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Sabudana Kheer | Tasha's Artisan Foods


As the festivities approaches, let’s get the ball rolling with this ever popular Sabudana Kheer ( Sago Pudding) – with a colourful twist!! I just had to..can’t leave a recipe alone.With the stone fruit going off the market, a bit of anxiety sets in. Anxiety that not enough has been eaten, used in cooking, baking. All of a sudden all the bookmarked recipes start dancing in front of my eyes, mocking me. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Sabudana Kheer | Tasha's Artisan Foods

Tashas Artisan Foods
About Us
  • The thing with good, fresh, preservative-free
    food is that the taste will always linger on it
    provides a memorable experience, one which makes
    you stop and savour the food and moment. We are
    talking about TAFs wholesome bakes, crunchy
    nutritious granola, divine brownies, hearty
    breads and more. Truly great food goes beyond the
    taste - it must be nutritional, healthy and
    pleasurable. Our flavourful, carefully sourced
    local ingredients, coupled with organic flour and
    grains are why TAFs bakes look, feel, and smell
    so natural.

Upside Down Cherry Cake
  • The one good thing about summers in north india
    is  abundance of fabulous many  colours
    and hues,sweet and juicy, each one with a unique
    taste and flavour. we are  truly fortunate to
    have such a vast seasonal variety  of fresh local
    Cherry Cake available to us. eating seasonal and
    local is healthy for us and for the environment.
    its easier on the wallet, we get  nutritional
    variety and the produce definitely tastes much
    much better.  

Banana Granola
  • Making your own Banana Granola can be such a fun
    activity with the family.  You can get the kids
    to measure, chop and mix. You could take turns to
    stir the mixture when its in the oven (under
    supervision).  Its valuable for the children
    to understand  the importance of using and eating
    wonderful, natural, wholesome ingredients. Also,
    of course, the excellent taste and flavor is
    absolutely  incomparable to the packaged stuff
    available out there.  

Cherry Frozen Yogurt
  • How irresistible is this bowl of glistening, ruby
    red, sweet tart cherries?  i love that  pop of
    juice in my mouth as you bite into the fruit!  i
    even love the splatter of messy red juice stains
    on my chopping board and hands while im pitting
    cherries.  we eat them by the cartloads all the
    time when in season that could be because i
    always purchase them by the cartloads!!  for a
    very good reason though.. i love incorporating
    cherries into sweet treats like this Cherry
    Frozen Yogurt with chocolate chips!

Swedish Chocolate Cake
  • This Swedish Chocolate Cake is flour less, which
    means that really all you will taste is
    chocolate, with a slight coffee after note and
    that just takes this cake to another level. Its
     the most incredibly gooey, luscious and decadent
    cake. EVER.  Its so easy to make and the result
    is terribly impressive. The trick here is to use
    the best chocolate you can find. It is a  little
    tricky to take this cake out of the pan. I would
    recommend doing this once it is completely

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