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Canada Federal Skilled Worker


Canada PR Federal skilled worker visa is designed for professionals with the qualifications, skills or experiences to fill Canada's skill shortages and contribute to the Canadian economy. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Canada Federal Skilled Worker


Canada PR Federal skilled worker visa is designed
for professionals with the qualifications, skills
or experiences to fill Canada's skill shortages
and contribute to the Canadian economy. Applicant
s for this visa must demonstrate that they meet
the minimum visa requirement which includes
having work experience one year of which should
be in a designated occupation, a job offer from a
Canadian employer, or be a foreign worker or
student currently living in Canada. Additionally,
applicants are required to meet the points based
assessment. The Canada Immigration or Canada PR
Skilled Worker Visa points selection system
requires a pass mark of 67 out of 100 points and
is assessed on six main factors including age,
education, work experience, language ability,
adaptability and arranged employment in
canada. Successful applicants are granted a
permanent residence visa and are entitled to live
and work in Canada without any restrictions.
Educational Credential Assessment
  • Prospective applicants need to start the process
    of getting an Educational Credential A Applicants
    should meet the other program eligibility
  • A qualifying offer of arranged employment or are
    applying under the PhD stream or eligible
    occupations stream
  •     Meet the minimum language threshold through a
    designated third-party test.
  • Applicants who have Canadian educational
    credentials do not need to get an ECA, unless
    they are also submitting a foreign educational
    credential in support of their application.
  • The ECA process will help determine if the
    foreign educational credential is authentic and
    equivalent to a completed credential in Canada.
    For prospective applicants, the ECA can provide a
    realistic understanding of how their foreign
    educational credentials are likely to be
    recognized in Canada.
  • Four organizations have been designated by the
    Minister to provide ECA reports for purposes of
    immigrating to Canada under the FSWP. Additional
    organizations may be designated by CIC in the
    future. The designated organizations are

  • Comparative Education Service
  • International Credential Assessment Service of
  • World Education Services
  • Medical Council of Canada.
  • Assessment Fees
  • ICAC CAD 150 to 350 FSW package
  • WES CAD 220 to 440
  • CES  CAD 250 to 400
  • The Medical Council of Canada has been designated
    only for those principal applicants who intend to
    apply with specialist physician (2011 National
    Occupation Classification NOC code 3111) or
    general practitioner/family physician
    (2011 NOC code 3112) as their primary occupation
    in their FSWP application. Neither NOC code 3111
    nor 3112 is on the eligible occupations list that
    takes effect on May 4, so this will only affect
    those applying under the PhD stream or with a
    qualifying job offer based on those NOC codes.
  • Note CIC will only accept ECA reports issued
    after the date the organization was designated by
    CIC to provide ECA reports for immigration
    purposes (i.e. April 17, 2013).

  • Basic Features of this visa 
  • Canada Immigration or Canada PR Federal Skilled
    Worker visa allows you to work in Canada without
    the need to be sponsored by an employer, a
    Canadian work permit or a job offer
  • Successful applicants are free to work without
    any constraints/restrictions, unlike a work
  • After three years stay in the country, the
    applicant can apply for Canadian citizenship
  • Once you get your Canadian Passport
    Citizenship, you can travel to many countries in
    the world without a visa
  • You can sponsor your immediate family relatives
    to join you in Canada
  • Canadian permanent residences includes access to
    government subsidized education and healthcare
  • Unrestricted access to Canada's labour market and
    associated insurance and pension benefits
  • The PR visa is now granted in 6-12 months instead
    of the previous 3years
  • If the application is returned, the fee is
    refunded by the High Commission

  • Eligibility
  • Your application will be processed for FSW if you
    meet any of the following 3 criteria  
  • 1.You have at least one year of continuous full
    time or equivalent paid work experience in the
    last ten years in at least one of  the
    occupational categories identified in the
    Ministerial Instructions. 
  • 2.You have an offer of arranged employment in
    Canada. The employment offer should be 
  • In writing,
  • Indeterminate in duration, and 
  • Meet the arranged employment factor
  • 3.You are an international student currently
    enrolled in a doctoral (PhD) program, delivered
    by a recognized post-secondary in   educational
    institution located in Canada, and 
  • Have completed at least two years towards the
    completion of your PhD, 
  • Are in good academic standing and 
  • Are not a recipient of a Government of Canada
    award requiring you to return to your home
    country to apply your knowledge and skills, or 

  • You have completed a PhD program from a
    recognized post-secondary educational institution
    located in Canada no more than 12 months before
    your application is received by the Centralized
    Intake Office (CIO) and
  • You have not received a Government of Canada
    award that requires you to return to your home
    country to apply your knowledge and skills or
  • If you were a recipient of such an award, you
    have satisfied the terms/conditions of the award.
  • Canada PR Canada Immigration Points-based
  • The applicant must attain a minimum pass mark of
    67. Applicants are assessed on following factors
  • Age,
  • Education,
  • Work experience,
  • Language ability,
  • Arranged employment and
  • Adaptability.
  • Sign up with us and know if your score the
    required points!

  • To be eligible to apply for the Canada
    Immigration Canada PR Federal Skilled worker
    visa, the applicant Must have an offer of
    arranged employment, or
  • Must be a foreign national who has been living
    legally in Canada for one year as a temporary
    foreign worker or an international student, (not
    applicable now) or
  • Must be a skilled worker who has at least one
    year of continuous full-time paid work experience
    or the equivalent in part-time continuous
    employment in one or more of the occupations
    listed and
  • Must have the work experience must be Skill Type
    0 (managerial occupations) or Skill Level A
    (professional occupations) or B (technical
    occupations and skilled trades) on the Canadian
    National Occupational Classification list, and
  • Must have had this experience within the last 10
  •                               To know more about
    the documents required and visa fee, contact us!