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How to Write a Clinical Manuscript?


Writing a Clinical Manuscript: Know How? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How to Write a Clinical Manuscript?

Tips for Writing a Clinical Manuscript
Clinical Manuscript
  • It becomes the moment of pride and fulfillment
    for the budding clinical researchers, when their
    research work is known to the world through a
    peer-reviewed journal. That is when their hard
    work gets appreciated.
  • Hitherto, getting started to write a manuscript
    becomes a bumpy path between the subject
    knowledge and the paper work. The concept here is
    to help overcome the hurdles in the path of
    publication of the manuscript in a target journal.

Some basic useful information to ponder about
before writing a clinical manuscript
  • Select the Journal
  • Choose the readership you want to influence and
    select that specific journal through which you
    can register your views firmly.
  • Format the Manuscript
  • It is always wise to adhere to the instructions
    of a target journal. You are going to deal with
    the expert editors of the journal hence have a
    clear idea about your manuscript.

  • Title Give a concise and descriptive title. The
    title should not exceed ten words. If the title
    is lengthy it will distract the readers.
  • Authors and Affiliations Disclose clear
    information about the authors and affiliations.
    Choose the first author and the corresponding
    author. Give the complete contact address
    including the mail id of the corresponding author
    because the editors will contact the
    corresponding author for any clarifications.

  • Abstract Your abstract and title is going to
    give an impact for your article hence make it
    interesting. Put the whole idea of the article in
    a nutshell in the abstract. It will attract the
    prospective readers for your article.
  • Keywords Keywords are used for indexing, hence
    do not miss it. Do not take the keywords from the
    article title.

  • Article Text The article text generally follows
    the IMRAD format. Be concise and to-the-point
    throughout the text. Introduction section should
    explain why you chose the specific subject for
    research. The previous studies carried out in the
    subject and their limitations should be
    discussed. Use appropriate methods to conduct
    your study. For a clinical study, Ethical
    committee permission should be obtained where
    necessary. Clinical trials should be properly

  • References Follow the instruction guide of the
    target journal for reference list and in-text
    citation. Ensure all the references in the list
    are cited in the article. This helps to reduce
    the publication time.
  • Miscellaneous Details Always include a copyright
    form and covering letter for ease submission
    process. Make sure the article is neither
    published anywhere nor a dual publication.
    Language errors are needed to be rectified at the
    initial stage itself.

Learning is a never ending process. What we learn
is always a drop in the ocean. Hope the
suggestions given above serves its purpose. Enjoy
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