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How to Fix Overflow Error in QuickBooks Desktop [Complete Guide]


Do you want to get rid of from Overflow Error in QuickBooks Desktop? Don't worry this post can help you then. By implementing the steps mentioned in this post you can easily fix, troubleshoot overflow error from the QB. Also, in this presentation we have described the causes behind to this overflow error with a complete solution guide. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Fix Overflow Error in QuickBooks Desktop [Complete Guide]

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Simple Steps to Fix Overflow Error in QuickBooks
QuickBooks is an accounting tool that is
instrumental in assisting business owners,
accountants and tax professionals in meeting
their business goals. This is an advanced
software. But like any other computer software,
QB too receives some errors and glitches that may
compel professionals to pause their work. This
article is created to discuss Overflow Error in
QuickBooks Desktop. Further, in this post, you
will be informed of some of the most common
reasons for the occurrence of this error and some
useful tips to fix it.
Introduction of Overflow Error in QuickBooks
This is a data error of a specific type. When
this error occurs, all the measurements unit
merge with one another to overreach the maximum
limit of a particular field. Some of the general
cases of Overflow Error in QuickBooks Desktop are
as follows
  • When attempting to access or open any data,
    report or file and one or multiple fields of a
    column feature this error message.
  • Overflow Error in QuickBooks Desktop may also
    show up at the time of running the Verify Data
    utility. The error text may read Problem An
    overflow error has occurred, one of your accounts
    has crossed the max limit allowed.
  • This error has more probability of happening
    with the chart of accounts. If this is the
    case, the overflow will show up on one or more
    balance sheets instead of an amount.

Problem An overflow error has occurred. One of
your accounts has exceeded the maximum value
What causes Overflow Error in QuickBooks Desktop?
There might be one or more of the following
reasons behind the occurrence of this error
  • The account balance of your company or other
    fields is more than 9,999,999,999,999.99.
  • A damaged or corrupted transaction data in your
    company data.
  • In case you convert a large amount on a group
    item to a different large amount, this error may
    appear by the component item of the group.
  • If the inventory has a value larger than the
    items number.
  • If the format mismatches with the format accepted
    by the QuickBooks Accounting Software.

The image as shown below is similar which appears
on your desktop.
How to Fix Overflow Error in QuickBooks Desktop?
Important Note Before performing any of the
solutions, it is recommended to verify that your
computer meets the QuickBooks Desktop Editions
(2018, 2017, 2016, 2015) system requirements.
Things to check in particular are Regional
Settings, Disk Space and available RAM.
Solution 1 Rebuild Your Data Files
  • File Menu gt Utility gt Rebuild Data.
  • Click Ok if a message box asks you to back up
    your company file in order to secure your data.
  • Click Ok after Rebuild is complete.

Solution 2 Format Mismatch Issue
Follow the below-given steps in case of mismatch
  • In case the overflow error is triggered by format
    mismatch, overflow rows may not appear on the
    error report. Create the columns to show up by
    year and months.
  • Export your spreadsheet to your desktop.
  • Now, minimize QuickBooks and right-click
    the export file.
  • Select Open With and then go to Microsoft Excel.

  • Press CtrlF to open the search box.
  • Type Overflow and tap on Find Next.
  • Go back to QuickBooks and rectify the data in
    Account, Name and item fields.
  • Open Microsoft Excel and keep following the
    process until there are no results left.

Solution 3 Overflowing Issue with a Group Item
Here is how to fix the overflow error triggered
by this cause
  • You need to set the Group Item Quantity to
  • Close the field.
  • Again put the exact Group Item Quantity.

Solution 4 Only One Item Is overflowing Issue
If while working on QB you receive a warning that
one item is overflowing, it may be the one, in
most cases, that has been added recently. Though
there might be some exceptions, wherein an
already existing item may also be the cause of
the error.
Case 1. if the error caused by the newly added
item, you can remove that from the list and
recreate that. Case 2. If its an old item
  • check the item and fix the transaction causing an
  • Type in Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand file in
    order to adjust or rectify the average cost in
    case you find the existing transaction causing
    the error. In the meanwhile, if you need instance
    technical assistance you can contact
    the QuickBooks Error Support team.

Solution 5 Too Large Account Balance or Other
Fields Issue
It may happen that the account balance field or
other fields are exceeding their max limits due
to some unidentified reasons. The maximum limit
in QuickBooks is 9,999,999,999,999.99. In case
any account balance crosses the max limit, the
field will itself show the overflowing error.
Here is what you can do in this case
  1. Perform troubleshooting required for basic data
  2. Make a portable QB company file.
  3. Restore the file to a new functioning file.
  4. Verify your charts of accounts
  • Go to List menu and tap on Chart of Accounts.
  • Spot the account having balance equal to or more
    than 10,000,000,000,000.
  • Minimize the balance of the account.
  • Follow the below steps if the issue still exists.

5. Overflow on memorized reports
  • In this case, go to Reports menu to run
    the report.
  • If you dont see overflow in new report, delete
    it and recreate the memorized report.
  • Move to the following steps if you see overflow.

6. Search all fields in all lists that have an
amount or total. You may require to add the
inactive items while going through your lists.
  • Go to the Lists and select Add/Edit Multiple List
  • Click Customize Columns and choose any field that
    has an amount, for example, Cost, Price, etc.
    Find Overflow and the correct, change or remove
    the amount.
  • Check all lists available.
  • In case you are using an updated version of
    QuickBooks, go to Edit, find overflow, search for
    list elements and then transactions.
  • Edit the amounts and keep checking them the error
    message stops appearing.

Solution 6 A Corrupted Transaction Issue 
In case the error is triggered by a corrupted
transaction, follow the give steps
  • Run Financial Statements, Sales by Customer,
    Sales by Item, Custom Transaction Details, and
    other reports until you find overflow.
  • Keep performing Quick-zoom to find the
    transaction level.
  • Correct the transaction.

Get Instant Help
We hope that this article will assist you in
fixing the Overflow Error in QuickBooks Desktop.
In case the issue persists, or you need
assistance in regards to any other QB related
issue you can contact our efficient QuickBooks
Customer Support team at our toll-free number 1
800 880 6389.
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