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How To Start Your Own Jewelry Business


Hey ! Want to start your own jewelry business ?Here's the beginners guide for you.. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Start Your Own Jewelry Business

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  • Introduction
  • Choose what type of Jewelry interests you most
  • Master in Basic tools
  • Get connected with some sellers
  • Follow the masters
  • Take a little risk

Making jewelry is therapeutic and profitable, you
can make it at home, be your own boss, work at
hours that you feel are best and, above all, it
is a wonderful profession in which you add beauty
to people's lives through your jewels. Making
jewelry is fun!
Choose what type of Jewelry interests you most
  • It can be really difficult for an individual,
    when you first decide you
  • to try your hands on jewelry  making.
  • Its really crucial to master all the categories
    i.e Beaded jewelry,
  • Wire Jewelry, etc.
  • But, choose one category youd like to make first
    and go from
  • there.

Master in Basic tools
  • For your first attempt, it may work okay to just
    work with
  • the wire cutters and pliers from your household
  • The better the tools you have to work with, the
    easier the process
  • will be and the better your project will turn
  • Invest in some better quality tools after getting
    ok with the basic ones.
  • Go a head with some quality tools like Flat nose
    pliers, Round nose
  • Pliers etc.

Get connected with some sellers
  • There are countless options for selling your
    artworks online but it is
  • important to get some value back from out there.
  • ShowFlipper is an online platform for selling
    your artworks online
  • Therein you can also earn money for unique views
    on your profile.
  • ShowFlipper also hosts competitions to encourage
    the artworks of
  • Jewelry designers.
  • Now a days it is important for a jewelry designer
    to have a platform
  • where they can earn parallel income.

Go with the flow.
  • Follow the market trends . Jewelry business is a
    very dynamic business
  • by nature.
  • Keep reading blogs and follow YouTube tutorials
    for gaining more
  • knowledge about how its done.
  • Come up with new ideas, and outperform your

Keep exploring it!
  • Dont limit yourself to a certain style, color or
    size of jewelry
  • Explore your industry and try to absorb upcoming
  • Play around with your supplies, try new things
    and see how you like them!
  • Experiment with different materials and see what