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Know Why Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women


Know The Reason Why Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Know Why Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women

Know Why Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women
  • Do men lose weight faster than men? Its a
    question everyone wants the answer for. Here in
    this article, it is discussed about sex
    differences in the weight loss wars.
  • One of the big differences between the sexes lies
    in food preferences, according the dietician men
    tend to like more meat and women attached to
    carbohydrates. This doesnt mean that this gives
    them the edge, however, but this eating habit led
    to gaining of more muscle than fats.
  • A dietician can give advice on a balanced diet,
    which includes both carbohydrates and proteins in
    the required proportion. One can also choose
    weight loss products online for rapid reduction.
    Weight loss product cost is comparatively lower

Physical Properties
  • This is the truth that men are larger and have
    more muscle than women due to the hormone
    testosterone. The testosterone helps men in
    having more percentage of muscle and fewer fats
    and this works in favor of keeping men fit and
    allowing them to eat more calories.
  • But women can easily match the men by simply
    including strength training in their routine.
    Doing strength training two times a week will
    help them gain more muscle and reducing the body
  • The men have more lean muscle tissue and a higher
    metabolic rate, which burns more calories than
    body fat, even during the rest. This helps men
    lose more weight than women in the same amount of

Attitude differences
  • There are great differences in the attitudes of
    men and women, if men saw that they are on the
    wrong side of the weighing machine, they decide
    to increase their physical activity and decrease
    their food intake, which will help them lose
    their weight gradually.
  • But women beat themselves about their weight, but
    wont do anything about this, so this makes them
    lose weight slower. Sometimes attitude is
    everything so, keeps the negative thoughts aside
    and works to achieve the things you want.

  • It confirmed that men lose weight faster than
    women, but this should not stop any women from
    working on themselves. Following a healthy
    lifestyle, eating healthy food and doing exercise
    regularly will help them lose weight and negative
    thoughts. Working out properly and being positive
    about themselves will help them lose weight and
    will increase the positives in life. Consult
    your dietician for following a balanced diet
    which will help you lose weight without any
    negative effects. Being fit is very important.

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