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Business To Business Service & Local Directory website In India


Our service extends from providing address and contact details of business establishments around the country, to making orders and reservations for leisure, medical, financial, travel, and domestic purposes. We enlist business information across varied sectors like Hotels, Restaurants, Auto Care, Home Decor, Personal and Pet Care, Fitness, Insurance, Real Estate, Sports, Schools, etc. from all over the country. Holding information right from major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Pune our reach stretches out to other smaller cities across the country too. To get listed your business at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Business To Business Service & Local Directory website In India

Welcome to xll deal. B2B E-Commerce Business
Directory Supply Chain Management Collaborative
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About us
Welcome to! Presented by xll
deal. 1. We get humble beginning 2017 has grown in India at an amazing
rate. 2. We are the largest Online B2B eCommerce
Marketplaces million registered users. Across
more than many countries' companies of all sizes,
diverse end markets typically SMEs ten to a few
thousand employees 2,000 product categories in
50 industries Note Company data as of Jan 1,
2017. We connect sellers and buyers worldwide
through our online platform. 3. Our national
Marketplace India 70 China 7 South East Asia 3
Over the world.  4. We have million registered
members all over the countries regions. 5. We
are Global E-Commerce Brand, E-Commerce Website,
International Business Trade Website Worlds
34th most innovative companies. 6. To Make It
Easy To Do Business Anywhere To Be an Essential
Partner to All Business people To Build a Company
and Marketplace Community Long Term Vision
at 7. Contact us at XLL
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Upstream activities.
Internal SCM activities
E-commerce Activities
Selling on your own Web site
Downstream activities.
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XLL Deal Learning Objectives
  1. Define the term supply chain and describe its
  2. Describe supply chain management and its goals.
  3. Identify various problems that can occur along
    supply chains.
  4. Describe the evolution of solutions used to
    improve supply chain management.
  5. Define B2B commerce and understand its scope and
  6. Identify the main types of B2B e-commerce Net
    marketplaces and private industrial networks.
  7. Identify the major trends in the development of
    the four types of Net marketplaces.
  8. Identify the role of private industrial networks
    in transforming the supply chain

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What is a Supply Chain?
  • A supply chain refers to the flow of materials,
    information, payments, and services from raw
    materials suppliers, through factories and
    warehouses, to the end customers There are
    typically three types of flows in the supply
    chainMaterialsInformationFinancial In some
    supply chains there are fewer types of flows
    for example, in service industries, there may be
    no physical flow of materials
  •  Solutions to Supply Chain ProblemsOver the
    years, organizations have developed many
    solutions to the supply chain problems One of the
    earliest solutions was vertical integration where
    one organization owns the firms involved in each
    step in the supply chain The most common solution
    has been building inventories as an insurance
    against supply chain uncertainties The most
    recent solution has been increased use of
    inter-organizational information systems for
    sharing information between supply chain partners
    and more accurate measuring of supply chain
    performance These systems include MRP, ERP,
    supply chain systems, and more recently various
    forms of Internet-based B2B e-commerce.

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B2B E-Commerce and Supply Chain Management
A problem with the B2B trade is that it is
complex and requires significant human
intervention which consumes resources that could
be better utilized 7 B2B E-Commerce and Supply
Chain ManagementIt is estimated that the average
cost of each corporate purchase order involves
100 in administrative overhead Administrative
overhead includes processing paper, approving
purchase decisions, spending time using the
telephone and fax to search for products,
arranging for shipping, and receiving the goods
If even just a portion of inter-firm trade could
be automated, then literally trillions of dollars
might be released for more productive uses 8 The
Evolution of B2B E-CommerceB2B commerce has
evolved over a 35-year period through several
technology-driven stages These stages include
Automated order entry systems Electronic data
interchange Digital storefronts Net
marketplacesPrivate industrial networks
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Potential Benefits of B2B E-Commerce
  • Lower administrative costs.
  • Lower search costs for buyers.
  • Reduce inventory costs.
  • Lower transaction costs.
  • Increase production flexibility.
  • Improve the quality of products by increasing
    cooperation among buyers and sellers.
  • Decrease product cycle time Increase
    opportunities for collaborating with suppliers
    and distributors.
  • Create greater price transparency

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PRODUCT And services
  • Same-day, even same-hour delivery.

Contact us
  • Company Name Xll Deal
  • Phone 09653187249
  • Email
  • Website http//
  • Service Hours 24/7

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