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Types of Drugs on the Market that are Often Misused


Types of Drugs on the Market that are Often Misused – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Types of Drugs on the Market that are Often Misused

Types of Drugs on the Market that are Often
Misused In a press conference National Action
for the Eradication of Drug Abuse which was held
on Thursday, (10/8/2017), the Head of Badan POM
Penny Kusumastuti Lukito explains about the
abuse of drugs type of psychotropic and narcotic
substances. "Abuse of drugs occurs when taking
the drug without the prescription and supervision
of a physician, taking the drug given by the
doctor however exceed the recommended dose, buy
medicines illegally or buy medicines in a place
not licensed or the internet,".
For a drug that is often abused, the Deputy for
the Supervision of Therapeutic Products and Drug
dra. Nurma Hidayati mention certain medications
(OOT) that are still found circulating in the
market. OOT often misused, namely psychotropic
drugs, for example dumolid or an illegal drug
that has been withdrawn from circulation as
Carnophen Leg Cramp Medicine Treatment and
Remedies for Relief "The drugs that we found
still in circulation, including tramadol,
trihexypenidil , dextromethorpan, nitrazepam,
chlorpromazine, amytriptilline, class diazepam or
benzodiazepine," said dra. Nurma Hidayati. These
medications are usually available in generic and
patent, for example trihexypenidil which has a
brand named patents hexymer, dextromethorpan
which is contained in cough medicine and the
class of nitrazepam such as dumolid. Nurma also
stressed the dangers of abuse of psychotropic
drugs. "Psychotropic drugs affect the central
nervous system because she had side effects that
felt as a sedative. That which is perceived by
the users, although they do not realize the
effect in the long term," he continued.
Medications-these sedatives have dangerous
effects if abused, including dependence. In
addition, if the individual using this drug in
excess or overdose, can cause depression of the
central nervous system, lethargy to coma. Nurma
also explained
that the POM continues to eradicate the
circulation of drugs online that is considered
troubling Medicine For Sinus Infection, Treat
Acute and Chronic Sinusitis "Although already
block the site or do a take-down, we also must
prevent it from the head thereof, namely by
collaborating with online entrepreneurs
(e-commerce) to do the screening so this drug
can not be sold online," he said. The directorate
of special criminal investigation of Polda Metro
Jaya find the presence of a number of medicines
expired that are still circulated in a number of
drug stores in the Market area Scout, East
Jakarta. The mode is to change the year of
expiration drug updated. Director of special
criminal investigation of Polda Metro Jaya
police Commissioner Fadil Imran said, a
medication expiration date that is sold back is
the drugs most widely consumed by the public.
"That need to be aware also these kinds of drugs
the most widely sold in the condition of the
expiration is loss drug cholesterol, cure
diarrhea, lowering sugar levels, lowering fever,
decrease in blood pressure. This all right of
common diseases and occurs in our society," said
police Commissioner Fadil in Metro Jaya police
headquarters, Jakarta, Wednesday (7/9/2016)
Remedies and Medicine For Stomach Pain and
Aches In addition to the types of drugs common,
more Eminent, there is also a heart drug
expiration that are still marketed but in small
amounts. Drugs expired if consumed can have an
impact on health. For that, consumers are asked
to be more observant and careful in checking the
expiration date on the medicines. "Actually, if
we are observant and meticulous look very easy
to (distinguish it). Actually not too neat (the
actors change the expiration date), with the
naked eye can also be distinguished," said Fadil.
Drugs that are expired can be seen from the
packaging. In addition, note the mold numbers on
the expiration date to distinguish whether it
has been changed/updated or not. "If a drug that
has not yet expired, not expired it looks if not
replaced from the type of letter and then the
thickness of the print, it looks. If he has been
changed will inevitably be different from the
thickness of the print and type the letter for
example (font) Arial replaced Times New Roman
would be different," he explained. Note the
color of the packaging on the drugs. The
packaging of medicines expired will look faded
compared to medications that still have not
expired Non Drowsy Allergy Medicine Loratadine
or Cetirizine "Then the color or packaging
rather than the medication expiration date must
have been dull, the old stuff must be visible.
Third in terms of price, although yesterday the
price equal to the market price," he said. The
circulation of counterfeit drugs and illegal
continue to increase. This of course raises the
concern of consumers. According to the Food and
Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) this year, the
circulation of counterfeit drugs and illegal
increased by 10 percent. The deputy for the
Supervision of the Product, Terapatik and Drug,
FDA, Dra. A. Retno Tyas Utami, Apt, as the
unravel types of drugs are most often
counterfeited. That is drugs that is in such high
demand in the market or that are expensive. For
example, antibiotics, drugs beauty such as
slimming, or face cream. Pay attention to the
quality of the drug is crucial before buying.
Consuming fake drugs can be very dangerous for
health. Instead of heal, the greater the risk of
disease will become increasingly severe and can
lead to death, said Retno in the event of STOP
(in Order to Avoid Drug False), Tuesday (27/8)
in the Hall of the Auditorium Building Mandiri
Club, Jakarta Over The Counter Allergy Medicine
Side Effects and Interactions
  • According to Retno, there are still many people
    who buy drugs in retail in a shop or a drug
    store roadside and buy online. This is without
    regard to the quality and originality of the drug
    purchased. FDA urged the public to be more
    careful in buying the drug. Here are some tips
    provided by the FDA as an effort to to avoid fake
    drugs. Belilah drug in place of official sales.
    For hard drugs always buy at the pharmacy using a
    doctor's prescription. See also the label listed
    on the packaging of the drug such as the number
    of marketing authorization, the drug name and
    address of the manufacturer as well as the
    expiration date of the product.
  • In addition to the 'complicated' way of life,
    antibiotics are also hard to remember his name.
    Some patients can't even distinguish the drug
    which include antibiotics, which are not. But
    there are at least 5 antibiotics are the most
    popular, frequently used community. So many
    types of antibiotics that exist not only confuse
    patients, sometimes the doctors who prescribe
    also confused. It is not impossible because it
    does not know for sure what antibiotics should
    be used, then directly selected the most potent.
    In fact, according to the chairman of the
    Indonesian Pharmacist association (IAI), Drs M
    Dany Pratomo, MM, Apt, the selection of
    antibiotics should not be arbitrary. Ideally
    should be definitive according the germs that
    cause the infection and should be started from
    the simplest type Over The Counter Gout
    Medicine, Home Treatments and Remedies
  • "When prescribing antibiotics, doctors have
    standard. Starting from the most simple, if it
    dont work use the latest generation. If you are
    given the most cutting-edge, it's like killing a
    mosquito-made bombs," said Drs Dany when
    contacted detikHealth as written on Wednesday
    (5/9/2012). Selection of antibiotics that are not
    rational sometimes not the willingness of the
    doctor, but pressure patients who feel they have
    the money and want to be given a drug most
    potent. Finally the doctor choose the drug is not
    based on standard raw materials, but only to
    please his patients. So the patient is also not
    fussy or wrong use because it does not know the
    type-the type of antibiotics, it's good to
    recognize the 5 types of antibiotics most often
    used in the community the following
  • Amoxicillin
  • Amoxicillin is a penicillin class of antibiotics,
    more specifically including the group of
    aminopenicillin as with any type of popular
    antibiotics other namely ampicilin. Its use is
    very wide, starting from the to treat infections
    of the skin, teeth, ears, respiratory tract and
    urinary tract.
  • Cefadroxil
  • Cefadroxil is a first-generation antibiotic class
    of Cephalosphorin, that way it works almost the
    same as Amoxicillin and other antibiotics in the
    class of penicillin. Its use is also the same
    extensive, start to treat from skin infections to
    urinary tract.
  • Erythromicyn
  • Erythromicin is the antibiotic classes of
    macrolides, which are often given to patients who
    are allergic penicillin. Its use is more
    widespread than penicillin and cephalosphorin, so
    it is often used as the first choice for the
    treatment of pneumonia atipik Over The Counter
  • For Sore Throat, Remedies and Treatment
  • Ciprofloxacin

Ciprofloxacin is an antibiotic of group
floroquinolon, one of the types of antibiotics
most advanced at this time. Its use, among
others, to treat urinary tract infections,
respiratory tract infections (sinusitis,
pneumonia, bronchitis) and infections of the
skin. 5. Tetracycline Among sex workers, the
tetracycline is quite popular because of the type
of antibiotics is most often so the main options
to treat genital infections such as chlamydia and
gonorrhea or gonorrhea. The use of antibiotics of
this type began to be restricted, because the
trigger resistance problem which makes the germs
of gonorrhea so immune to antibiotics.
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