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Advanced SEO Techniques for Better Ranking of Your Website in 2019!


2019 is approaching and you must have SEO strategies in place to make your presence felt on the first page of Google search engines. Find out about the ways in which you can generate more traffic and better leads for your business through this article. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Advanced SEO Techniques for Better Ranking of Your Website in 2019!

Advanced SEO Techniques for Better Ranking of
Your Website in 2019!
Say S Sssssssss Say E Eeeeeeeee Say
O Ooooooo Say SEO No matter how
loudly you may reiterate the word or
flaunt your knowledge about Search Engine
Optimization, your presence on the world wide
web is sure to go unnoticed if you do not have a
process in place. If you want the right
people to see you, you must be aware of
some Advanced SEO techniques that can provide you
with better traffic, substantial leads, and
enhanced sales. This raises two questions. One,
do you know of the latest Google Algorithms and
updates? Do you have SEO strategies in place for
the year 2019? If your answer to the above
questions is No we are here to help. Given
below are some of the best SEO techniques which
will help you enhance your search rankings in the
year 2019 The Bucket Brigade Copywriting The
term sounds like a dressed-up Grammar Nazi
standing on your door ready to take you on a
copywriting March doesnt it? Well, in a way it
is. Just when you thought SEO writing is just
about keywords, you may be wrong. If you want
the visitors to visit your blog section
and continue
reading, you must give them some value out
of it. To ensure that this doesnt happen,
you need to get the mediocrity out of your
content. Try approaching a company that offers
Digital Marketing Services and go through their
sample articles. The write-ups must be
persuading and smooth flowing. Each
paragraph should use the Bucket Brigade
Technique and work as a connector between
two paragraphs. Phrases like You know
what? And thats not it. Etc. can make
a huge difference. These bridging words and
phrases might not sound like an SEO
technique, but they boost your Flesch
Readability Scores and go a long way in helping
your website rank well. Spend Time in Keyword
Research Having innovative ideas for blog posts
is great. However, you must also know about the
relevant or the most search keywords. Only
then, you will be able to create content on the
terms people are looking for. Moz Keyword
Explorer, Google Keyword Finder and KWfinder are
some of the SEO tools you can make use of.
Thereafter, you can enter your target
keyword and go through the search volumes for
that keyword. One thing you must take care
of while listing your keywords is that it
shouldnt have broad and generic terms. For e.g.
words like Jewelry and Shoes are too
broad. Be specific and use long tailed
keywords like designer shoes or How to
buy personalized jewelry. When you use
these long-tailed keywords organically, it
will enhance the ranking of your content. And
not stuffing keywords, is of course, a no-brainer.
Go New Several SEO professionals like to give a
makeover treatment to their old content. You
might come across SEO experts that recommend
revamping your old posts, expanding them,
and making them new. However, Googles John
Muller cited in one of his tweets that
relabeling old content as new, without
making any substantial changes is a bad
SEO hack. He further added that It is bad
for the user and makes them frustrated as
they find out that they do not get any
value out of it. (Resource) Lets say you had
written a blog post about SEO techniques in
2018. It might not work for the upcoming years
as Google has brought in some major changes to
their algorithms thereafter. So, instead of
writing expanding your old article and giving it
a new title, consider coming up with a new
article, with new updates and insights. Charm
with Videos Having a lot of indexed pages
is not always the right recipe to attract
organic traffic. If you have blogs
that beat around the bush, lack meaning,
and have low word count, you must get rid
of them and replace them with videos instead.
These days, as people are always in a hurry, it
is better to influence them through
1-minute videos than making them go through a
500-word article. There are several companies
that claim to offer the best SEO services
and digital marketing. But if they do not advice
you to put up a video that talks about your
products and services, you must remain skeptic
the quality of services they provide. Hire
the best video designers and video script
writers for creating your videos. You are
sure to be make your presence felt. Voice
Search to Top the Charts In the year 2016,
nearly 39 SEO experts shared Top 3 SEO Trends for
the year 2017 and beyond. And according to this
survey, voice search has the potential to compete
with text search. Once the voice search
technology evolves and becomes more defined, it
will become an inevitable part of your
surroundings. You might find yourself constantly
communicating to Amazon Echo, Alexa, Google and
other voice assistants. Hence, you need to
figure out what aspects dominate when it comes to
voice search results. Lets say your
customer says Okay Google, find a Mexican food
restaurants near me. Yelp listings might
pop up on the first page. Which means, you can
add your brand in the Yelp listings and get more
customers. Speed It Up Youre in queue.
Please wait. Slow websites are a reminder
of the record you used to hear while you
waited to speak with the customer care
executives before few years. If you make visitors
wait after clicking wondering when your pages
will open up, it is a sure shot way to lose
them. Also, as Google understands that fast
loading pages get more visitors as compared
to slow ones, it will also show up websites that
offer a better surfing experience.
  • There are several ways in which you can speed up
    your websites. Take a look at some of them given
  • Make use of Content Delivery Network (CDN) like
    Cloudflare so that you can move static content
    closer to the visitors through global servers.
  • Compress and optimize the images as it will boost
    the speed of your website pages. You can find
    several tools that will help you to optimize the
  • Get rid of the unused plugins. If you have a
    website based on WordPress and use plugins, they
    are a major cause of compromising with your
    websites speed.
  • A tool like Googles Pagespeed Insights can help
    you to monitor and measure the speed of your
    website pages. It will provide you with
    information about the working of your pages and
    where they lag. Using this information, you will
    be able to find quick solutions to your problems.
  • We hope you found the above Advanced SEO
    Techniques useful. In case you want better
    insights of SEO tips for the year 2019,
    you can get in touch with our digital
    marketing services experts and they would
    be more than happy to help you!
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