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17 Most Famous Tourist Attractions in Gujarat and Around Statue of Unity


Gujarat also known as “The Land of Legends”, Gujarat Tour package offer an opportunity to bask in the glory of its numerous attractions which let you sneak into the rich heritage of this vibrant state. Read here: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 17 Most Famous Tourist Attractions in Gujarat and Around Statue of Unity

17 Most Famous Tourist Attractions in Gujarat and
Around Statue of Unity
Gujarat is a haven of historical wonders,
marvelous landscapes and a colorful culture,
which proffer an astounding variety of options
for tourists to explore its varied aspects. Also
known as The Land of Legends, Gujarat Tour
package offer an opportunity to bask in the glory
of its numerous attractions which let you sneak
into the rich heritage of this vibrant state. The
state shares its border with Maharashtra,
Rajasthan and Pakistan, which is the reason for
the amazing cultural diversity found in Gujarat.
Flanked by the Arabian Sea on the west, the state
boasts of its pristine beaches which serve as
ideal locations for beach holidays. Besides being
an impeccable option for nature lovers, tour to
Gujarat also lets you witness the colorful
festivals and fairs which give an insight into
the rich culture of Gujarat.   This magical land
has received a lot of attention from various
corners in the last few months after the
unveiling of the iconic Statue of Unity, the
tallest statue in the world which is attracting
both domestic and international tourists to this
state like never before. Many tour operators are
offering special packages to explore
other tourist attractions in Gujarat in
their Statue of Unity Tours. To make the best of
your Gujarat trip, we recommend you to visit
these attractions for a memorable vacation.
Sardar Sarovar Dam
Sardar Sarovar Dam is an interesting option for
visitors who wish to tour the Statue of Unity.
The dam is located in Narmada River and is
surrounded by a vast expanse of mountains and
forests which would behold the gaze of visitors
with their pristine gorgeousness. The dam is
located at a distance of 4 km from the Statue of
Unity. The sight of the dam offers a rare
combination of blue waters
of Narmada River with the greenery of mountains.
Monsoons and winters are the best time to visit
the dam to witness the greenery and tranquility
of the place in its best state. The dam remains
open for visitors from 8 am to 6 pm all days of
the week.
Flower Valley
The Flower valley is another attraction around
Statue of Unity which is likely to keep the
visitors glued. The valley was created to give a
glimpse of the ecosphere of Narmada region. There
are about hundreds of species of blooms and
shrubs. Besides this you also get to view several
varieties of bamboo and grasses in the Flower
valley. The 17 km stretch of the flower garden is
on the bank of Narmada River and is 2.4 km away
from the Statue of Unity. The valley also
provides lots of options for trekkers in the
upper reaches which is a good way to gain an
insight into the topography of the valley. Best
time to visit the flower valley is in the months
of July, August and September as the flowers are
in full bloom during this time.
Zarwani Waterfall
Zarwani waterfall in Narmada is a bewitching spot
located at just about 13 km from the Statue of
Unity that deserves every bit of the attention of
the tourists. This waterfall lies in the heart
of Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary in Narmada.
The place offers unending opportunities for
travelers to enjoy the natural landscape
surrounding the
waterfall. The rich forest life at this site
allows one to take pictures of different plants
and birds abounding in this region. Winter season
is the best time to grasp the real beauty of
Zarwani waterfall.
Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Wildlife Sanctuary
If youre yearning to watch the booming wildlife
of Gujarat during your trip to the statue of
unity then a day trip to Ratanmahal Sloth Bear
Sanctuary would prove to be an ideal option. The
sanctuary is mostly famous for the sloth bears, a
rare species belonging to the bear family.
Besides this the sanctuary boasts of leopards,
jackals, hyenas, cats, antelopes, reptiles and
turtles. There is an immense variety of
shrubs and trees growing in the region including
gooseberry, blackberry along with some wild herbs
and grasses. Bird watching is another thing which
would keep you busy during your visit to this
wildlife sanctuary as it houses a great variety
of birds like crested serpent eagle, Alexandrine
parakeet, tailor bird, green pigeon and purple
sunbird. The sanctuary is best enjoyed from
October till February.
Ninai Waterfall
Ninai waterfall is another splendid attraction
worth visiting around Sardar Patel statue. This
waterfall is situated in Dediapada taluka of
Narmada district and is 100 km away from
the statue of unity. The waterfall is nearly 30
feet high which makes it a sought after tourist
attraction in Narmada. The place offers ecstatic
views of the greenery surrounding
the waterfalls which includes forests of
Dediapada and Shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary.
Ninai waterfall is placed under the tourist
hotspot development program initiated by the
Govt. of Guharat along with Sardar Sarovar Dam
and statue of unity.
Sagai Eco Campsite
Sagai Malsamot Eco Campsite is yet another option
to explore the breathtaking natural landscape
surrounding the Statue of Unity. The site is
located approximately 92 km from Sardar Patels
Statue and is replete with an amazing range of
flora and fauna. The best thing about this site
is that it lets you enjoy nature at its best
untouched by any
modernization. The camp has an orientation centre
to acquaint the guests about the geography and
important points of interest around the site. The
camp is located few minutes away from Sardar
Sarovar Dam which makes it a preferred attraction
near Sardar Patel Statue.
Rann of Kutch
A visit to Rann of Kutch surreal salt desert
located in Thar Desert in Gujarat lets you grab
the most scintillating views of this rugged
region. Watching the sunset and moon rise at the
same time is the most rewarding sight you get
here. The sight of white desert land sets perfect
contrast against clear blue sky, enough to
enthrall the visitors with its magnetic beauty.
Gir Wildlife Sanctuary
Visiting Gir Wildlife Sanctuary offers you an
opportunity to view the endangered Asiatic lions
residing in the sanctuary. These lions are
slightly smaller in size than their African
counterparts. The sanctuary initially started out
as a forest reserve for Asiatic lions but was
declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1965. Apart from
the last remaining Asiatic lions, the park is
home to various other species of
wild animals, birds and reptiles including the
rusty spotted cat. The park boasts of a rich
topography which is a delight for nature lovers.
The seven rivers flowing through the forest is
another distinct feature that attracts all sorts
of travelers to Gir Wildlife sanctuary.
Laxmi Vilas Palace
Laxmi Vilas Palace in Vadodra is counted as one
of the most beautiful buildings in India and is
almost four times bigger than Buckingham Palace
in London. The palace is spread over an area of
700 acres and is still the royal residence of the
Gaekwads. The verdant greenery around the palace
lends a wonderful aura to its exteriors. You can
spot peacocks, monkeys and birds around the
The palace followers Indo-Saracenic architecture
showcased in the buildings, palaces and museums
within the complex which is sure to take you back
into the years.
Somnath Temple
Somnath temple in Junagarh district of Gujarat is
one of the oldest temples of Lord Shiva. The
temple is believed to have been built entirely
out of gold by the Moon God, Soma. Later the
temple was rebuilt by Ravana in Silver and was
again carved out of wood and stone by Lord
Krishna and Bhimadev, respectively. Being one of
the 12 shrines of Lord Shiva in India, the temple
is considered as a cultural wealth signifying
the rich traditions of India. According to some
historical writings, there were several hundreds
of dancers and musicians in the temple during its
heyday. Pilgrims from far off regions used to
visit the temple and got their heads shaved by
the barbers in the temple which was considered
sacred in those times.
Kutch Museum
The oldest museum in Gujarat, Kutch museum houses
an eclectic collection of inscriptions belonging
to the 1st century. Apart from this the museum
stores samples of the nearly extinct Kuctchi
script which is a rare thing to see in Gujarat
these days. Touring the museum also lets you come
close to the carefully preserved culture of
tribal population living in Kutch through the
various exhibits
including paintings, handicrafts, sculptures,
idols, musical instruments and metalwares
belonging to the tribal people.
Kankaria Lake
A trip to Kankaria Lake in Ahmedabad is the best
way to spend your day especially if you have kids
accompanying you. This lake is the second largest
lake in Gujarat and has several exciting features
to keep the tourists occupied such as toy train,
fun park, balloon rides, water park, zoo and food
joints which are well liked by people of all
ages. It is best to visit this lake during
Kankaria Carnival in
December to see the art and culture of Gujarat in
its truest form. 
Marine National Park
Your trip to Gujarat would remain incomplete
without a visit to the Marine National
Parklocated in the Gulf of Kutch. This little
treasure consists of about 42 islands which are
nestled by reefs and you can find coral reefs
surrounding some of these islands. The park
houses a great variety of marine flora, fauna and
birds which serve as great options for
sightseeing. The park sits
close to the Arabian Sea and supports different
types of ecosystems comprising of sandy land,
marshes, creeks, mangroves and rocky seashores.
Here, you get to watch a booming marine life in
this park which is sure to rejuvenate both your
mind and soul.
Sabarmati Ashram
For those looking to go deep into the history of
India struggle for independence, visit to the
Sabarmati Ashram proves to be of great
significance. The ashram used to be the residence
of Mahatma Gandhi before Indias independence and
it was from here that the great freedom fighter
started his struggle for independence. The place
is best known for its peaceful atmosphere and
houses a library which gives a peek into the life
of Mahatma Gandhi. One can also see some rare
images of Mahatma Gandhi inside the Gallery. The
ashram remains open from 830 am to 6pm for
visitors and is located beside the Sabarmati
River which adds an interesting element to this
Aina Mahal
Also referred to as Hall of Mirrors, Aina
Mahal is an emblem of fine European architecture.
The palace was a marvelous structure made from
mirrors, glass, clocks and tiles before the
earthquake of 2001 which destroyed the intricate
decorations and took away its alluring charm. The
palace was renovated after the earthquake and is
for tourists. The insides of the palace, the
intricate glass work which is still left post
earthquake and the cleverly placed mirrors would
surely take your breath away once you enter the
palace. The museum located within the palace
complex takes you into the royal history through
its exhibits consisting of artefacts belonging to
the royals and rare paintings of artists from
around the globe.
Rani Ki Vav
A visit to this step well decorated with
intricate artwork is sure to take you into the
eleventh century. The Rani ki vav was considered
an important water storage system in the earlier
ages and this vav was built specifically by Rani
Udaimati as a mark of honor for her beloved
husband King Bhima I. The step well appears to
resemble an
inverted temple on the first glance. There are
many steps that lead you down to the water
reservoir which is located below the last gate.
The end of the reservoir has a 30 kilometer long
tunnel leading to Sidhpur. This tunnel is now
blocked with stones and rocks. The step well is
listed as UNESCO World heritage site due to its
impeccable design.
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