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Some Java Predictions in 2019


Oracle will be releasing new versions every 6 months. Some guesses of Java in 2019. In this year we will see some unique consequences of the enterprise embrace of cloud computing. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Some Java Predictions in 2019

DISCLAIMER This is simply a prediction by the
author, No authenticated statements or roadmaps
from by us and anyone else.
Java 11 begins to look small but is quite
  • This may be the least controversial prediction in
    the list. Virtually no deployment is seen in Java
    9 and 10 productions. Many teams are waiting to
    release the post-8 LTS, and now it is here, a
    small but stable Java 11 will start to be
    accepted. The greenfield deployment of brand-new
    applications will be an obvious place for teams
    to start accepting Java 11.

Prediction Java 11 is approximately 10 of the
entire Java product installation in late 2019.
No big-to-large porting of current apps from 8 to
  • So far, the Java upgraded path for apps was
    fairly clean. Between 6 to 7 or 7 to 8, in almost
    all cases, it was completely painless. The same
    cant be said for upgrades from 8 to 11 -
    important tasks are usually required to move
    non-trivial applications to a newer version.

Prediction No specific quantifiable prediction.
Python 2 / Python 3 does not have any analogy
  • With the advent of modular Java, a lot has been
    said about the possibility that ecosystem python
    2 / python 3 split will be experienced by the
    community as well. Python syntax and key data
    types make changes between versions, so the
    library and app writers should consciously choose
    which language version is being targeted and this
    choice will be based on a per-project basis for
    the full ecosystem. Aired.

Prediction No specific quantifiable prediction.
OpenJDK became a market leader for Java Runtime
  • Many Professional Java Developers miss the fact
    that oracle's its offering is only for paying
    customers, so in the future java 8 (and 11, once
    java 12 is released) will be the only
    free-in-in-beer support offering from non-oracle
    organizations, adopt OpenJDK project, powered by
    community such as red hat, Amazon, Azul systems
    and multi-dealer, community.
  • The good news is that there is a drop-in
    replacement for OpenJDK oracle JDK, for
    server-side applications (and faster for desktop
    java applications).

Prediction At the end of 2019, more than 50 of
Java 8 and Java 11 production runtime Oracle is
using OpenJDK than JDK.
The release of Java 12
  • Java12 is a feature-frozen and is expected to
    release in march 2019. Excepting a big event, it
    is difficult to see that it does not go on time.

Prediction Java 12 is released over time and
delivers rounding-error product at the end of
The release of Java 13
  • Java is yet to release on September 13, 2019.
    Details of any features currently available on
    this release are not available.
  • Like Java 12, it's a feature release, not its
    release. Accordingly, at this time for some
    reason, suppose it will not go away in time. With
    the same way, the teams focus on Java rather than
    rotate 11 production centers, are not likely to
    see widespread acceptance.

Prediction Java 13 is released over time and
delivers rounding-error product at the end of
The initial version of match equations as a
preview in Java 13
  • Switch expression is prerequisite for match
    expressions. Without expressing the expression in
    syntax, it is impossible to organize match
    expressions within the Java language. Indeed,
    without match expressions, there is very little
    issue in introducing switching expressions.

Prediction Initial, limited form of match
expression is included as a preview feature in
Java 13.
Minor growth of Kotlin
  • The Kotlin language of JetBrains has attracted
    the growing interest from developers in recent
    years. Especially, in the android space, the
    explosion and Kotlin have been dominated by new
    projects on android.
  • However, in server-java java, there is no
    comparable explosion in the traditional heartland
    for JVM languages. In the year 2019, I see Kotlin
    gradually adopting, but there are no upcoming
    projects/teams. There will be many high-profile
    projects that will be used publicly to use Kotlin.

Prediction Initial, limited form of match
expression is included as a preview feature in
Java 13.
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