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10 Best Buddhist Temples in India You Must Visit On Your Buddhist Tour


Today, India is home to several Buddhist temples which attract a great number of tourists and pilgrims with their impressive architecture and tranquil surroundings. Here are some famous Buddhist temples of India you should visit in your Buddhist Tour Package. Read more: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 10 Best Buddhist Temples in India You Must Visit On Your Buddhist Tour

10 Best Buddhist Temples in India You Must Visit
On Your Buddhist Tour
Buddhism is a thriving religion in India that is
gaining popularity among the youth due to its
teachings based on truth, non-violence, and
detachment from material pleasures. India, being
the birthplace of the Buddhist religion, has
several notable
pilgrimage sites that are standing examples of
the rich history of the Buddhist religion. The
religion has its roots in Bodh Gaya, where Lord
Buddha attained spiritual enlightenment. He later
traveled to other places to give discourses on
the religion.
After his death, his follower took on the
responsibility of spreading Buddhism and
commissioned the construction of temples at
various points to mark the significance of the
place in the Buddhist religion. Today, India is
home to several Buddhist
temples which attract a great number of tourists
and pilgrims with their impressive architecture
and tranquil surroundings. Here are some famous
Buddhist temples of India you should visit in
your Buddhist Tour Package.
1. Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh Gaya
Mahabodhi temple in Bihar is the most venerable
site for Buddhists as Lord Buddha achieved
spiritual enlightenment while meditating under a
Bodhi tree located within the temple. This was
the first temple built by Emperor Ashoka in the
3rd century B. C.
The temple was rebuilt in the 5th century from
bricks. The 180 feet high pyramid structure of
the main temple has several motifs engraved on
its surface which gives it a distinct appearance.
The temple houses a statue of Lord Buddha made
from yellow sandstone placed inside a glass box.
The sacred Bodhi tree is located next to the
temple and is surrounded by stone fencing.
2. Sarnath Temple, Varanasi
Sarnath temple in Varanasi is a sought
after pilgrimage destination for
Buddhist spiritual seekers. It was at this place
that Lord Buddha gave his first spiritual
discourse as an enlightened master. The temple,
built by Emperor Asoka, features the
Great Dhamek Stupa, Chaukhandi Stupa,
Dharmarajika stupa, Mulagandha Kuti Vihar and
other archaeological wonders. All these
structures bear testimony to the significance
this place served in Buddhist religion during its
3. Mahaparinirvana Temple, Kushinagar
One of the holiest shrines of Buddhist in
India, Mahaparinirvana temple in Kushinagar is
famous for the six meters long idol of Sleeping
Buddha lying inside the building. The idol
signifies the highest state of salvation achieved
by Lord Buddha when he left for his heavenly
Built from red sandstone, the statue rests on a
huge platform made from brick with four stone
pillars at its corners which symbolizes the
posture of Lord Buddha at the time of his death.
The temple is a single story building,
constructed by a follower of Lord Buddha, Swami
Haribala which attracts a large number of
domestic and foreign tourists.
4. Sanchi Stupa, Madhya Pradesh
Sanchi stupa is one of the oldest stone
structures in India which represents Buddhist art
and architecture. The structure has a large
hemispherical dome which houses several relics of
Lord Buddha. The stupa features four
intricately carved gateways facing four different
directions. Sanchi stupa was constructed under
the supervision of wife and daughter of Emperor
Ashoka. The magnificent architecture of the
building as garnered itself as a UNESCO world
heritage site. Today, the place draws thousands
of visitors both from India and abroad.
5. Ramabhar Stupa, Kushinagar
Ramabhar Stupa is situated 1.5 km away
from Mahaparinirvana templeand is a
renowned destination for Buddhist pilgrims as it
marks the site where Lord Buddha was cremated.
The structure was constructed by Malla kings
during the
lifetime of Lord Buddha which represents the
refined artistic sense of the kings in that era.
The stupa is a round structure built from bricks
mounted on a circular base and has a water body
lying next to it. The building stands on a
pastoral area growing wheat, paddy, and sugarcane
in its fields.
6. Wat Thai Temple
Wat Thai Temple in Kushinagar is another eminent
site for Buddhists, built by the disciples of
Lord Buddha who came to India from Thailand. The
temple is located in a lush forest area
surrounded by trees and shrubs. The architecture
of the
Wat Thai temple is a blend of Thai and Buddhist
architectures. The scenic surroundings of this
temple make it a popular destination for those
who wish to seek tranquility amidst nature. The
temple location is ideal for meditation and
houses a prayer hall.
7. Red Maitreya Temple, Leh
Housed in Thiksey Monastery in Leh, Red Maitreya
Temple draws attention from Buddhist seekers for
the clay statue of Lord Buddha. The 49 ft. the
tall statue is painted in golden color and is
deemed great importance by Buddhist monks. The
walls of the temple are decorated with beautiful
paintings which signify exceptional attributes of
Buddhist art and craft. The serene location of
this temple situated amidst the mountains of Leh
in Himachal Pradesh is another reason that makes
it a popular pilgrimage spot.
8. Shanti Stupa, Ladakh
Shanti Stupa in Ladakh is another architectural
marvel located in an enchanting place surrounded
by the pristine mountains of Ladakh. The stupa is
a white colored spherical structure with a dome
which resembles a pearl on the night of full
moon. The structure was built as an embodiment of
peace by Japanese
Buddhists. The building is decorated with gilt
panels which give a glimpse of the life of Lord
Buddha. The temple looks most beautiful in the
evenings when rays of setting sun fall on the
9. Golden Pagoda, Namsai
This Burmese style Buddhist temple in
Namsai district in Arunachal Pradesh is located
on the foothills of Eastern Himalayas. The temple
complex is spread over an area of 20 hectares and
has 12 domes in the Pagoda. Also known as Kong Mu
this temple was built in 2010 and serves as a
venue for Kathina festival which is celebrated in
the month of November. Loi Krathong, a ceremony
in which lamps are floated in a pond nearby is
the most beautiful sight you observe at the end
of the festival.
10. Theravada Buddhist Temple
This temple located in Itanagar serves great
significance in Buddhist religion and is hailed
as a perfect destination for those inclined
towards nature. The abundant greenery abounding
in the vicinity of the temple is great for
meditation. The neatly laid out
structure of this temple will take your breath
away with its indescribable beauty. Theravada is
a popular Buddhistpilgrimage destination in an
Eastern part of India.
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