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Title: Natural Medicines

Natural Medicines Often the approach through the
consultation process and holistic approach in
complementary medicine can help patients to
better control their disease . But unfortunately
such way is not often done because of medical
practitioners with the knowledge , attitude and
trained for it, just some . On the other hand
complementary medicine has a very large
variation Iron Pills For Anemia And List Of Foods
With Sources Of Iron
Starting from the that makes no sense even
dangerous until that is useful. In such a
situation , the patient requires a medical
practitioner who has knowledge biomedical to
distinguish it . Practitioners and medical
researchers often use the term integrative
medicine as a combination of alternative and
complementary medicine (PKA) with the science of
conventional medicine. The actual definition of
integrative medicine insists on the system of
higher attention to wellness and healing in
individuals overall ( dimensions of the
bio-psycho- socio-spiritual ) as the main
objective, through the approach of conventional
medicine and alternative in the context of a
supportive and patient - physician relationship
effective . Integrative medicine also focuses on
prevention with attention to patterns of life,
diet, exercise, stress management ,and setting
emotional . Medical education institution have a
very important role in developing the concept of
integrative medicine . A lot of things that can
be done educational institution in terms of
integrative medicine , including
  • Refocus the patient as an individual whole and
    the doctor - patient relationship
  • Involve the patient as an active part of the
    recovery process by teaching each patient the
    best way to improve health
  • Stay open to understand the advantages and
    limitations of the science of conventional
    medicine and realize that the science of medicine
    alone is not effective in addressing all the
    needs of the complex patients we Here's Capsaicin
    pills and Weight Loss Resources
  • Give the medical student , the basic practice of
    accounting, including basic principles such
  • as evidence regarding its effectiveness and
    disadvantages. In the absence of additional
    education regarding the PKA , the practitioner
    will not be able to function as a doctor that is
    able to receive information and guidance which is
    accurate for his patients . A survey conducted
    on 302 doctors in Denver showed that 84 percent
    wanted further education about PKA with the main
    reason in order to determine the safety and
    effectiveness of PKA so as to discuss them with
    the patient
  • Medical students should be taught also how to
    find and evaluate evidence of the effectiveness
    and safety of complementary medicine. With the
    ultimate goal of medical students to get skills
    about openness, a sense sensitive to the problem
    of cultural as well as
  • trust, communication and being able to do
    critical appraisal to the literature about the
  • Research the clinic to determine the
    effectiveness of PKA. This study is important
    because the results can be used as the basis of
    evaluation for the security , the reasonableness
    of its use , patient satisfaction and cost
    analysis when PKA is integrated in conventional
  • . 7. Keep pay attention to in terms of spiritual
    and emotional needs of the patient and suggest
    the therapeutic use of PKA which according if
    indeed increase the healing from conventional
  • Research on Human Healing should always ask on a
    variety of levels such as factors that
    facilitate or hinder the process of healing on an
    individual, the potential that can be
  • developed and the factors of its limitations
  • We can learn from a variety of the other side
    other medical science as placebo effects,
    hypnotherapy, study psychosocial, and spiritual
    approach. Medicine complementary is not the end
    of all therapy the other side, but can serve
    as a container that is common to a
  • change of creative Best Collagen Pills
    Stimulate The Production Of Collagen
  • Hope in the future that every illness always ask
    me what the problem is, the therapy specifically
    and how to improve the response of the healing
    yourself , as well as is there any evidence
    scientific .
    MODEL EXAMPLE. In cancer
  • treatment , conventional therapy that there felt
    also its limitations . On the other hand there is
    also an increasing interest of practitioners to
    explore more about the best aspects that can
  • be drawn from complementary therapies .

  • success of a medical therapy while the Heal
    comes from the old English Haelen, which means
    to Become whole, which is closely related to the
    word Holy. So a word of Healing provides a place
    on every level including physical, emotional,
    mental, and also spiritual. So there are times
    where the patients can be cured but not
    healed . There is also the time where we can
    help the patient to Heal even though we can't
    liberate his illness Natural Pills To Flatten
    Stomach Without Exercise
  • In Many cases the cancer is resistant to a
    conventional therapy , there is no special
  • package optimal that can be given on a type of
    the same cancer. Each patient has a therapeutic
    approach is integrative different. Every
    individual is specific and the presence of
    Biochemical individuality. Each patient has a
    background of the etiology , socio-cultural
    different. An individual approach thoroughly is
    important and not just focusing on the illness (
    It's more important to know what kind of patient
    has the disease than what kind of the disease
    the patient has )
  • Enlarge the expectations of the patient in a
    state of uncertainty not an error. In the case of
    cancer there is always a group of patients that
    experienced remission and still survive. This
    group can serve as the center of attention
    positive expectations of cancer patients.
  • On the approach of therapy is integrative , if a
    complementary therapy does not cause harmful
    effects for the patient then a complementary
    therapy that may be useful by way of improving
    the overall health by involving the patient
    actively in the treatment process and can
    provide also the placebo effect positive.
    Patients on complementary therapies often have
    the hope of recovery is high compared with
    patients on conventional therapy. Patient
    expectations correlated with the results of the
    therapy. Therapy will be as more effective when
    the patients have great expectations on the
    therapy .
  • Therapy integrative also emphasize on the comfort
    of the patient and build a good relationship
    between doctor patient family ( to cure
    occasionally , relieve sometime, comfort always
    ) Consume Fertility Pills To Get Pregnant Over
    The Counter
  • CONCLUSION integrative Medicine emphasizes the
    doctor-patient relationship as the central
    point. Conventional medicine can utilize the
    positive side of PKA to help cure the patient in
    a therapy program that terintegratif.
  • The fundamental difference PKA with conventional
    medicine is to the absence of basic research .
    Actual research on PKA's been a lot done, but
    various problems such as weakness of research
    methodology and interpretation of the end results
    of different studies resulted in PKA yet to be
    widely accepted in medical circles .
  • Types of PKA are very diverse and usually very
    influenced by the cultural, geographic
    locations, beliefs and use multimodalitas therapy
    . The health system in the Uk divides the PKA
    based on the professionalism and the amount of
    research support , namely
  • Group 1 is a therapy alternative that is
    professionally organized which include
  • acupuncture, chiropractic, treatment with
    medicinal plants, homeopathy, osteopathy.
  • Group 2 complementary Therapies, which consists
    of the alexander technique, aromatherapy,
    massage, therapeutic counseling, hypnotherapy,
    meditation, reflexology, shiatsu, ayurvedic
    therapy Maharishi , nutritional therapy, yoga

3. Group 3 discipline other alternatives such
as therapeutic medicinal plants of china, of
therapy traditional chinese, therapeutic
crystals, iridology,ayurvedic therapy,
kinesiology, radionik, pendulum ,
naturopathic. Variations practitioners PKA to a
type of therapy which be very large , as many of
the approaches of practitioners of Chiropractic
and acupuncture for the diagnosis of diseases of
the same conventional therapeutic approaches can
be different . As an example, in acupuncture
therapy, there are variations on the points used
and the number of needles used TheraFlu Pills
Cold and Flu Medicine Caplets Side
Effects Results of the study PKA is often the
variation is large or inconsistent and the
research methodology is not adequate. In a
systematic review found that many of the clinical
trials on the PKA has a weakness that is
fundamental, such as the weakness of
significance statistics, less control,
inconsistency of treatment results, lack of
comparison with a kind of long time treatment,
with placebo or both . Researchers often only
examine one or two of the interventions of all
the interventions done by the healers
'holistic'. As an example hundreds of studies
have been conducted to see the effectiveness of
acupuncture alone to treat asthma, pain,
hypertension, vomiting, while in daily practice
of acupuncture is only one of run as many
interventions carried out by an expert
acupuncture other than therapy using medicinal
plants, cupping, dietary changes, physical
therapy, moxibustion, and massage . Researchers
faced with making the research methodology of a
single intervention that accuracy does not
reflect everyday practice or the researchers
often faced in the methodology of research with a
variety of interventions are quite complex, such
as the difficulty in making a placebo in the
control group Here Pills For Hair Loss / Regrow
Hair, Treatments Reviews The problem at the time
of clinical trial double-blind on PKA is the
breadth of the exclusion criteria that will
lower the participation of the patient and the
difficulty at the time of generalization of
research results. On the treatment with dietary
supplements, patients who want therapy refused
randomization and when received, the easy access
of dietary supplements and alternative
interventions will increase the likelihood of
cheating' than the control group . In addition
to that the use of placebo in the treat
alternative poses its own difficulties because
alternative medicine often include intensive
interaction between healers and patients who
actually did cause the placebo effect
. Contradiction of scientific evidence and
scientific judment The author uses Homeopathy as
an example to discuss the evaluation of PKA
because Homeopathy has a long journey evaluation
of scientific research and has conducted clinical
trials double-blind . Homeopathy was
popularized in Germany by Samuel Hanemann ( 1755
- 1843 ). The principle of treatment with
Homeopathy is any symptoms caused by a
substance in healthy people, the disease with
the same symptoms will be cured with a very small
amount of the substance ( similia similibus
curentur , like cures like ) . For example the
preparation of homeopathic Allium cepa comes
from the onion. Contact with onions as it is
known can
cause irritation around the eyes and nose ,
lacrimation, and discharge of secretions clear
from the nose FDA Warning Biotin Pills For Hair
Growth Dosage Then Allium cepa can be prescribed
in patients with fever, especially when there are
symptoms of irritation of the eyes and nose .
Dosage Homeopathy is often diluted until it
reaches avogadro's number ( 10 to the 23 ) with
not a single active molecule left in the
solution. Homeopathy claims that the more diluted
the substance is the greater the effect of the
substance ( less being more ). Scientifically (
the thought of modern medicine ) it is not
reasonable because of how there may be
pharmacological effects on the solution with none
of the active molecules are left. the basic
concept of homeopathy is at odds with the concept
of modern physics. . The abundance of evidence
of positive clinical trials on homeopathy is very
surprising for conventional medicine . The
medical community does not fully accept the
results of clinical trials such as the basic
concepts of homeopathy are controversial. How the
scientific community believe in a empirical
evidence depending on prior convictions and the
quality of evidence obtained. After reading
about the scientific evidence that a lot about
homeopathy then it is likely there are 3
attitudes of the scientific community critical
community that does not trust the effectiveness
of homeopathy may still not believe it., people
who have doubts will probably get a view that is
more optimistic, and grew convinced the public
that had previously been believe about the
effectiveness of homeopathy Cinnamon Pills Weight
Loss or Cinnamon Supplement Diet ? Actually the
treatment by means of Homeopathy is already moot
since a century and a half ago to finally have
also carried out a meta-analysis of 89 clinical
trials double-blind proving positive effects of
Homeopathy is not a result of placebo . The
results of the meta-analysis is to extend the
debate a new and then carried out a re- analysis
of meta-analysis using meta-regression. The
result a positive effect is shown by a
Homeopath is the result of the research
methodology is not adequate, the number of
samples is small and the presence of bias of
publication . The author of the meta-analysis
Homeopatipun reiterated that the results of the
analysis of the meta-regression does not prove
the positive effects of Homeopathy are solely due
to placebo . The debate prolonged for homeopathy
gives this lesson to us , when carried out
clinical test of a PKA, it becomes a question
more Is a therapy that provides meaningful
results for statisitik ( with the use of
clinical trials double-blind ) accepted only when
the workings of such treatment is 'reasonable'
?. In the practice of day-to-day if such therapy
is indeed beneficial actual knowledge about the
working mechanism is not too important 15 Amazing
Benefits of Oregano Oil Pills and How To Use It
? . The end of this post I tried to quote the
words of Vandenbronche When reflecting on his
own behavior in some controversy, we admit that
sometimes we receive evidence from a randomized
trial and cancel theory - however beautiful it
is - but at other times we remain with the theory
and ignore the evidence.