Five Man 1 Man Oil Side Effects Men May Not Know About - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Five Man 1 Man Oil Side Effects Men May Not Know About


There’s a lot of hype out there. Some men wonder what male organ health crèmes like Man 1 Man Oil can do for them and if Man 1 Man Oil side effects exist. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Five Man 1 Man Oil Side Effects Men May Not Know About

Five Man 1 Man Oil Side Effects Men May Not Know
By John Dugan
  • Side effectstheyre what everyone checks before
    buying or using a new product. And everyone
    should practice due diligence! Men using a male
    organ health crème in pursuit of a healthy member
    should know what continued use can result in.
    When specifically using Man 1 Man Oil, one of the
    top-rated crèmes out there, men should be aware
    of some of the potential side effects that a
    number of men experience with regular use. Lets
    break down each Man 1 Man Oil Side effect and
    what causes it.
Side Effect 1 Calm, Clear Skin
  • Just like the face or back, the member can get
    zits too! Acne and folliculitis, which are
    inflamed hair follicles, often happen in the
    nether region. While a man should definitely not
    use medicated acne products in the fun zone, Man
    1 Man Oil can safely be used in the area because
    it contains vitamins A and C. Vitamin A is known
    for its pimple-pounding and antibacterial
    properties, while vitamin C is a vital part of
    collagen which helps with skin tone. These
    vitamins are delivered in a neutral, all-natural
    Shea butter base to nourish the skin while
    calming the aggressors.
Side Effect 2 Regained Sensitivity
  • Age, overuse, injury, or bad blood flow are all
    issues that can lead to a desensitized member.
    Often times, friction without proper lubrication
    or too much rubbing can lead to peripheral
    friction damage which can cause a feeling of
    numbness in the member. The amino acid,
    L-Carnitine, is a blue-ribbon addition to Man 1
    Man Oil because it has been shown to protect
    against nerve damage. Another ingredient in the
    crème is Alpha-Lipoic Acid, which prevents
    against early on aging and helps inhibit the
    thinning of the skin. Together, these ingredients
    help men regain sensitivity in their member.
Side Effect 3 Stronger Firming
  • Of course, one of the most celebrated side
    effects of Man 1 Man Oil is the prevalence of
    stronger Firming. How is this crème helping men
    get more oomph in the O-Zone? The secret may lie
    in the vitamin C and L-Arginine in the crème.
    Vitamin C not only contributes to skin elasticity
    its also critical for maintaining proper blood
    flow the key to strong Firming. Add in the
    L-Arginine brings a power vasodilator, something
    that widens and dilates the blood vessels, to the
    mix. This increases blood flow to the member,
    making it harder and stronger.
Side Effect 4 Itch and Irritation Abolished
  • The member is often indoors, meaning it is kept
    in underwear and other constricting garments, in
    all sorts of fibers, is rubbed against, chafed,
    and constricted. Then theres sweat, bacteria,
    and shedding skin cells are resulting in a funky
    stew that can sometimes cause itch and
    irritation. Thats why Man 1 Man Oil side effects
    include getting rid of these very common results.
    The vitamin A in the crème has antibacterial
    properties that combat funk from a mans junk
    while preventing bacteria from snuggling into the
    more dark and moist areas. Shea butter and
    vitamin E serve as skin soothers. They lock in
    skins natural moisture and create a barrier to
    keep skin calm and hydrated. Together, men are
    finding they have less to scratch about and dont
    have any red rashes to explain during intimate
Side Effect 5 Sensual Confidence
  • When a man feels good about how his member looks
    and knows its strong and sensitive, he feels
    better about using it. He also doesnt have to
    sport a Roman toga ala bed sheet after knocking
    the proverbial boots. He can strut to the kitchen
    to make a sandwich in the buff knowing his member
    looks inviting and healthy. It may not seem as
    noteworthy as the other side effects, but it very
    well may be the most important one there is.
  • Finally, side effects a man can feel good about!
    Men can get these when they regularly use a male
    organ health creme (health professionals
    recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been
    clinically proven safe and mild for skin) This
    particular crème has been a winner for tons of
    men. It has every natural ingredient above and a
    few others for cellular regeneration and skin