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Pest Control for Garden Plants


Our company is expert when it comes to identification and treatment of plant health issues. Our depth of experience in Santa Barbara landscapes makes us uniquely knowledgeable in the common—and not-so-common—diseases that affect our gardens. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Pest Control for Garden Plants

Garden Insecticide and Weed Control Santa
Weed herbicide Treatment Santa Barbara, Ca
  • Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of
    gardening and landscape upkeep is combating
    weeds. It may seem that no sooner do we pull up
    every last one that new undesired plants emerge.
    While it may seem that these weeds are merely
    taunting us or trying to drive us crazy, there
    are of course botanical explanations for their
    persistence. So, while our efforts are sincere,
    our approach might not be effective enough. A
    landscape professional with knowledge of noxious
    weeds and how they spread in our local gardens
    can provide the best treatments for keeping them
    at bay. Herbicides, chemical substances that
    eliminate unwanted plants, are generally the most
    direct and effective means of eradicating weeds.

Benefit of Herbicide Treatment
  • The offering of herbicides on the market is vast
    and therefore can be overwhelming to the novice
    gardener. While pulling by hand offers the least
    amount of riskand is rather satisfyingroots and
    rhizomes can be left behind, almost guaranteeing
    that the weeds appear again. Selective
    herbicides, on the other hand, are formulated to
    control particular species with material that is
    toxic to certain plants.
  • Many homeowners, of course, have understandable
    unease about using chemical means for treating
    weeds. Concerns for children and pets or the
    potential for health issues in general bring
    about a reluctance to fight invasives with
    typical weed killer treatments. Organic
    herbicides are the answer and, when applied
    correctly, can be just as effective.

Why Choose Us?
  • We offer a wide range of options for eradicating
    noxious plants from the garden and might even
    suggest a combination of methods, depending on
    your needs and preferences. When a selective or
    non-selective herbicide is recommended, we might
    elect to supplement the treatments with a
    different method such as hand weeding closer to
    other desired landscape plants in the garden.
    Likewise, if the outdoor space is an active one,
    an organic herbicide might be preferred in the
    interest of health and safety. We can help devise
    the right herbicide and weed treatment program
    for your garden.

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Organic Garden Pest and Disease control Santa
Barbara, Ca
  • While keeping plants healthy is essential to
    preventing maladies such as powdery mildew and
    black spot, often we need to give their defenses
    a boost with treatments that offer protection and
    cures for these common plant diseases. Like with
    any garden additive, the options are many and
    often confounding to the property owner. Neem
    oil, for example, is a natural insecticide
    product especially appropriate for treating young
    plants. A landscape professional can be your
    partner in determining not only what diseases are
    present in your garden, but how best to fight

Keeping Garden and Landscape plants healthy
  • Routine plant maintenance is a first step in
    preventing disease. Keeping your shrubs, trees,
    and grasses watered, fertilized, and properly
    pruned ensures their health, making them better
    equipped to fight disease than plants that are
    ailing and struggling to thrive. But healthy
    plants too can succumb to pests, mold, and other
    problems, and when they do its best to ask a
    professional to diagnose and treat the issue. A
    responsive and targeted approach to disease
    prevention and treatment can help plants overcome
    disease and ensure their beauty for years to

Why Choose Us?
  • Our depth of experience in Santa Barbara
    landscapes makes us uniquely knowledgeable in the
    commonand not-so-commondiseases that affect our
    gardens. Whether we spot a problem during routine
    maintenance or respond to a customer concern, we
    are adept at selecting the right application and
    course of treatment to address the issue and
    ensure the long term vitality and health of your
    landscape plants.

Our company is expert when it comes to
identification and treatment of plant health
issues. https// Visi
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