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Yard Clean Up and Landscaping Santa Barbara


A professional who offers hauling and waste removal is the unequivocal answer to the issue of cleanup after a major project. Equipped with the proper vehicles for taking junk off-site, an expert in waste disposal can quickly eliminate debris, leaving you with the clean and neat project area you envisioned when you started it. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Yard Clean Up and Landscaping Santa Barbara

  • A Premier Gardening and Landscaping Company in
    Santa Barbara That Will Transform and Beautify
    Your Home Garden!

Why Should I Hire a Gardener?
  • Conjuring images of opulent estates and live-in
    help, the idea of a gardener might be
    intimidating to some. For others, working in the
    garden is relaxing and gratifying, leaving no
    thoughts to wanting outside help. But in either
    case, a gardener is possibly the homeowners best
    bet to maintaining beautiful beds year round.

Key Benefits
  • Often when we think of gardening, we overlook the
    dirty work aspects of maintaining our
    landscapes. Professional gardeners can get after
    weeds, deadhead spent blooms on plants, haul
    water to where its needed, and prune shrubs for
    a neater appearance. They come equipped with
    machinery, as well, offering a little extra power
    when it comes to mowing the lawn, blowing leaves,
    or trimming your hedges.
  • Even if you love working in your garden, consider
    some of the ways some professional help might
    make your efforts even more rewarding

  • Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of
    gardening and landscape upkeep is combatting
    weeds. It may seem that no sooner do we pull up
    every last one that new undesired plants emerge.
    While it may seem that these weeds are merely
    taunting us or trying to drive us crazy, there
    are of course botanical explanations for their
    persistence. So, while our efforts are sincere,
    our approach might not be effective enough. A
    landscape professional with knowledge of noxious
    weeds and how they spread in our local gardens
    can provide the best treatments for keeping them
    at bay. Herbicides, chemical substances that
    eliminate unwanted plants, are generally the most
    direct and effective means of eradicating weeds.
  • Is it a weed or a keeper? A gardener is your
    partner in determining what stays and what goes.
    And when you decide what to eliminate, youll
    learn the most effective way to eradicate those
    pesky invaders, whether by hand pulling or
    selecting a weed killer thats appropriate for
    you and your beds.

  • By definition, an irrigation system is an
    installed method of supplying controlled amounts
    of water to aid the growth of vegetation. For the
    property owner, we typically regard irrigation
    systems as permanent, designed for specifically
    for the layout of the lawn and landscape plants.
    However, as with any system involving water and
    moving parts, particularly outdoors, the
    incidence for damage and wear and tear can be
    high. Sprinkler heads may break, valves fail, and
    pipes can leak. A knowledgeable irrigation
    professional can troubleshoot and repair these
    issues to keep a system working properly.
  • Sometimes we just cant get out there to water,
    even when our plants need it most. Gardeners can
    help evaluate your irrigation system for dry
    spots or over watering, or even take on the job
    of watering your thirsty plants during the dry

Pruning and deadheading
  • Spent blooms can detract from the beauty of
    shrubs and perennials during their prime season.
    A plant with messy overgrowth or errant branches,
    too, lacks visual appeal. Let your gardener help
    you decide when to pinch back those wilted
    flowers and prune your shrubs to ensure optimal
    beauty and growth throughout the year.

Lawn care
  • Fertilizing is an important step in maintaining
    the health of our plants and for keeping invasive
    plants at bay. In order to grow and thrive,
    plants need essential nutrients typically found
    in the soil. But sometimes our soils are
    depletedwhether due to neighboring plants, poor
    soil quality, or other factorsand are therefore
    unable to provide plants the nourishment they
    need. Fertilizers can fill this void. Comprised
    of varying proportions of the macro nutrients
    nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, as well as
    other secondary and micro nutrients, they can
    properly feed your plants to ensure their
    vitality and survival.
  • Usually the first thing visitors to your home see
    is the lawn. Allow your gardener to create the
    right backdrop for your prized garden by keeping
    the lawn neatly mowed, edged, fertilized, and

General cleanup
  • Perhaps one of the biggest hindrances to most
    home improvement projects is the issue of how to
    remove all the debris and waste left over after
    completion. A rented Dumpster can be unsightly
    and may sit out in front of your home for days
    before its picked up and taken away. Hauling
    away junk in ones car is not only impractical
    and dirty, but knowing just where to take it can
    be prohibitive. And relying on garbage pickup to
    take it away can not only result in questionable
    handling of the waste, a homeowner might rack up
    unexpected fines as well.
  • Debris in the lawn and garden can likewise
    undermine the beauty of a landscape. Hiring
    someone who can quickly blow dead leaves, twigs,
    weeds, and other debris out of sight can go a
    long way in preserving the overall appeal of your
    outdoor spaces.

Why Choose Us?
  • An adept crew of landscape professionals is well
    equipped to clean up after major projectsbecause
    they do it all the time. The nature of landscape
    installation and cleanup work means SB Evolution
    Landscape knows how to efficiently remove waste
    from your project site, and they have the trucks
    to carry it away, too. Our flexibility and
    mobility means we book your junk removal pickup
    around your project schedule so you do not have
    to live with the debris any longer than

Are you ready to see your Garden and landscape
ideas become a reality?
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