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Best Day Trips in London | South East Coaches


0 London is popularized as the place where tourists seeking for enlightenment and fun go. Even so, you may be lost completely if you do not know how and where to go while in the city. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Day Trips in London | South East Coaches

Best Day Trips in London
London is popularized as the place where tourists
seeking for enlightenment and fun go. Even so,
you may be lost completely if you do not know how
and where to go while in the city. This article
gets into these details. Before you decide to go
on a London trip, you must be aware of the citys
history. Here are the highlights.
  • The city was established by the Romans. It was
    then known as Londinium.
  • The location of the city was strategic for
    transport and trade.
  • The city was subject to invasions. It would,
    however, be rebuilt by the Romans over the years.
  • The Romans built expensive and unique
    infrastructure, some of which have been preserved
    and modified over the years.

Top Places in Lodon
1. Warner Bros Studio
This is one of the places where few, if any,
visitor regrets going to. It is, indeed, an
amazing feeling to visit a place where you are
immersed into a world of mystery, creativity, and
hope. You can finally understand how films such
as The Harry Potter were made and get to
experience the emotion behind the making of award
winning sets such as Walk Diagon Alley and
Ministry of Magic.
2. Stonehenge, Windsor Castle
Here, you will have escaped from the madness of
the city and been rescued by this incredible site
located near London. At the Windsor castle, you
will know the feeling that the British royal
family had when they lived in the area.
3. Oxford
People who are fascinated with the world of
academic excellence cannot afford to miss this
trip. You will get to see how the Oxford
University has managed to produce great scholars
such as john Wesley, James Smithson, Lewis
Carroll, Oscar Wilde, Emily Davison and Edwin
Hubble among others.
Top Places in Lodon
4. Stratford
If a visit to Oxford does not quench your thirst
to identify with the learned, then a visit to
Stratford will not disappoint. It was a home to
the famous literature guru, William Shakespeare.
5. The Brighton trip
Every fun lover will be thrilled by the Brighton
trip. The pebble beach creates an atmosphere of
rough yet calm nature. It will be worthwhile to
relax and getting all the vitamins your body has
been denied because of the winter or tough work
6. Beefeater Gin Distillery Trip
It is acceptable to get a tip or two on how to
make gin. In this trip, the refiners are willing
to show you secrets that have been preserved for
ages. You will know the history of making the
beverage and the successes so far. The role that
the international politics have played in the
trading of such a commodity will be explained in
Top Places in Lodon
7. The Tower Bridge Trip
Built from 1886 to 1894, this bridge has
continued to excite tourists over the years. It
crosses River Thames and is located near the
famous tower of London. It consists of two bridge
towers, which are tied by two walkways. You are
allowed to walk at the bridge deck and take
photos or even pay a small fee to visit the tower
bridge exhibition to learn about the sites
8. Tower of London
You cannot go to London and fail to visit the
tower of London. It is one of the landmarks in
the city, thanks to the buildings that once
served as a royal palace and prison for the
people who offended the leaders. Critical records
and arsenal to fight the enemies were kept here.
With a good guide, you will enjoy the art on
9. Box Hill, Surrey
If you yearn to take to a walk or go for a picnic
in London, this is the trip for you. To become
one with the nature, you can climb the trees,
race on the river, and discover animal species
you have never seen before. The area is easy to
navigate and hence, your children will not get
lost into the woods.
Top Places in Lodon
10. Deal Castle
This site was built by the order of King Henry
the Eighth. You will see how the king planned to
secure the city and compare with todays
defences. The artefacts also display the many
failures and successes of the kings marriage
11. The Coca-Cola London Eye Trip
From the amazing observation wheels, the tourists
can view various sites including Buckingham
palace, St. Pauls cathedral, tower of London,
Battersea power station and Windsor castle. One
full rotation will last for 30 minutes. It has a
135 meter peak.
12. Dungeness
This beach popularized as one of the Britains
only desert because it seems deserted and empty.
However, there is a lot of life going on and
hence, you have much to do and learn about. You
can see the marsh harriers, ibises, and other
forms of flora and fauna. At the snack shack, get
served with the uniquely cooked lobster, crabs,
and other sea creatures.
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