Irregular Periods Symptoms, Best Yoga Poses to Cure Menstrual Disorders - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Irregular Periods Symptoms, Best Yoga Poses to Cure Menstrual Disorders


This powerpoint presentation describes about irregular periods symptoms, best yoga poses to cure menstrual disorders. You can find more detail about Gynecure Capsules at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Irregular Periods Symptoms, Best Yoga Poses to Cure Menstrual Disorders

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Irregular Periods Symptoms
Many women are suffering from irregular periods
due to trauma, hormonal imbalance, certain
medications, diseases, and infections. Some of
the menstrual disorders symptoms include
emotional distress, depression, cramping,
fullness in the abdomen or bloating, and headache.
Gynecure Capsules
How to treat menstrual disorders
symptoms? Gynecure Capsules provide the best
natural treatment for menstrual disorder at home.
It is developed using proven plant ingredients to
ensure hormonal balance. It is free from
chemicals and additives. You can use this herbal
pill without any fear of side effects to treat
menstrual disorders.
Ingredients Of Gynecure Capsules
Key ingredients in Gynecure Capsules, best herbal
pills to cure menstrual disorders symptoms Main
ingredients in this herbal pill are Dharaphal,
Eshkpencha, Kachnar, Kandera, Nagkesar, Kut,
Mochras, Menphal, Sutrapushp, Tapsvini,
Samudraphal, Supari, Pipal, Hirabol, Ketasi,
Tejpat, Putrajiva, Shvetbij, Ashoka, Shivlingi,
Davada, Lodhra, and Morpnkhi.
Irregular Periods Symptoms
All these herbs are blended using a proven herbal
formula to treat menopause, PMS, menstrual
disorders, white discharge and genital tract
problems in women.
Gynecure Capsules
Quality herbs in Gynecure Capsules, the proven
natural remedies to treat menstrual disorders
symptoms, relieve you from abdominal pain,
backache, irritation, and itching. It offers
effective cure for excessive white discharge or
leucorrhea. It strengthens the reproductive
organs of females.
Irregular Periods Symptoms
It cures hormonal disturbance and improves
uterine circulation. It prevents excessive blood
loss during periods. It has astringent
properties. It maintains normal pH in the genital
passage. It safeguards you from urinary tract
infections caused due to bacterial and fungal
infections. It maintains upbeat health of your
reproductive organs.
Lodhra offers effective cure for gynecological
disorders. It also helps to treat eye disorders
and ulcers. It consists of glycosides,
Loturidine, and Loturine. It improves fertility.
It has anti-inflammatory properties to heal
uterus inflammation. It maintains balance of
progesterone and estrogen. It relieves you from
menstrual irregularities. It is the best herb to
treat menstrual disorders symptoms.
Ashoka herb consists of essential oils,
glycosides, tannins, and calcium. It also
consists of iron and carbon. It is useful for the
treatment of inflammation and internal bleeding.
It also cures gynecological problems. It offers
effective treatment for cysts, leucorrhea,
irregular menstruation, and fibroids. It
purifies blood and safeguards you from allergies.
Kachnar consists of vitamin C and minerals. It
controls blood sugar levels. It regulates the
blood flow during periods.
Gynecure Capsules
Usage Instructions It is advised intake of one
or two Gynecure Capsules daily twice with water
for the best natural treatment for menstrual
disorder. It is suggested using these herbal
remedies for three to four months for best
Gynecure Capsules
Where to buy Gynecure Capsules? You can purchase
Gynecure Capsules from reputed online stores
using a credit or debit card and use regularly to
reduce effects of irregular periods on body. You
can also benefit from free shipping to your
Yoga Poses
It is also advised to practice yoga to reduce
periods normally. The top 10 yoga poses to cure
irregular periods are Adho Mukha Svanasana,
Dhanurasana, Prasarita Pradottasana, Ustrasana,
Bhujangasana, Baddhakonasana, Vajrasana,
Parsvottanasana, Paschimottanasana, and Janu
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