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Top Features that make Xamarin an exceptional Cross-Platform Framework


Do you know why Xamarin is the top choice for app development? Check out the visual presentation of top features of Xamarin that makes it an exceptional cross-platform app development framework. Know more here - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top Features that make Xamarin an exceptional Cross-Platform Framework

Top Features that Make Xamarin an Exceptional
Cross-Platform Framework
About Xamarin
In the very less time, Xamarin has become one of
the major players in mobile development field.
Xamarin as a cross-platform app development tool
allows developers to build native apps for
Android, iOS Windows with single, shared
codebase. It simplifies application development
offers a wide range of features that makes it the
preferred choice among multi-platform tools.
Xamarin Features
1 Write Once, Run Anywhere - Xamarin with its
WORA (write once, run anywhere) concept, allows
developers to create mobile apps easily using a
single codebase. It minimizes the time to write
code for developing an application for different
OSs such as Android, Windows, iOS with its
code-sharing capability thus helps in
accelerating the application development process.
Xamarin Features
2 Native User Experience Improved Performance
- To make engaging user experiences, it is
recommended for an app to have a native design.
For this Xamarin takes a unique approach allows
you to write code in C which gives a native UX.
It is superior than other apps which interprets
code at runtime because it uses platform-specific
hardware acceleration for enhanced performance.
Xamarin Features
3 MVVM Pattern - Using MVVM architecture,
Xamarin offers easy app development approach by
separating application logic user interface. It
uses two-way binding process that syncs the data
between models controls which is a great way to
build manageable shared code.
Xamarin Features
4 Simplified App Maintenance - Updating
maintaining the apps is more easier with Xamarin.
One has to simply make updates or changes to the
source code which is applicable to both iOS
Android. Although, it is only available for
developing apps using Xamarin.Forms,
Xamarin.Android or Xamarin.iOS but it helps
reduce the time money by keeping your app
Xamarin Features
5 Better IDE - Xamarin uses sophisticated
modern integrated development environments (IDEs)
like Visual Studio, Mac OS X. They provide
features such as integrated source control, code
auto-completion, project management many more.
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