parents
    will buy clothes online as they cannot leave the
    baby alone.
  • Some people make these clothes by hand but mostly
    they source it from wholesale sellers. There are
    numerous e-commerce websites selling baby clothes
    but parents do prefer dedicated websites.

Tips for Selling the Clothes for Babies
  • Babies are tiny humans who do not have the
    immunity level or skin of an adult. So, the
    delicate babies need clothes that are really good
    for them. As a seller, it is your duty to pay
    full attention to all the aspects of selling the
  • Yes, profit is a big thing but it shouldn't come
    at the cost of someone's harm. Definitely pay
    attention to things when you are sourcing the
    clothes. Here are some things to note before
    buying the baby clothes in bulk

Tips for Selling the Clothes for Babies
  • a) Quality This should be your very first
    priority when you are selling baby clothes. They
    are infants or babies so they need extra good
    quality clothes. You cannot sell them cheap
    things which are bad.
  • The quality of the clothes should be on par. This
    includes the stitching, the actual material and
    the source of the product. While buying the
    clothes definitely ask the wholesaler everything
    related to the product. The clothes should be
    nice and the parents should feel happy about the
  • b) Choose Materials That Are Light Parents do
    like fancy clothes for their kids but often they
    look for everyday pieces. These clothes need to
    be as light as possible. The skin of a baby is
    super soft and it needs to breathe well.
  • So, a cloth made from a light material will
    provide them comfort throughout the day. Even
    their warmest clothes have to be light and soft.
    A baby also sleeps for long durations, so the
    clothes should be comfortable for naps.

Some advice on Facebook
  • 5. Use a questionnaire or vote In the Facebook
    Status Updates column, you can post a
    questionnaire or vote. You can use this to
    collect users' feedbacks on your products or
    boutique store. It's also a great way to interact
    with fans and increase their engagement.
  • 6. Organize Contests Competition is another way
    to increase your fans' engagement and attract new
    fans. But to understand Facebook's rules about
    Contests, you can consider using the Wildfire app.

Tips for Selling the Clothes for Babies
  • c) Appropriate Materials Adults wear several
    types of materials. But they aren't always best
    for a baby. Cotton and cotton blends are the best
    materials for a baby especially if they are an
    infant. Cotton baby clothes have been used for a
    long time as they are soft, comfortable and
  • A hypoallergenic material is best as babies can
    often suffer from allergies if the material isn't
    right. Wool is a nice option for the colder days.
    Other common fabrics include polyester, bamboo
    and cashmere wool.

List of Wholesale Baby Clothes Suppliers
  • You will need some good places from where you can
    source the clothes. Here we will show you some of
    the online websites where you will get good
    items. You can visit one or more of them to
    complete your inventory.
  • Below are the list of wholesale baby clothes

Company Category of Products Location
Kiskissing Baby Clothes China
Chinabrands General Baby Clothes China
DHgate General Baby Clothes China
Kiddies World Wholesale Baby Products UK
Wholesale Children Clothing Baby Products USA
Little Adam Eve Baby Products USA
Kellis Gifts Baby Products Gifts USA
India Mart General Baby Clothes India
DollarDays General Baby Clothes USA
Angel Wholesale Clothes Baby UK
List of Wholesale Baby Clothes Suppliers
  • 1.Kiskissing
  • This website is an amazing place to source baby
    clothes. They have all the usual styles that
    parents prefer. Their mother company is Sintex.
    The materials are nice and they have unique
    designs for their products.
  • 2. Chinabrands
  • There are more than 2,000 kinds of baby clothes
    available on this platform.
  • Chinabrands is a leading global drop shipping
    wholesaler from China.They have global reach
    servicing customers in more than over 200
  • 3.DHgate
  • This website is popular for wholesale items in
    general. But they have a dedicated section for
    baby clothes. You can find several cool things at
    a reasonable price. They ship all over the world
    which is a great thing.
  • 4. Kiddies World Wholesale
  • The website is dedicated to childrens clothing
    and babies do form a huge part of it. They are
    based in Leeds and have a variety of clothes for
    the babies. Their items are cute and they come in
    several different sizes.
  • 5.Wholesale Children Clothing
  • As you can tell by the name, this website
    specialized in baby clothes. You will get some
    amazing pieces at a nice price as soon as you
    register on the website. They have nice everyday
    clothes as well as fancy clothes.

List of Wholesale Baby Clothes Suppliers
  • 6.Little Adam Eve
  • The people of this company provide wholesale
    products on a global scale. They are based in
    Colorado and they have everything including
    onesies, dresses, and pyjamas. They specialize in
    baby products.
  • 7.Kellis Gifts
  • This website is based in Texas and they
    specialize in gift sets. They have all kinds of
    nice sets for the baby at affordable wholesale
    prices. The packaging is nice as well.
  • 8. India Mart
  • This website is based in Texas and they
    specialize in gift sets. They have all kinds of
    nice sets for the baby at affordable wholesale
    prices. The packaging is nice as well.
  • 9. DollarDays
  • If you are looking for cheap but nice quality
    wholesale baby clothes, then this is the perfect
    place for you. They have a wide range of baby
    items which include the clothes as well.
  • 10. Angel Wholesale
  • Our last website is based in the UK and they try
    to stock products that are made in the country.
    They have been in the business for 12 years and
    have dealt with baby clothes from the beginning.
    The variety is really great.
  • 11. RuffleButts
  • You can sign up on this website to get good deals
    on the baby clothes. Their clothes are cute and
    the business was formed due to the determination
    of a good heart. The products are made with love
    so that you and your customer will be satisfied.
  • If you want to know more, you can check Wholesale
    baby boutique suppliers.

Are there any wholesale baby clothes suppliers in
  • Chinese products can be both cheap and high
    quality if you take some time to find it.The
    suppliers are a lot, except for the listed of the
    3 suppliers, you can go to Alibaba, and its the
    biggest online wholesale market in the world.
  • For more Chinese suppliers, you can check here.

Which is the best wholesale kids clothing
  • Well, it's hard to answer such question. Every
    company has its advantages and disadvantages, so
    you have to do some test to find the best one.

Where to find the wholesale children's clothing
  • You can get them on Aliexpress,Alibaba or

Are there any wholesale baby clothing suppliers
in the USA?
  • I have listed some in the form above, and you can
    contact for the websites to get the details.
  • The price of the USA suppliers are somewhat
    expensive, and you can also contact the Chinese
    suppliers which have warehouses in the USA.
  • This way you can achieve both high profit margin
    and fast delivery.

Which is the best baby clothes manufacturers in
  • All the manufacturers claim that they are the
    best.You can check the reviews and feedback
    carefully, but take care that the reviews may be
    fake such as the suppliers on some platforms.
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  • So, we hope that you will think it through before
    starting your business with wholesale baby
    clothes suppliers. The websites that we mentioned
    are reliable and often have nice products. You do
    need to check the product descriptions and also
    compare between websites before actually placing
    the order.
  • Be wise about your budget and things that you
    will stock in your business. Read more about the
    baby clothes business and we are sure that you
    will see a growth after you start out on your
    retail journey.
  • What' more, if you want to buy vintage clothing
    for child, you can click here to get more
    information about vintage clothing wholesale uk.
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  • Kiskissing Wholesale Children's Boutique Clothing