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Pharmacist In A Pharmacy


Pharmacist In A Pharmacy – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Pharmacist In A Pharmacy

Pharmacist In A Pharmacy In the world of health,
a pharmacist is they are based on laws and
regulations that apply have the right to do the
job of pharmaceutical. Pharmaceutical jobs
include things widely depending on where a
pharmacist carrying out his profession Advantage
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However, the core of the work of the pharmacy is
the implementation of Pharmaceutical Care,
that is the responsibility farmako-therapy from a
pharmacist to achieve a certain impact in
improving the quality of life of the community.
One of the places where Pharmaceutical Care can
be implemented is a pharmacy. The pharmacy is the
place to do the work of pharmacy and dispensing
of pharmaceutical supplies to the community. The
business activities carried on in the pharmacy
provide special traits that are very different
than the business of the other, although the
ultimate goal alike to get a profit. The real
difference is not only visible from the
specificity of the traded goods (medicines,
pharmaceutical supplies, or other medical
devices), but also in terms of the requirements
of legitimacy of the sale, the magnitude of the
risk of the use of goods which are not proper,
usage rules, and the difference in terms of
standards of maximum sales price. In terms of
price, a pharmacy do not know the strategy of the
sale of such merchandise other who know the ups
and downs of prices, depending on market
conditions at a certain moment, so that the
terms of granting discounts, gifts for purchasing
a certain product with a certain amount of,
contest with prizes, and other unethical applied
in pharmacy Giant Eagle Pharmacy Hours The
marketing prize of 100,000.
  • According to the regulation, every pharmacy must
    have a pharmacist license as the person in
    charge of the pharmacy. Pharmacist working as
    pharmacy manager focused role to
  • Provide, save and submit the pharmaceutical
    preparation of which the quality and validity
  • Serve and supervise the compounding and delivery
    of medicines
  • Provide information related to the use of the
    drug, either by prescription or free sales
  • Carry out all the regulations of the pharmacy
    about the pharmacy
  • Not involved a conspiracy the sale of hard drugs
    to doctors practices, drug stores, and other
    means that are not entitled
  • Make good cooperation with pharmacies surrounding
    in order to improve the service to patients
  • The phenomenon that occurred in Indonesia shows
    that many pharmacists who are not in the
    pharmacy as it should be. Whereas, in accordance
    with the Government Regulation (PP 25), each day
    a pharmacist must be in a pharmacy to serve the
    community and is responsible for all management
    activities and pharmacy was held on pharmacy. In
    addition, the regulations of the Ministry of
    Health/directorate general of Pharmaceutical
    Services and the Community requires the presence
    of two pharmacists if the pharmacy serving a
    community of more than 8 hours and three
    pharmacists if the pharmacy serving the
    community 24 hours.
  • Allegedly almost 99 of pharmacies in Indonesia
    is still open and accepting customers although
    pharmacist not in place. Similar research
    conducted by the pharmacist at the UI shows that
    about 90 of the pharmacies that they survey,
    pharmacist not in place. The chairman of the
    association of Graduate Farmasi Indonesia (ISFI),
    the period of the past said that the pharmacy in
    Indonesia has not yet become a system so that the
    pharmacy be just a place to sell and buy drugs.
    According to him, the pharmacist only as a
    prerequisite the establishment of a pharmacy.
    While in practice, not all pharmacies have
    pharmacists Pharmacy Technician Salary 17
    Per Hour or 35.400 Per Year.
  • Most of the pharmacist on duty in pharmacies to
    treat his duties at the pharmacy as a side job
    and visit the pharmacy one-two weeks once. They
    generally have another job in higher education,
    industry, government or other agencies. Another
    reason why a pharmacist rarely be in pharmacist
    is because they are weak if faced with the PSA,
    the Owner of the Means of Pharmacies/businessmen.
    Compensation administration in the form of
    salary is usually low and this makes the
    motivation of the pharmacist to decline.

the role of the pharmacist as a formulation of
the drug no longer is a necessity. The role of
the pharmacist in the pharmacy instead more
performed by a pharmacist's assistant. Lack of
preparation pharmacists, especially pharmacists
new in preparing the lunchbox for work in the
pharmacy also is the cause of this problem Costco
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Execution.. The pharmacist as the role of the
central assume full responsibility in providing
drug information to the community do not perform
their duties properly, causing the image that is
less good for the profession of the pharmacist
itself. Should be in every pharmacy that is
open, there is a pharmacist on duty and is the
right of consumers to get pharmacy services
directly from pharmacists. . The absence of a
pharmacist provides the impact for the
sustainability of the service to the
community These conditions result in a loss for
the patient as the weaker party. The patient does
not get complete information about the efficacy
of drugs that from a pharmacy unless a brief
explanation of the rules of use of the steward an
apothecary, while to make up for the drug that
the patient must spend expensive cost. Another
impact of this problem is a fundamental
difference from pharmacies and drug stores
increasingly not transparent. The figure of the
pharmacist as a person who assumes full
responsibility and at the same time
distinguishing the real with the drug store
which, according to the regulations should not
have a pharmacist, the not clear position of the
specifics Pharmacy Technician Job and
Employment. On the other hand patients often be
fooled by the explanation from the waiter
pharmacies that particular drug in the
prescription runs out and can be replaced with
drugs of other brands with the same efficacy.
For patients who don't want to bother, the offer
is an alternative option. In fact, replace the
prescription drugs are not justified. As affirmed
dr Marius Widjajarta, SE, a pharmacist let alone
a waiter pharmacies are not entitled to persuade
the patient to change the prescription without
the consent of the doctor concerned. Should the
pharmacist communicate with physicians about
prescriptions given to provide optimal service
to the patient. Moreover, if in the recipe there
are doubts about the drug administered, for
example there is a mistake or the writing of a
prescription that is not right. Then, a
consultation is required so that no errors
administration of drugs which are fatal to the
safety of the patient. The government doesn't
have the standard pharmacy clear. Whereas
standard it is very important to affirm the
position of pharmacist or pharmacist in drug
management. Is the authority of the government
in making the right system for positioning
pharmacists the tools of his profession. The
government needs to make a decision which firm is
the pharmacist placed in the community, hospital
or pharmacy of its own. Abroad everything is set
clearly within a particular system Advantage
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kmart. The government who made the decision and
system, they also run that authority. With the
presence of such a system is then described in a
position where pharmacists that. If things
happen outside the system, the government can
perform certain actions to the pharmacist in
accordance with regulations made. Currently it
does not yet exist. To run a system that, in the
structure of government (Moh) there needs
to be the directorate of special set the
service problems of the drug. The goal is as the
executive authority which has been made the
system. Therefore it is the government which
regulates its implementation. The government need
to assess the commodity which drugs are handled
pharmacist, because all the drug was
administered by the pharmacist. With the standard
of competence pharmacist, the pharmacist
self-regulating. These standards become the ideal
for pharmacists in performing profession and her
job. In October 2004 Pharmacy the Ministry of
Health (Moh) of INDONESIA together with the ISFI
have already drafted a standard pharmacy in the
pharmacy. The standard concerns some of the
government programs about the profession of
pharmacist and its function. There are some
programs that are ready to be applied. One of
them improves the function of the pharmacist in
the pharmacy. He also emphasized some steps to
raise awareness that the pharmacist was very
important in providing drug consultation to the
community as well as thorough information about
it Liver Diseases Symptoms And Treatment. Another
solution has been poured in the decision of the
Minister of Health that the pharmacy in
Indonesia will be accredited. It is intended that
all pharmacies have a standard pharmacy service.
Are encouraged to the public so don't buy the
drug at a pharmacy that no pharmacist. The
patient is one component of the health care team,
so patients should actively discuss with
pharmacist about drugs that consumed. Don't just
submit everything to the doctor or pharmacist.
The attitude of the society which would thereby
force the pharmacist present at all times in the
pharmacy. Thus the community obtain services
that are comprehensive. Despite the fact that
pharmacists should be in a pharmacy throughout
the opening hours of the pharmacy, it's also
helpful if the pharmacist has hours of practice
as a doctor. Hours of practice will give clear
rules and is binding for the pharmacist about
presensinya at the pharmacy. Hours of practice
referred to applied such a shift, for example, a
pharmacy A open 24 hours and has 3 pharmacists
who will be at the pharmacy each 8 hours per day
in turns. If this kind of thing is applied,
there will always be a pharmacist in a pharmacy.
When necessary, the pharmacist has a special
room as a place the patient to consult. Dr. Imono
Argo Donatus SU, Apt say the role of pharmacists
is very important in giving the drug to the
patient/consumer. The task of the pharmacist is
no longer simply check the validity of the
recipes, calculate the dose, weigh/measure the
ingredients, mix and distribute/submit the drug
to the patient/consumer, as long as this happens
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Fast. Every pharmacist should be expanded, as
happened in the United States, to the service of
social pharmacy (social pharmacy) with a
population coverage of the wider community. As
has been described, the core of the work of the
pharmacy is the implementation of Pharmaceutical
Care. This can be implemented through Good
Pharmacy Practice or the Practice of
Pharmacy. Activity in pharmacies which reflect
the implementation of Good Pharmacy Practice
requires the professional services of the
pharmacist. A professional service should be
with the ability and the discipline, practice the
code of ethics and standards of the profession,
and obey the laws and regulations that apply.
Attitudes and behaviors of professionalism
supported the desire always to do the right
thing, is the realization which sustains the
system mechanism. The code of ethics which is
essentially the order of the ethical value and
moral that are directly related to the behavior
of individuals in a profession, is a moral
commitment which should be respected and
animates the behavior, the whole attitude and
actions of the professional Cryotherapy
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the pharmacists role is to improve its service
and has good intentions to improve the situation
of pharmacy, then the dignity of the pharmacist
can be achieved again.