The efficacy and Side Effects of traditional medicine - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The efficacy and Side Effects of traditional medicine


The efficacy and Side Effects of traditional medicine – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The efficacy and Side Effects of traditional medicine

The efficacy and Side Effects of traditional
medicine The environment has an important role
for humans to meet their needs. Examples of small
meals, shelter, medicine to the care of the body
can humans gain from the environment. However,
unfortunately not many natural resources around
us dimanfaatnya and developed with the best by
the humans BHP Medications Diagnosis and
The nation of Indonesia is handed down from
generation to generation has come to know and
also use the plant are used as medicine to
overcome health problems. The Indonesian nation
make traditional drugs by utilizing natural
ingredients which have been proven with the
presence of the old script on palm leaves Husodo
(Java), the document Fiber Primbon Jampi, and
the relief of Borobudur temple which depicts the
people were dispensing drugs (herbal) which is a
raw material derived from plants. In all corners
of the world, herbal medicine has been trusted
for its usefulness. According to WHO, the
countries of latin a lot of utilize herbal
remedies as a complement to the primary
treatment. For example, in African Countries 80
of the people for the treatment of the primary
uses of herbal medicine (WHO, 2003). A lot of
factors that may encourage increased use of
herbal medicine in developed countries, among
them is the want to have a life expectancy that
is long, but it is also every year herbal
medicine is increasingly widespread for us to
access the information as well as the use of
modern medicines such as cancer drugs not
infrequently experience a failure of any side
effects Oral Diabetic Medications List of
Common Diabetes Medications.
  • For chronic diseases and degenerative diseases in
    the maintenance of health, prevention and
    treatment, WHO recommends the use of traditional
    medicine including herbal medicines. The WHO
    also supports in enhancing the security and also
    efficacy of herbal medicine. (WHO, 2003).
  • In general the use of traditional medicine is
    considered more secure than the use of modern
    medicine. This is because traditional medicine
    has a side effect that is relatively less than
    the modern medicine.
  • If used in a proper way then the side effects of
    traditional medicine is relatively small
  • The Truth Of The Drug
  • For the achievement of the pharmacological effect
    is desired, then the truth of the material drugs
    to be one of the determiner. In Indonesia, there
    are various kinds of medicinal plants of various
    species are sometimes difficult to distinguish.
  • Every species of medicinal plants have properties
    that are different, for example lempuyang. In
    the market, there are various types of lempuyang
    are difficult to distinguish. Lempuyang emprit
    and Lempuyang gajah yellow and berhasiat to
    increase appetite. However, the shape of the
    lempuyang emprit relatively small compared with
    lempuyang gajah. While lempuyang fragrant white
    and fragrant and berhasiat as slimming Joint Pain
    Medications 5 natural home remedies that work
  • There are cases in Belgium, 70 people had to
    undergo a kidney transplant due to consuming
    slimming of the plant that is mistaken (WHO,
    2003). It can be proven that the fatal if we are
    wrong in choosing the material of the drug
    because tia medicinal ingredients have different
    therapeutic effects.
  • The accuracy of the dose
  • As with any drug artificial plant, medicinal
    plants also can be consumed carelessly. Medicinal
    plants also have the dosage and rules of use
    that must be adhered to, as well as a doctor's
    prescription. As an example of the fruit of the
    gods crown where the comparison with water is 1
    3 meaning that for menkonsumi 1 fruit need 3
    cups of water. While the leaves mindi will cause
    efficacy if it boiled as much as 7 sheets with a
    dose of water (Suarni, 2005).
  • Many people beranggappan that medicinal plants
    can be consumed in vain without the right dose.
    Medicinal plants can not simply be consumed
    freely. The dose and the dose must remain in
    accordance with the provisions. This does not
    rule out the possibility that the plant drugs
    have side effects.

  • trigger the onset of cancer if used continuously
    for a long time The Best Common Anxiety
    Medications Diagnosis and Treatment.
  • The timeliness of the use of
  • In addition to dose and dose to consume medicinal
    plants should be appropriate, time of use should
    also be appropriate to minimize the adverse
    effects that arise. As one example is turmeric.
    Turmeric is believed to reduce the pain during
    menstruation can actually cause the happening of
    miscarriage if consumed in early pregnancy.
    Therefore, the effect of medicinal plants is
    strongly influenced by the accuracy of the time
    of use.
  • The accuracy of the way the use of
  • Each of the medicinal plants also can not be
    consumed with who carelessly. Not all medicinal
    plants have effects and efficacious if consumed
    by way of drinking water boiled. For example the
    leaves of amethyst that is used as a
    bronchodilator is used with the way sucked.
    However, if the amethyst leaves consumed with how
    brewed it will cause a hangover.
  • Accuracy of dig information
  • In the era of sophisticated is very easy for us
    to dig up a variety of information via the
    internet and also social media. However, there is
    little information that exists is not based on
    knowledge so that it can be misleading of his
    readers. So that the necessary foresight on its
    users to search for valid information.
  • Not abused
  • Traditional medicinal plants are very easy to
    find. For the use of these drugs does not
    require a doctor's prescription first. So, some
    people who consume traditional medicine with
    other purposes. As examples of the use of herbal
    medicine for abortion or suck amethyst as a
  • The accuracy of the selection of drugs for
    specific diseases Blood Pressure Medications
    List Alphabetical
  • In one type of medicinal plants contained more
    than one active substance which has an efficacy
    to treat certain diseases. Comparison between the
    efficacy with side effects must be balanced. So
    people must be smart in choosing traditional
    medicine and think of the side effects that may