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Title: Kinds of Drugs and Usefulness

Kinds of Drugs and Usefulness Although the
technology is currently more advanced and the
development of new types of drugs getting
better, in fact a drug derived from natural
materials or commonly referred to with herbal
medicines increasingly used to treat various
kinds of diseases and became one of alternative
healing that is most popular Get To Know The Best
Medicine For Migraines
Many are using herbal medicines for the reason
that this drug is safer compared to chemical
drugs. The country most famous for alternative
healing with the use of herbal medicines is
China. As is known, the traditional medicine has
helped cure many people with different diseases,
although several such drugs have no claims
therapy, herbal medicine is still the main choice
most safe and effective to use. However, before
using herbal medicines You should consult with
your doctor first before deciding to take one of
the herbal products. Various Herbal Remedies and
Usefulness Here are the different types of
herbal remedies that You can use to treat a
variety of diseases 1. Ginger
  • Temulawak (Curcuma xanthorhiza roxb) which is
    included in the ginger family (zingiberaceae),
    is a herbal medicinal plants native to Indonesia.
    The spread of the curcuma plant is widely grown
    in Java, Maluku and Kalimantan.
  • Characteristics of wild ginger grows as a bush
    without stem, from the base already in the form
    of the long leaf stalks standing upright. Plant
    height between 2-2,5 millimeter, the leaves are
    long round such as banana leaves where the stem
    leaves are mutually close form the stem.
  • This plant can thrive in the lowlands with an
    altitude of 750 meters above sea level, this
    plant can be harvested after 8-12 months with
    traits of the yellowing leaves.
  • The tuber will grow in the base of the stem is
    dark yellow or light brown with a diameter of 15
    cm long and 6 cm, smells fragrant and slightly
    bitter and somewhat spicy The Best Medicine For
    Runny Nose, Cough and Stuffy Nose
  • Ginger has been used for generations by our
    ancestors to treat jaundice, diarrhea, ulcer,
    flatulence and aches. But lately it can also be
    used to lower blood fat, prevent blood clotting
    as antioxidants and maintain health by enhancing
    immunity of the body.
  • Turmeric
  • Turmeric is a medicinal plant bush form and are
    annual (the owner) scattered across the tropical
    regions, turmeric plant grows lush and wild
    around the woods or used the garden. Estimated
    to come from Twinkle at an altitude from 1300 to
    1600 meters above sea level, there is also a
    saying that turmeric comes from India.
  • In the area of Java, turmeric is widely used as a
    herb of medicinal herbs because of the
    efficacious cooling, cleaning, drying, relieves
    itching and cure the tingling. The main benefits
    of turmeric plants, namely as a material of
    herbal medicine, raw material of herbal and
    cosmetic industry, ingredients seasoning, ranch,
    and others.
  • In addition, the rhizome of the plant turmeric
    that also beneficial as an anti-inflammatory,
    antioxidant, anti-microbial, preventing cancer,
    anti-tumor, and lower levels of blood fat and
    cholesterol, as well as a blood purifier.
  • Keji beling
  • Vile shard or Javanese people call it by the name
    of honeycomb geteh, while on the ground pasundan
    known as remek meat, reundeu beureum, and ternate
    people call it by the name of lire. This plant
    has a lot of minerals such as potassium, calcium,
    and sodium as well as elements of other

  • (diarrhea), dysentery, all parts of this plant
    boiled, for about half an hour, then the water is
    drunk. The process is the same for treating
    kidney stones Best Medicine For Sinus Headache,
    Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Leaves a vile shard can also overcome diabetes by
    eaten as fresh vegetables regularly every day.
    Similarly to mengobai diseases of the liver
    (jaundice), piles (hemorrhoids) and gastritis by
    means eaten regularly.
  • Sambiloto
  • Sambiloto or Andrographis paniculata, is a kind
    of herbal medicinal plant from the family
    Acanthaceae, a native of India and Sri Lanka.
    Sambiloto can also be found in other regions,
    such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, as well as
    some places in the American continent.
  • The Genus Andrographis comprises of 28 species of
    herbs, but only a few are efficacious medical,
    one of which is Andrographis paniculata
    (sambiloto). Bitter leaf contains many compounds
    Andrographolide, which is a compound of the
    lactone cardenolides bicyclic.
  • A chemical compound that tastes bitter first
    isolated by Gorter in 1911, andrographolide has
    properties to protect the liver
    (hepatoprotective), and proved able to protect
    the liver from the negative effects galaktosamin
    and paracetamol. Efficacy is closely related to
    the activity of enzymes-metabolic enzymes
    specific, sambiloto have long known to have
    medicinal properties.
  • Ayurveda is one of the system of ancient Indian
    medicine that includes bitter as herbal
    medicine, where sambiloto called by the name of
    Kalmegh on Ayurveda. In addition to efficacious
    protect the liver, bitter can also suppress the
    growth of cancer cells. This is due to an active
    compound, namely Andrographolide, decreased the
    expression of the enzyme CDK4 (cyclin dependent
    kinase 4).
  • Tempuyung
  • Tempuyung or Sonchus arvensis L including herb
    plants perennials that typically grow in places
    that are hardier, its leaves are slippery green
    with a little purple, the edges are choppy, and
    jagged and irregular. Near the base of the stem,
    serrated leaves that terpusar form a rosette and
    are located at the top hugging the trunk of criss
  • Leaves choppy hug the stem is a nutritious
    destroy kidney stones, inside the leaf that
    contained the potassium content is quite high.
    The presence of the potassium from the leaves
    tempuyung this is what makes kidney stones form
    of calcium carbonate scattered, because
    potassium will get rid of calcium to join with a
    compound of carbonate, oxalate, or uric is
    forming kidney stones The Best Medicine For Sinus
    Pressure With Essential Oils As Alternative
  • Precipitate kidney stones was finally dissolved
    and washed out with urine, to use it as a remedy
    necessary five pieces of leaves tempuyung fresh.
    Once washed, leaves smoked for a minute. The
    leaves are eaten as fresh vegetables with rice,
    in a day You can take a salad that's as many as
    three times.

Beluntas is a bushy plant is erect, woody, much
branched, with height can reach two meters.
Single leaf, round egg shape, pointed tip, downy,
young leaves, yellowish green and after the old
pale green and leaf length of 3.8-6.4 cm. Grows
wild in the soil with high humidity, in some
places in West Java plant is used as a hedge
plant and limiting inter-mounds (plots of land)
in the estate. Some areas in Indonesia called
the name beluntas by different names such as
baluntas (Madura), luntas (Central Java), and
lamutasa (Makasar). Traditionally beluntas leaves
are used as herbal medicine to eliminate body
odor, drug down the heat, cough, and diarrhea
medication. Beluntas leaves that have been
boiled is very good for treating skin pain, in
addition, it leaves beluntas also often consumed
by people as fresh vegetables. The presence of
information in a traditional society that has
long made use of beluntas leaves as one of the
herbal medicinal plants to encourage researchers
to conduct numerous studies to prove its
efficacy scientifically. Well, that's the kinds
of drugs tradidional that You can try to cure
many kinds of diseases. Good luck yes, a Friend
Healthy Natural Remedies for Best Medicine For
Sore Throat Herb herbal remedies made from the
leaves, bark, fruit, flowers, and roots fragrance
has been used from generation to generations to
cure various diseases. But not all herbal
remedies are safe to be consumed. Because many
herbal products on the market that is known to
contain chemicals that can cause serious side
effects, such as disorders of the heart and blood
pressure. Many supplement products do not have
marketing authorization from BPOM or illegal. For
that, You as a consumer should be wise in
choosing and buying herbal medicine that is safe.
Check out the tips below. How to choose
supplements and herbal remedies are safe to
eat? Here are tips to choose a product
supplements and herbal medicine that is safe
based on the guidelines of Food and Drug
Supervisory Agency (BPOM). 1. Check the
packaging Before buying, carefully advance the
packaging of its products. Make sure packaging is
not torn, chipped, dented, pitted, corroded, or
leaking. Check when the product is made and when
the date of its expiry. Also make sure that the
following information is included on the labels
of all herbal supplements The name of the
supplement The name and address of the
manufacturer or distributor List of ingredients a
complete composition both in the brochure
included in the packaging or listed on the
container Serving suggestions, the dosage, and
the amount of active ingredients Number permit
  • Read the label
  • Read and carefully label the packaging. Are there
    any contraindications and prohibitions? Like
    what how to use that right, and is there a limit
    dose per day? What are the active ingredients
    that may be contained in it? Do You have an
    allergy to one of the ingredients listed? If the
    doctor or health conditions that You currently
    have forbid You to take one of the existing
    materials? Are there any restrictions food,
    beverages, medicines, and activities that should
    be avoided as the herbal drink?
  • Manufacturers of herbal supplements are
    responsible for ensuring that the claims they
    make about their products are not false or
    misleading and supported by adequate evidence.
    However, they are not required to submit this
    evidence to the FDA What Is The Best Medicine
    For Stuffy Nose ?
  • Therefore, although it is made from natural
    ingredients, many herbal remedies contain
    natural chemical compounds potentially pose the
    risk of side effects adverse. Ginger claimed to
    be potent as a remedy enhancer of appetite and
    overcome the constipation, but ginger has
    blood-thinning properties that can cause bleeding
    acute renal in patients with liver disease.
    Supplement the leaves and the leaves of
    elephant's trunk that is claimed to treat cancer
    shown to cause liver toxicity. BPOM has confirmed
    that there is no herbal medicine, herbal
    supplements, and traditional medicines which can
    replace chemotherapy or other procedures to cure
  • Make sure there is permission edarnya
  • Make sure the herbal products You want to buy has
    a marketing authorization from BPOM. To ensure
    authenticity, You can check the number listed in
    the link below http// Click
    here to see a complete list of traditional
    medicine that is recognized by BPOM. For a list
    of traditional medicines that have been withdrawn
    and prohibited from release, You can go to the
  • If you Aren using a concoction from the
    herbalist, make sure that the herbalist is
    licensed to practice and registered with the
    official in the Department of Health Natural Home
  • Best Medicine For Toothache
  • See the logo of the group the cure
  • Based on the provisions of the FDA, the drug
    traditionally divided into 3 categories, i.e.
    Jamu, Standardized Herbal Medicine (OHT), and
  • So a herbal drug can be declared safe, the
    product must be first proved its safety
    scientifically through a series of clinical
    trials. Herbal remedies should also be tested
    dosage, how to use, effectiveness, monitoring
    adverse effects, and interactions with compounds
    other drugs. Phytopharmaca is the only class of
    herbal medicines that have passed all
    preclinical and clinical trials in humans.

The efficacy of OHT can only be proved as far as
experiments on lab animals. The results of the
experiment is often used as the basis that herbal
remedies can cure various diseases. In fact, the
effect is not necessarily the same in humans.
Meanwhile, herbs that usually use a concoction
of a recipe handed down do not have the dose and
indication for sure. This can cause the benefits
and risks of side effects are different for each
person. Not everyone can drink herbs and herbal
remedies Eating herbs and herbal medicines as a
complementary alternative of synthetic drugs
(both prescription and nonresep) actually be
done. Herbal medicine concoction in the form of
decoction is relatively safe because the toxic
substances may be contained in it is already
experiencing changes in the structure of the
chemical so it is safe to be consumed. However
herbal remedies are formulated with other methods
should always be of questionable safety Best OTC
Cold Medicine for Stuffy Nose Runny Nose and
others Herbal supplements usually reveal
benefits if consumed regularly in the long term.
Just note the dose and time of use of herbal
medicine if You are using other drugs. Herbal
medicines don't drink before a medical drug to
avoid the risk of the interaction of chemical
compounds, and should be consumed 1-2 hours
after the drug medical. Because that herbal
medicines should only be consumed to maintain
health, the recovery of the disease, or reduce
the risk of disease not to cure. To cure the
disease needed prescription drugs and medical
treatment. Be a smart consumer and
segment-select where herbal medicine that is safe
to be consumed. Don't be blinded by the
seduction of advertising bombast Bed-wetting
does not only occur in infants and children. In
adults can also occur, which is called
incontinence. This is a condition in which a
person is not able to control the desire of
micturition. The majority of patients with
incontinence are women. Men are more rarely
experience this disorder, except in those who
have undergone prostate surgery. Many of the
trigger factors of urinary incontinence in
adults, among which the most common is as a
result of pregnancy and childbirth. This is
usually due to a change in the muscles in the
pelvic floor. In addition, consumption of
certain drugs every day can also trigger
incontinence Xyzal Allergy 24HR Over The
Counter Allergy Medicine Here are seven possible
treatment can make You "wet the bed" in my
pants 1. Medicine hypertension People who have
high blood pressure and taking medicine
hypertension such as types of alpha-blockers such
as doxazosin mesylate, prazosin hydrochloride,
terazosin hydrochloride, may be at risk of
experiencing incontinence. Why? Because
alpha-blockers work to lower blood pressure by
relax the walls of blood vessels. The problem
is, this drug turns out to also relax the bladder
along with the blood vessels. This makes You
prone to stress incontinence, which allows urine
out involuntarily when You sneeze, cough, laugh,
run, or jump. What should be done? You can start
by doing kegel exercises to improve Your ability
to control the muscles of the bladder. Muscle
control that good might overcome the effects of
relaxation of the alpha-blocker. But if this
really becomes a problem for You, please consult
to the doctor to get medical help. Fortunately,
there are
  • many choices of medications to control blood
    pressure, so your doctor will probably try to
    use the type of calcium channel blocker or
    another class of drugs that have no effect on the
  • Hormone therapy hormone Therapy which is meant
    can be in the form of pills, oral estrogen alone
    or combination estrogen and progesterone. So far
    the researchers do not know for sure why things
    like this happen. Even until now, hormone therapy
    is still considered can help treat the problem
    of incontinence, but now it can actually trigger
    or worsen incontinence. What should be done?
    Talk with your doctor about the effects of the
    use of hormones topical, such as estrogen and
    progesterone in the form of a cream, or patch
    estrogen, which seems to have less risk than the
    hormone pills oral. Even for some women using
    the hormone estrogen in the form of a cream or a
    patch, this way can help prevent or reduce
    incontinence Best Over The Counter Cold Medicine
    Without Prescription
  • Antidepressants and drugs other mental Such as
    drugs with anticholinergic effects, which means
    drugs that inhibit neurotransmitters such as
    nortriptylene, amitriptyline, desipramine,
    benztropine, haloperidol and risperidone.These
    medications affect the elasticity of the bladder
    so that the urine continues to enter the bladder,
    which causes incontinence. What to do If You
    think antidepressants or other drugs
    anticholinergics affect Your bladder,
    konsultaskan with the doctor and switch to
    looking for an alternative treatment.
    Interestingly, some tricyclic antidepressants
    are known to help the problem of incontinence.
    You may need to work with your doctor to
    determine the prescription or what drugs are
    suitable for consumption, which do not have side
  • Diuretic a wide Variety of diuretic drugs with
    brand name Bumex, Lasix, Aldactone or a generic
    type such as bumetanide, spironolactone,
    furosemide, theophylline, and all kinds of
    "thalazides" (such as hydrochlorothiazide), is
    the first-line drugs most often prescribed for
    hypertension. However this drug is known can also
    trigger incontinence. Drugs diuretics can
    stimulate the kidneys to remove excess water and
    salt from the body. Because the body produces
    more urine, making the presence of increased
    pressure on the bladder. What to do If You need
    a diuretic to prevent hypertension, You will have
    to find a solution to resolve this issue. You
    should not stop taking the diuretic. On the
    contrary, speak with your physician to choose a
    diuretic drugs that do not affect the working of
    Your bladder. Another way, You can also take
    diuretic drugs when the morning, not at night
    Best Over The Counter Medicine For Sore Throat
    and Cough
  • Decongestants and antihistamines are the Drugs
    with the content of active substances such as
    pseudoephedrine, diphenhydramine can also
    stimulate You to wet the bed. How to work
    Decongestants that contain pseudoephedrine may
    trigger contraction of the sphincter of the
    urethra, causing retention of urine, which in
    women is often accompanied with incontinence
    overflow sudden. However, in men who have a leak
    after surgery of the prostate, the consumption
    of the drug Sudafed can actually press the
    muscles of the bladder, thus preventing leakage.
    Some types of antihistamines can also make You
    sleepy, which can lead to incontinence in older
    people in particular. What to do Try taking a
    decongestant, such as loratadine, which has no
    side effects on the bladder.
  • Tranquilizers and sleeping pills Some
    tranquilizers or sleep like Ativan, Valium,
    Dalmane, Lunesta, Ambien, diazepam, flurazepam,
    lorazepam, eszopiclone and zolpidem can be a

trigger for the occurrence of incontinence. How
it works the Consumption of the drug sedative
can slow down Your reflexes, so that You do not
recognize the signal that it's time to go to the
bathroom. The habit of bed-wetting affects about
10 percent of people with incontinence, and
experts estimate that the consumption of sleeping
pills contribute to trigger it. What to do
Instead of having to take a sedative and sleep,
try a natural solution to overcome the problem
of anxiety and sleep disorders. The consumption
of melatonin one hour before bedtime can be an
effective way to overcome the problem of sleep
disorders, since melatonin is a natural hormone
that can tell Your brain to go to sleep soon.
another way, You may also be able to speak with
the doctor to choose tranquilizers or sleep
medications that do not cause muscle relaxation
Cough and Chest Congestion Medicine, Symptoms
and Treatment 7. Painkiller Any painkiller made
from opium may interfere with the ability of the
bladder to contract full. This can lead to
retention of urine and incontinence of overflow.
Opioid painkillers also cause constipation. What
should be done? Avoid opioid painkillers if You
can. If You do need pain medication after
undergoing surgery (surgery), ask Your doctor to
choose drugs nonopioid. EditorAsep Candra News
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