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Car Parts Kenya Keep at Hand. what Car Parts Kenya should be?


Searching for Car Parts & Accessories in Kenya. Get in touch with trustworthy sellers today! Get all Car parts Kenya like bulbs, brake pads, tyre, air filters, windscreen wiper blades etc. Visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Car Parts Kenya Keep at Hand. what Car Parts Kenya should be?

Car Parts Kenya Keep at Hand. what car parts
Kenya should be?
  • Over time, the car parts Kenya that makes up
    your Peugeot wear down and even potentially
    break. They may become damaged as you drive on
    rough roads or may simply fail because of the
    number of miles you put on your vehicle. Some
    Peugeot parts fail because they arent designed
    to last forever. How often you need to replace
    these parts will vary depending on the amount you
    drive the car, your driving style, where you
    drive it (city or motorway) and how well you
    maintain the parts.

  • That being said, they will eventually need to
    be replaced. Some are more prone to needing
    replacement than others, however. Keeping these
    car parts Kenya on hand may not seem like a big
    deal right now, but when you suddenly need them,
    having them close by will definitely help you get
    back on the road quickly.

  • So, what car parts Kenya should be? Here are
    a few of the most common you might need.
  • Oil and Oil Filter- Changing your oil and the
    oil filter in your Peugeot should be on your
    regular maintenance schedule. Many manufacturers
    recommend this occur every 3,000 to 5,000 miles,
    although newer vehicles can get away with long
    intervals between oil changes.

  • Windscreen Wiper Blades- These typically need
    changed every year or every two years. However,
    if you live in a location where they are
    constantly used or park your Peugeot outside in
    the sun, they may need changed more often. Take a
    look at them often to see if the rubber is
    wearing down or separating from the rest of the
    car part. If the windscreen appears to be
    damaged, replace it. Switching out to new wiper
    blades a little early is better than sacrificing
    your ability to see with broken wiper blades.

  • Air Filter- These parts need to be replaced
    every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. While this seems
    like a long time, keeping these parts at hand is
    important. In dusty environments or areas where
    pollen is high, they may need replaced more often
    to keep your Peugeot running like it should be.

  • Brake Pads- Brake pads are one of those car
    parts Kenya that are designed to operate for a
    little while and then be replaced. They generally
    three to five years, but can wear down much more
    quickly if you have to stop and start the vehicle
    frequently, like you would driving in the city.

  • Bulbs- Just like in your home, the bulbs in
    your vehicle will eventually die. While theres a
    possibility they can last up to seven years, they
    may perish sooner if you drive on bumpy roads.
    The bad part about these car parts is the fact
    that once they die, they have to be replaced
  • Tyres- Having a set of four brand new tyres
    sitting in your garage isnt practical, and it
    can be quite costly. That doesnt mean you should
    ignore the fact that tyres fail and may need to
    be replaced often. Instead of investing in four
    tyres now, however, simply invest in one and keep
    it in your boot. If you happen to drive over a
    nail or puncture your tyre in some way, youll
    have a replacement to keep you going.

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