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Title: Alternative Therapies

Alternative Therapies 1. Therapy Flick
Paper Therapeutic practitioners flick enough
paper in the community know Indonesia adalak Mr.
Suharto. He started therapy flick the paper since
1992 when sitting in high SCHOOL class 1. He was
initially tutored by his Father who is also a
practitioner of therapeutic flick the paper and
finally the science of it in the apply until now
7 Cream and Natural Remedy For Itchy Skin..
How to treatment a white paper in the fold in
such a way then tuck it between the thumb and
forefinger feet. When the paper disentil, the
patient will experience tremendous pain.
Sentilan will activate the neurological
conditions blood circulation and sleep. Disease
ever deal with are cancer, stroke, and even HIV.
Home practice Mr. Suharto was in two locations,
namely Jakarta and Surabaya 2. Therapy
Yumeiho Therapy yumeiho first found by Masayuki
Saionji from Japan. Techniques therapy Yumeiho
is actually a therapy technique that developed
from the therapy Relokada in China. Therapy
Yumeiho is a method for correcting the position
of bones throughout the body, relaxes the
muscles and the tissue cells of the organic as
well as radically removing the disease with the
hip bone as its center. The hip bone is used as a
benchmark because it is believed in part
pinggullah there are a lot of nerves. So causes a
stiff neck, kecetit, migraine, vertigo, vaginal
  • discharge are all derived from the bones of the
    hip dislocation. The benefits of therapy Yumeiho
    such as, to remove a long body, giving a sense of
    fresh and comfortable on the body, provide
    immunity in the cold, remove wrinkles on the
    face, tightening the breast, make the body
    become supple, improve sexual function, and
    address the issue of femininity .
  • Maggot Therapy
  • Do You believe that all creatures created in this
    world definitely there is no benefit ? Even
  • animals that are very disgusting like maggots has
    benefits. First, the doctor treating soldiers
    from the scars of war realized that the wound
    that there are maggots heal more quickly than
    wounds that are not maggots. The larvae of the
    animal the flies are only consuming the tissue
    of dead skin cells and bacteria so the wound so
    clean. Then this therapy is adopted by doctors
    today and has been proven to cure. Generally a
    disease that can be cured is of the wound due to
    diabetes. Maggots will not take network fresh
    meat, if the dead skin tissues and bacteria has
    been eaten then the maggots will eat each other
    each other Tips For Dry Mouth Remedy Causes,
    Symptoms and Treatment.
  • Therapy Broom
  • Broom is generally used to clean garbage or feces
    strewn. In Indonesia there are practitioner
    therapy using the media of therapy using a broom
    stick. This therapy is massage therapy but using
    a broom stick. Parts of the body are massaged
    starting from the foot end to the head end. The
    benefits of this therapy to cure various diseases
    such as nerve kejepit, stroke,
  • diabetes, high blood pressure, liver, migraine,
    vertigo, ulcers. In the field of beauty therapy
    is beneficial to tighten the skin, stubborn acne
    spots blackish with how menotokkan broom on the
  • Therapy Pinch
  • Therapy cubit is one of the many variety of
    therapy in Indonesia. Pinch unknown persons or
    pinch small children to cry is to act sadistic
    because it can result in a pinched in pain.
    However different therapy pinch that resulted in
    the body will be healthy and in shape after
    being pinched. Not just anyone who can do therapy
    pinch but no science. Therapy pinch very
    beneficial to reduce body fat and improve blood
    circulation. Even can also change the face such
    as tapering the facial contours and reduce the
    cubby on the cheek. How the therapy is by way of
    pinching parts of the body that want to be
    eliminated the fat but the patient must
    withstand tremendous pain during the process of
    therapy. In Indonesia, the location of the
    therapy cubit is in Bandung Overactive Bladder
    Natural Remedies How to Care and Treatment.
  • Terapi Gurah
  • Therapy unique last is therapy Gurah. Terapi
    gurah divided into 3 namely gurah eyes, gurah
  • nose, and gurah sound. This therapeutic technique
    is to shed a herbal concoction that has been
    formulated to the body that you want to gurah. A
    decoction of herbs that is used is derived from
    the root of a plant called sagunggu (Java) or
    kertase (Madura). Gurah is a traditional therapy
    used for generations. The first therapy is used
    by the Puppeteer and Sinden to create the sound
    becomes loud. Terapi gurah can treat myopic
    eyes/cylinder/cataract, raise his voice, remove
    phlegm/mucus, treat asthma, and dry cough.
    Usually after therapy, the patient is prohibited
    from eating foods that contain oil such as fried
    foods, and banned from screaming.

Current information to flow without control,
diverse impressions in print media, magazines,
newspapers or television into public consumption
without first screened by the relevant
authorities. Already often we hear the confession
of people who claim to kidney disease has been
routinely washing the blood then cured through
alternative medicine. There are also who claim
to have many years of taking a variety of
medications for the disease diabetes which he
suffered, took alternative treatment a couple of
times and then declared cured. Many alternative
medicine or herbal medicine in Indonesia allowed
to serve ads that are misleading and operate
even though promises a lot of fantastic things
such as heal kidney failure, stroke, diabetes
and even deadly diseases such as cancer 4 Natural
Remedies For Vaginal Dryness, Atrophy and
Pain. Related to this alternative medicine I
myself had a bad experience, my family is a heavy
smoker was diagnosed with the malignancy at a
very young age is still young. Yet thorough
diagnosis of his illness that concerned
suggestible relatives to want to seek treatment
herbal / alternative. Family we pretty much work
the doctor, although one by one to come and hope
he want to be treated but the view he
has about his illness is already too bad,
and chemotherapy for her to be a treatment
ditakjtkan because many carry side effects. He
was treated in a flashlight herbal treatment in
purwakarta, a hospital which he said was managed
by someone who mastered the holistic medicine
without the need for chemotherapy. The result?
After draining a lot of money, a month later my
family died, leaving a wife and 2 small
children. As a doctor I was dealing with a lot
of patients that the situation has worsened after
treatment alternative. Heart attack patients who
choose medical treatment alternative for
example, the new came for treatment after
experiencing severe heart failure that is
difficult is resolved. Patients should undergo
bypass surgery instead choose alternative
medication, no medication, and died not long
later. Patients with fractures of light that
actually only need to be fixed instead sorted so
that the problems become heavy and actually need
major surgery. Patients with renal failure
should dialysis routine instead coming with the
state of tightness of the weight and
hyperkalemia because of the delay came after the
medical treatment alternative. Patients with
diabetes (diabetes) should control the diet and
eat drugs for the rest of his life is said to
have been cured and actually get hospitalized in
a coma because her blood sugar to soar high. Or
malignancy patients should undergo further
examination and most likely chemotherapy choose
alternative medication and gets a coffee enema
which is precisely the result in the onset of
infection, sepsis and death more quickly Here's
Natural Remedies For Hyperthyroidism. The
sensation of the healing magic that is often
experienced by a person when seeing an
alternative can be explained by the use of drugs
from plant material / herbs containing vitamins,
antioxidants, or substances that can strengthen
the body resistance, improve stamina, or
providing an analgesic effect / antinyeri. Due to
the consumption of herbal medicines, endurance
increased, pain is reduced, and the perceived
increase. For those who have cancer or
malignancies, the effect of all these things is
as if the symptoms of the cancer as gone and the
cancer cells inside the body is still there and
continues to grow without control. Feel already
healthy treatment alternative, many cancer
patients stop taking medication from a doctor,
so that cancer cells appear back without a hitch
so that the state of the patient deteriorated.
In promoting herbal medicine practitioner herbal
medicine always said therapy they provide does
not have adverse side effects because it is
natural, it is much different with drugs derived
from chemicals and hence has no harmful side
effects to the body. This statement is very
laughable to people who understand. How does not
because in nature itself there are many
poisonous plants that are dangerous to human
health. The statement of the second because the
drug's chemicals then side effects much is also
wrong total. Indeed there are many drugs that
are manufactured chemically, but most processed /
extracted from many plants, which if used in the
treatment of the so-called herbal. The world of
medicine to identify substrates which are useful
and isolate it so that you only consume the
substrate and 1001 kinds of other substances
contained in the herbal treatment, the effect is
not known and most likely dangerous. In
addition, before you can use the community drug
is prescribed the doctor has to undergo several
stages of research to ensure the drug is safe
for human consumption. Herbal medicine is not
through this process so that it can be said the
safety of these drugs is questionable Safe and
Fast 6 Natural Home Cold Sore Remedies
Overnight. When faced with the problems of
health faced by their patients, a doctor will not
treat solely based on what the patient is
complaining about. The doctor is required to find
objective data other clear and valid to support
the diagnosis and the therapy given. A patient,
for example, may be suspected of suffering from
kidney disorders based on subjective complaints
that they experienced such as difficulty of
urination, amount of urine is reduced, the
presence of complaints of nausea, vomiting, or
body that swell. However, to establish the
correct diagnosis, the criteria for this
subjective need to be equipped with objective
criteria such as the presence of elevated levels
of toxins of the body that should be digested
kidneys such as urea and creatinine on blood
tests, a decrease in Glomerulos Filtration Rate
(GFR) on the examination Pyelografi Intravenous
(IVP) and the visibility of anatomical
abnormalities of the kidney on ultrasound
examination (ULTRASOUND). A patient may be
diagnosed with coronary heart disease not only
because of her subjective complaints in the form
of chest pain or shortness of breath, but also
the findings of the objective on the ECG,
echocardiography, a test of the treadmill, or the
discovery of a blockage in the examination of
cardiac catheterization. People can be suspected
of suffering from impaired liver function when
mengeluhakan yellow eyes or weak body. However,
to say such a person is actually suffering from
a heart disorder, there must be objective
evidence in the form of increased levels of
liver enzymes or biological markers will increase
when the liver damage and other findings on the
ULTRASOUND so that the final diagnosis in the
form of inflammation of the liver, the bile duct
obstruction, or malignancy of the liver can be
made and appropriate therapy can be given The
Best Puppies and Dog Dewormer Home Remedy. Cases
that experienced by my family or my patients this
not once or twice happened but it lasts a long
time in many places and the government through
the department of health seems to membiarkankan
it. Society was left a fool by diverse
advertising and the establishment of centers of
alternative medicine that promises a cure, but
lead to worsening of the disease and the death
of the patient. As a physician, I and I'm sure
other doctors only want what's best for the
patient, if it is out there is no treatment that
can cure outside of treatment that we provide we
will be happy to learn how things are going and
whether the treatment similar can apply to our
patients. But the reality is there is no instant
things in this world, all need a process and
until now there are no herbal remedies proven to
cure the malignancy. There is no masseuse that
can heal broken bones overnight. Often we meet is
the state of the patient worsened due to choose
alternative medication. And therefore I see
those who practice alternative medicine / herbs
as charlatans who offer healing / hope on them
that are a pain to rake in the profits-the amount
of sick and death patients. For me it is a form
of fraud that most low and should be
straightened. Where is the government during
this time? Isn't society need protection against
all that? How to Sensitive Teeth Remedy, Causes
and Treatment If you or your family are
diagnosed with a chronic disease or other serious
illnesses please do not hesitate to consult with
a doctor. Ask your doctor what disease you have,
how to handle it and take the best step that can
be taken. According to our oath, we will not lie
about your illness, your life expectancy or
therapy side effects that you may experience. If
in the end you choose something that is not
clear even then keep your options. We just want
to help.