Best Fruits Which Purify Blood and Get Rid of Acne and Pimples Easily - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Best Fruits Which Purify Blood and Get Rid of Acne and Pimples Easily


This power point presentation describes about best fruits which purify blood and get rid of acne and pimples easily. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Fruits Which Purify Blood and Get Rid of Acne and Pimples Easily

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Best Fruits Which Purify Blood
Everyone wants to have a beautiful and clean
skin, and for that it is very essential that you
must follow a proper healthy diet. If you want to
get rid of acne and pimples easily and naturally,
it is essential to know about the food which will
purify the blood and will also keep your skin
well hydrated and smooth. 10 best fruits which
purify blood for your skin care include the
Muskmelon And Dates
Muskmelon Muskmelon removes the blood impurities
and it has detoxifying property which purifies
the blood protects from infections. Dates Dates
contains iron and are rich in potassium so it is
good for blood cleansing and it also keep your
heart healthy and reduce heart disease.
Gooseberry And Avocado
Gooseberry Gooseberry removes the impurities
from blood. For the fast improvement in blood
purification, you can take this juice with
honey. Avocado Avocado contains Vitamin A and C
and helps to remove toxins from blood and it also
good for skin.
Apple And Raspberries
Apple Apple contains antioxidant and helpful in
removing the disease from blood Raspberries
Contains antioxidant, and alpha and beta-carotene.
Pineapple And Lemon
Pineapple These are a digestive enzyme which
improve the digestive functions and reduces the
coagulation of blood Lemon Lemon being rich in
Vitamin C helps in detoxification process of
liver and blood.
Kiwis And Orange
Kiwis To get rid of toxic wastes and to keep
blood cholesterol level low, kiwis are
good. Orange These are rich in Vitamin c and
remove the excess fat and toxins from blood.
Best Fruits Which Purify Blood
For skin tightening there are also some exercise
which will make your facial muscles fit for a
longer time. There are 50 different muscles
around the face and to promote the blood
circulations to different areas of your face
there are 5 facial exercises to tighten skin and
these exercise also enhance the facial
Tighten A Sagging Neck
Tighten a sagging neck This is simply done by
pressing the tip of your tongue to the roof of
mouth and by looking upwards with your chin.
Second, lift the folds around your nose. Third is
to smooth out the forehead. Next one is working
on the muscles around the mouth. And last one for
lifted cheek muscles.
Tighten A Sagging Neck
Doing these regularly improves the flow of blood
and gives your skin cells a proper nutrient which
leads to skin cell regeneration and also prevents
wrinkles on your skin.
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