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Title: Herbs for Alternative Medicine

Herbs for Alternative Medicine Posts about list
of herbs for the treatment of cancer is quite
long, therefore you can bookmark the first if
you have a limited amount of time, to be read
back in your spare time. Cancer is a disease
that is very deadly. There are various variants
of cancer, the most common population of
Indonesia is cervical cancer (cervical cancer)
and breast cancer. The symptoms of the disease
cancer can also be different The Best hair growth
pills, Supplements and Vitamins
Data from the world health organization of the
united nations, the World Health Organization
(WHO) that in 2013, the incidence of cancer has
increased very significantly. There are 12.7
million cases in 2008 and then jumped to 14.1
million cases in 2012. The number of cancer
patients that experienced a death are also
experiencing a noticeable increase. In 2008 there
were 7.6 million people died from cancer, and
increase to be 8.2 million in 2012. Cancer is
currently the cause of death ranked second in the
world (13) after a disease associated with the
heart and vessels daran (cardiovascular). More
sad, because cancer is suffered by many people
in developing countries such as Indonesia. So
what causes the appearance of cancer on a person?
Perntanyaan this possible you will ask for so
the spread of this disease, even though he is not
belongs to the category of infectious diseases.
Cancer itself is a disease in which cells undergo
division exceeded the normal limit, then attack
the network or other cells in the vicinity, to
then spread to the tissues of the body through
the circulatory system or the system of lymph
circulation. Cell cancer arises from the cells
that should undergo apoptosis (age and die), but
because of the presence of papilloma virus
(Human Pavilloma Virus HPV) then there is a
mutation or
change in DNA in cells. The cell then instead of
dying, continue to keep splitting even for
unrestrained. In addition, other factors such as
the body's resistance (immune system), papapan
carcinogenic substances (cause cancer) from
chemical pollutants, addictive substances such
as cigarettes, and additives in food are also
blamed as the trigger of cancer Best Over the
Counter Fertility Pills For Women Without a
Prescription Type-The Type Of Disease Of
Cancer Some types of cancer that is often found
in Indonesia in addition to breast cancer and
cervical cancer (cancer of the cervix or cervical
cancer) are lung cancer, colorectal cancer
(cancer of the large intestine/colon and rectum),
skin cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, liver
cancer, prostate cancer (only affects men),
cancer of the lymph nodes (lymphoma malignum)
and cancer of the white blood cells
(leukemia). Treatment of cancer is expensive and
difficult. Cancer treatment is usually done in a
modern way or alternative, or angel cancer
treatment modern cancer treatment alternative.
Cancer treatment modern done through the
surgical removal (surgery), chemotherapy
(chemical therapy or chemotherapy),
immunotherapy (immune therapy or immunotherapy),
radiation therapy (guided radiotherapy), and
targeted therapy (targeted therapy). In addition
it is also known as a cancer treatment in
alternative (alternative medicine cancer). While
cancer treatment is an alternative is to use
drugs cancer herbs. What is a Chemotherapy the
Treatment of Cancer is it? Types, Side Effects,
Medication Support, and Long Cancer Chemotherapy
Alternative Medicine Cancer In Indonesia and in
many developing countries, cancer patients more
to choose alternative treatment for cancer. Why
many choose? Of course it is very related to the
high cost of cancer treatment in a modern, even
with the possibility of success has not been
so encouraging. Because that's also, not only in
developing countries, in developed countries and
rich, herbal anti cancer remains the choice for
healing and alternative medicine cancer
Prescription drugs Qsymia, Belviq, Saxenda and
Contrave Diet Pill List Of Medicinal Plants
Herbal Anti-Cancer Indonesia Most of the plants
included in the list of herbs herbal remedies
cancer this precisely is a plant that is very
familiar to us. Even some are used as seasoning.
Its use as an herbal remedy for cancer in the
form of herbal should certainly pay attention to
the dose and manner of making tools so that the
results obtained are optimal for the treatment.
Here some of the herbs are efficacious as a
material alternative treatments of
cancer. Anthill (Mymrmecodia pendans) Plant a
nest of ants that has the scientific name
Mymrmecodia pendans is the tanman asli Papua.
Plant ant nests efficacious drug because it
contains many active ingredients such as
anti-cancer called flavonoids. In addition, ant
nests also contain tookoferol, polyphenols, and
anti oxidant. Flavonoids in plants ant nest
turned out to have the ability to stop the
progression of cancer cells. It works by
inhibiting the cycle of cell division, and then
also strengthen the immune system or immune
cancer patients. This plant is easily
recognizable because of its shape which is very
unique. Anthill has cavities such as the maze in
the tuber. On the cavities of the live ants that
use it as a nest. That is why this plant is
called ant nest. The water decoction of the
anthill taken regularly with the appropriate dose
can be trusted to bring healing for people with
cancer Whether Beard Growth Pills Effective ?
What's wrong ?
White turmeric (Curcuma mango) This plant has a
scientific name Curcuma mangga. It smells indeed
like mango kweni. He belongs to the plant
empon-empon that have rhizoma (root living) that
grows in the ground. White turmeric, in
accordance with its name is different from the
turmeric that is commonly used as a spice in
cooking. Color rhizomanya white instead of
yellow, with a round shape. Other names for
turmeric white is meeting a princess or temu
rapet. White turmeric contains essential oils
effective to cure the swelling (anti-inflammatory)
and help stimulate an increase in immune system
(immune). In addition, white turmeric is also a
good antioxidant. Some research such as that
conducted by the American Institute of Cancer
(Institut American Cancer society), Faculty of
pharmacy and PAU Biotechnology and PPOT UGM
Yogyakarta shows that white turmeric is good for
cancer and tumor. The ability of saffron, white
in the treatment of cancer because it contain
compound called Ribosome Inacting Protein (RIP)
that has the ability to disable the growth of
cancer cells, a deadly cancer cells without
damaging other cells or tissues in surrounding
areas, and also block development of cancer
cells. The antioxidants contained white turmeric
also prevent damage to the genes because it
triggers cancer, and anti-inflamasinya help cope
with the swelling and inflammation Norit OTC
Anti Diarrhea Pills Uses, Side Effects and
Interactions Tapak Dara (Catharanthus
roseus) Plant vinca that has scientific name
Catharanthus roseus is often used the leaves as
herbal. Periwinkle plant turns out to have been
tested as an ingredient an effective drug for the
prevention and the killer cancer cells. The
plant which is the tribe of Apocynaceae which is
closely related to cambodia this has a content of
alkaloid compounds for cancer drugs. Group
alkaloids that are referred to are the alkaloids
vinka called vinkristin and vinblastine. Both
alkaloids vinka this has benefits in inhibiting
the multiplication and spread of cancer
cells. Alkaloid compounds vinkristin, which
comes from periwinkle may be used as the material
treatment of cancer of the bronchial tubes,
malignant tumor that grows in the kidneys, breast
cancer, and various types of tumors on the
nerves and muscles. Compound alkaloid called
cabtharanthin who also conceived the periwinkle
plant expected to be urgent and dissolve the
nucleus of cancer cells, thereby killing the
cancer cells the effective Weight Loss Drugs and
Prescription Diet Pills That Work ! Keladi
tikus (Typhonium flagelliforme) Keladi tikus is a
wild plant which has the scientific name
Typhonium flagelliforme. This plant has undergone
research as a medicinal plant materials herbal
anti cancer. Has a lot of herbal medicines the
results of the extraction of rodent tuber plant
that is sold in the market after mixed with the
plant-a plant anti-cancer. Plants of the family
of taro is also known by another name rodent
tuber (tuber rats), or laoshu yu. Keladi tikus
has efficacy as a herb that disables the cancer
cells, to subsequently kill the tissue for cancer
cells, as well as stop the development of cancer
cells. Keladi tikus as well as white turmeric
also contains Ribosome Inacting Protein (RIP),
antioxidants and substances antikurkumin. A
researcher from Malaysia, Prof. Dr. Chris KH
Theo from the University of Science Malaysia have
reported the
ability of keladi tikus as the material of
manufacture of herbal medicines for cancer are
powerful Senna Pills Reviews, Uses, Side Effects
and Dosage Temu Lawak (Curcuma zedoaria) The
plant curcuma was also efficacious as a cure for
cancer. The plant with the scientific name
Curcuma zedoria is used rhizomes to the main
ingredients of jamu gendong this, according to
an expert on herbal medicine from London, England
named Andrew Chevallier Mnimh, the plant curcuma
contained curcumol and curdione, which have
efficacy as anti- cancer substances and
anti-tumor. In China, traditionally the rhizome
of the plant curcuma since the first has been
used as a cure cervical cancer. Substances and
active ingredients contained tubers of curcuma
has the ability to turn off cancer cells if done
together radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Noni
(Morinda citrifolia L.) Who does not know noni?
Medicinal plants this one is indeed very popular.
The flesh of the fruit mengkudu or pace has an
active ingredient known as dammacanthel. Active
ingredients dammacanthel is a cancer that is able
to fight the growth of abnormal cells on the
stage of precancerous and can prevent the
development of cancer cells. If you want to use
the noni, then you should choose fruits that are
not too ripe (mushy), because the fermentation
process that occurs in fruit that are too ripe
can reduce the content of active ingredient of
the anticancer on the noni. God leaves (Gynura
divaricata) Leaves of the gods is also a plant
that has been known as an anticancer plant. Plant
parts used of the plant which has the scientific
name of Gynura divaricata are the leaves Estrogen
Pills For Women Reviews, Uses, Side Effects and
Benefits Ceremai (Phyllanthus acidus) Plant
ceremai closely related to meniran and its fruit
is often eaten to make fruit salad. Plant
ceremai fruit yellow small-as small as that
button turns out to be quite potent as a
drug cancer natural. The parts used are the
leaves of the plant. Parasite A parasite is a
plant that grows on other plants. His way of life
is indeed detrimental to the host plants place
of living, but it turns out the compounds in the
parasite has long been thought to act as an
inhibitor of cancer malignancy. The parasite can
be boiled and drink boiled water for supporting
drug during chemotherapy (therapy chemical
substances by taking anticancer drugs). Soursop
(Annona muricata) Soursop leaves have been
studied since the first efficacious menmbunuh
cells active cancer , help the immune system and
avoid deadly infections and also prevent free
radicals. Soursop which has the scientific name
Annona muricata contains active ingredients to
kill cancer cells. Active ingredients, among
others annohexocin, acetogenins,
annocatatin, annonol, annomurine and has long
been known as active ingredients of antitumor and
cancer. Now the leaves of the soursop has been
widely used for traditional therapy for the
treatment of cancer diseases. According to
various sources, soursop leaves that have been
quite old as much as 7 or 8 pieces boiled in 3
cups of water. Let the boiling water and stew
to 1 cup. The water decoction of this stay drunk.
It tastes fresh so not too difficult to drink,
except a little smell of his trademark which will
smell in the nose Best Natural Water Pill and
Best Natural Diuretics Andong Red (Cordyline
fruticosa) Plant andong red is one of the
ornamental plants that have the ability of
healing cancer. The scientific name of andong red
is Cordyline fruticosa or Convallaria fruticosa,
Asparagus terminalis, Aletris chinensis,
Dracaena ferrea, Cordyline terminalis, Dracaena
terminalis, or Terminalis fruticosa). A variety
of diseases and health disorders can be treated
by using the herbal horse cart red, including
cancer and tumors. Parts of the plant to be used
as herbs are the leaves, flowers, roots, good in
dry conditions or fresh. Read the Benefits of
Plants Andong Red for Health Pomegranate (Punica
granatum or Punica malus L) Help prevent cancer
both skin cancer and prostate cancer or disorders
of the prostate gland, which marked one of them
with frequent urination in males. Read Benefits
of Pomegranate for Health Green Tea Green tea is
actually more widely used as a herbal cancer
prevention. But green tea is believed to also
have the ability to prevent the spread and
development of cancer to the stadium more. A
research about green tea in relation as a cancer
drug has been conducted by Rutgers University,
where in test tube reactions, green tea is able
to slow down cell division-cell lung cancer and
cancer of the large intestine (colon).
Research-important research also suggests that
green tea can stop the growth of tumors in mice.
Current a institute of cancer research in
America which called the National Cancer
Institute is conducting a clinical trial on the
benefits of green tea for healing of cancer. The
use of green tea is certainly very safe, because
of its nature as an anti-oxidant. Although, if
too much to consume (exceed the dose
recommended), then it can result in dizziness and
diarrhea Top 3 Best Sellers Weight Gaining Pills
to Gain Weight Fast Garlic (Allium
sativum) Seasoning this one is already very well
known, but did you know that garlic has
anti-cancer substances? Tuber of garlic which
has the scientific name Allium sativum contains
the active ingredients that can treat the cancer,
known by the name of allicin. Common use for
garlic as a cure for cancer is for cancer of the
colon (bowel), cancer of the rectum (rectal
cancer), gastric cancer, breast cancer, prostate
cancer and lung cancer. Ginger (Zingiber
officinale) Ginger comes from Southeast Asia, but
can grow spread to different parts of the world.
Today ginger is used in the treatment of cancer
because of its ability to help cancer patients
who are undergoing chemotherapy, with the effect
of removing the dizziness and vomiting. There
have been many studies conducted about the
functions of ginger in the healing
of cancer. Basil (Ocimum basilicum)
The plant is often used as a material of fresh
food on the dinner table. Basil turned out to
have much attracted the attention of western
experts for the material cure of cancer.
Allegedly its ability to the treatment of cancer
comes from its ability to affect the ability of
the virus associated with cancer (Human
Papilloma Virus) to infect healthy
cells. Cardamom (Amomum compactum and Elettaria
cardamomum) Cardamom in the western countries
known as cardamom. This plant produces fruit
with seeds in the ground, or near the soil
surface. There are two types of cardamom, green
(Elettaria) and black (Amomum). Cardamom belongs
to the tribe of ginger-jahean or Zingiberaceae.
Cardamom pods are dried very commonly used as a
spice in Indonesian cuisine. Who would have
thought, this plant has been widely researched
especially in the form of the extract dissolved
in the oil or its extract is dissolved in water
which is efficacious for the treatment of cancer
Does a Speed Up Metabolism Pills Can make You
Slim ? Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) Cinnamon aka
cinnamon apparently has the ability as a cancer
drug. Cinnamon is the seasoning ingredients are
commonly used in Indonesia, is the bark of the
tree plant which has the scientific name
Cinnamomum verum. Clove ( Eugenia
caryophyllata) Plant the cloves we know as a
spice in cooking. Plant cloves that have a
scientific name Eugenia caryopyllata it, taken
the flowers that have not bloomed. Plant the
clove original from Indonesia. Since the days of
the first western nations to colonize Indonesia
in order to get the cloves as spices are of high
value and expensive. Clove has many active
ingredients such as tannins, terpenoids,
eugenol, and acetyleugenol which is beneficial
for healing cancer Cocor bebek (Kalanchoe
pinnata or Bryophillum calycinum or Bryophyllum
pinnatum) Cocor duck contains a variety of active
ingredients that are beneficial for health. Some
of the content of beneficial active ingredients,
among others, bryophillin A as anticancer Read
about the Benefits of Cocor bebek for
Health Lemongrass or Citronella (Cymbopogon
ciratis or Andropogon nardus) In addition to
being useful as a food flavoring, lemongrass is
also widely used for traditional medicines.
Lemongrass can be beneficial for the prevention
of tumor diseases and cancer List Of Prescription
Strong Sleeping Pills Names and Natural
Herbal Pacar air (Impatiens balsamina, or
Impatiens triflora, or Balsamina hortensis) Plant
water girlfriends have some scientific name,
namely Impatiens balsamina, or Impatiens triflora,
or Balsamina hortensis. These herbs known as
potent drugs to relieve the itching due to
poison ivy (the plant sap of poison ivy) by using
the fluid on the body, increase blood flow, for
pain reliever new mothers, low blood pressure,
joint pain, laxative (smooth bowel movements),
bruising and swelling, and an antidote to fish
poisoning (allergic to fish), rheumatism,
antibacterial for wounds, gastritis, beriberi,
treat the nails are broken or damaged, cancer,
tonic for the workers weight, treat snake bites,
pelancar haid, relieve cough by removing the
phlegm. Seeds and tea water henna is used
traditionally for the treatment of fungal
infections systemic Read the Benefits of a
Girlfriend Water for Health
Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) The mothers must
know the cilantro. Those of you who like with
snacks like crackers will also find a spice in
cooking this one in it. Coriander aliar coriander
turned out to have the effect as a cancer drug.
Coriander is used of course coriander in the form
of its seeds are small round-small, at first
glance similar to the seeds of the pepper., only
it is hollow. The content of linalool in the
leaves and fruit (seed) is what's taken into
account as the drug cancer natural. Fennel
(Anethum graveolens) The active ingredients that
contained fennel is anethofuran and carvone.
Anise is also a spice in cooking. Some of the
regional cuisine in Indonesia the many uses of
fennel in the seasoning mix. As it turns out,
fennel has an active ingredient to treat cancer.
Both are antioxidants that help in the treatment
of cancer. Parts that can be used for the
treatment are the leaves or the seeds Hairfinity
Pills Supplements Reviews You Should Know White
cumin (Cuminum cyminum) White cumin or herbs with
scientific name Cuminum cyminum is a flowering
plant which belongs to the tribe of Apiaceae,
and is commonly used as a spice in cooking. White
cumin closely related to caraway (Carum carvi)
also has the potential for herbal treatment of
cancer. Tymoquinone is the active ingredient
which is an awful lot contained in the
white cumin. This active ingredient is very good
for the treatment of cancer diseases. Caraway
(Carum carvi) Until now this plant that this one
still be important research material in the
United for the treatment of cancer. Thought to
be cumin or caraway has the ability to inhibit
the carcinogenic substances (cause cancer) in the
body. List of Medicinal Plants Herbal Anti
Cancer from Western Countries (America and
Europe) Here is a list of plants that are
efficacious as a healer of cancer than western
countries (not original or do not grow in
Indonesia). You may be able to buy these plant
extracts in the form of drugs or supplements
sold on the internet in the packaging. But,
having knowledge about herbal plants this will
certainly be of no benefit. Wormwood (Artemisia
annua L.) This time, wormwood (Artemisia annua)
is being talked about because the content
material of anti-cancer that it has called of
artemisin. Wormwood is a native of China it has
been commonly used in traditional Chinese
medicine. Mentioned that of artemisin, which was
conceived by the plant wormwood is effective to
kill cancer cells. Even the ability of artemisin
extracted from the plant wormwood is able to kill
cancer cells the target without damaging the
cells or healthy tissue as reported by a team of
researchers at the University of washington.
Expected treatment of cancer with the use of the
plant wormwood this will give the fewest side
effects for the patient Birth Control Pills For
Men The Advantages And Shortcomings The plant
wormwood (Artemisia annua) is a plant which
belongs to the tribe of Asteraceae. The leaves
are divided (bertoreh very deep), and can grow up
to 2 meters high. Stems branching-branch a lot.
This plant is known by various names such as
sweet annie,
wormweed, sweet wormwood, arthemether, artemotil,
quinghao, arthemisinin, and artesunate. This
plant is actually can also be used to treat
malaria, especially that caused by Plasmodium
falciparum. Wormwood has the ability of
anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, and anti
fungal. Please note the use of wormwood for
pregnant women in first trimester or because it
can result in teratogenicity. Of artemisin,
which contained wormwood are toxic to the embryo
or fetus in the womb. Astragalus or Tragacantha
(Astragalus propinquus or Astragalus
membranaceus) Astragalus also known in
traditional Chinese medicine as Huang ch'i.
Indeed, this plant in traditional chinese
medicine used to treat diabetes (diabetes).
This plant can help cancer patients because it
triggers the body's immune system. Tests that
have been conducted at the University of Texas
Medical Center mixed astragalus with the blood of
cancer patients in a test tube indicates the
result that the function of the killer cells of
cancer which is known by the name of T
lymphocytes increased by up to 260
percent. Noteworthy side effects from the use of
this herbal where astragalus is an herb that can
cause a decrease in blood pressure, decrease
blood sugar levels, dizziness, and fatigue, even
when patients with cancer of overdose, precisely
the immune system of the body will be
increasingly damaged. It is recommended that when
used orally (swallowed by mouth), according to
the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database only
between 9 30 grams per day in order to really
safe. It should also be noted that you must
recognize a kind of Astragalus propinquus so not
wrong, because it turns out that some species of
Astragalus that are native to North America
actually contains a toxic alkaloid called
swainsonine Here Supplements and Pills That Make
You Lose Weight Fast Cat's Claw (Uncaria
tomentosa) Uncaria tomentosa is a plant that the
original acidic from South America. In
traditional medicine has long been the cat's
claw is used, especially for the cure of
arthritis (inflammation of joints), and of
course as a cancer drug. Until now, the use of
cat's claw is still very popular as a herbal
cancer in the United states and western
countries. Herbal cat's claw is relatively safe.
However, because of the use of the name cat's
claw not only for the Uncaria tomentosa (there
are other plants who were given the name cat's
claw but not the plant referred to here), then
you have to be careful. Even among the plants
that are there that are toxic and
dangerous. Mistletoe (Viscum album) Mistletoe
is a plant that lives as a parasite of the tribe
of Santalaceae, although initially put in the
tribe of Viscaceae. Mistletoe in the European
region, commonly used as a Christmas decoration,
because it remains green even though in the
moment of the snowy winter. Plants of mistletoe
are native to the United Kingdom and
Europe. Mistletoe (Viscum album) have strands of
leaves that sat face to face. The shape is oblong
and the edges are smooth not bumpy. Stems form
branches woody, then her growing a bunch of
fruit similar to berries colored white or beige.
Because of the life that takes food from the
plant host, mistletoe inhibits the growth of
plants place to live, even can be deadly. Thus
his way of life are exactly like parasites. Since
the first mistletoe is known as a herbal
ingredient the treatment of cancer and tumors in
Europe Best Hair Skin And Nails Pills, Vitamin
and Supplements Saffron (Crocus sativus) Saffron
is a plant that is usually used as a spice in
cooking, and it turns out has the power to
inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Saffron has
been proven to significantly as the material of
antitumor. Rosemary (Rosmarinus
officinalis) Rosemary is a plant that comes from
the region of the Mediterranean, with woody
stems, and smell. The taste is bitter, cool, but
used as an additional variety of foods. As a
member of the tribe of Lamiaceae, rosemary
contains active ingredients such as
antioxidants carnosic and rosmarinic acid. In
addition, rosemary also contains camphor acid,
caffeine acid, ursolic acid, betulinic,
rosmaridifenol, and rosmanol..
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