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Why Magento Is Better Than Most Ecommerce Platform?


Each Ecommerce Platform has its own pros & cons. The final decision is up to you. However, if we conclude from the above-mentioned comparisons then it is clear that Magento is a star performer in all ways. What’s your thought? Don’t think much, but hire Magento Developer now! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Why Magento Is Better Than Most Ecommerce Platform?

Why Magento is better than most Ecommerce
  • Why Magento is better than most Ecommerce Platform

Magento Development Services are taking the world
by storm and this compelled us to bring the star
features together in the blog. All these features
together make the Magento Ecommerce Platform - a
popular choice for Online Stores. Though there is
a lot to boast about Magento, it is an undeniable
fact that it is not the only existing Ecommerce
Platform. Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce,
Laravel and OpenCart are also the benchmarking
names in the development industry. (It is
possible that you already own a web store in one
of the just mentioned platforms, still, it is
important to know what makes Magento a shining
star amongst them.) Since the comparison of
Magento is with the big shots, lets see what
makes Custom Magento Development a better one.
You are about to explore an all-in-one comparison
read. Before we move towards any kind of
conclusion, let it be made clear that, Quote
The Ecommerce Platform Choice is crucial to make
your Online Store Successful
  • Magento vs. Shopify

Magento and Shopify and the giants which are
always compared for Ecommerce Development. Hold
tight, as you are about to figure out whether you
need a Magento Development Company or Shopify.
Shopify, which is easy to set-up and use
straightway is a popular choice amongst
non-technical community. It has an intuitive
interface and is quick to grasp. You can get the
job done with drag and drop features and start
selling in no time.
What drags you back from using Shopify is that it
offers 60 attractive themes of which only 10 are
free. The simplicity of integration which is made
visible is not so simple to deal with when you
have lots of apps to integrate. Moreover, you
will have to pay a transaction fee per sale if
you are using payment processor other than
Shopify Payments. As Magento is an open-source,
youll be required to pay only for hosting. The
incomparable community support and the
flexibility to design your store will make you
choose Magento Development Company over anything
  • Magento vs. WordPress

Building an online store is itself a hell of a
task. And business owners often get confused when
it comes to choosing between Magento Development
Services and WordPress. Of course, both of the
platforms have their established presence for
Ecommerce websites. WordPress is a brilliant
choice as an open-source CMS which makes blogging
websites look and feel great.
However, WordPress is not ideal as a native
Ecommerce platform choice but WooCommerce (a
WordPress Plugin). You can only choose WordPress
as a powerful presenter of CMS. Custom Magento
Development is dedicated to Ecommerce. Keeping in
mind the user interactivity, business owners and
sales growth in mind, Magento satisfies the need
of Ecommerce websites like no other. You can
literally build a wonderful online store with
Magento. Another feature which makes Magento
weigh more as compared to WordPress is its unique
extensions, powerful features and out-of-the-box
functionalities. You can design an extraordinary
Ecommerce store only if you hire Magento
For instance, if you are having a business plan
of selling more than 500 products then Magento is
always a better and recommended option over
WordPress. The reason behind this is the
multi-vendor flexibility it has to offer.
  • Magento vs. WooCommerce

The only point when you may think to opt
WooCommerce over Magento is the bit of complexity
offered by the latter. Apart from this, Magento
shines out when compared to WooCommerce.
As already mentioned above, WooCommerce is a
WordPress Plugin. And, WordPress was basically
designed to be a versatile CMS and not for online
stores. Magento is a robust platform which is
tailored for Ecommerce stores only. You can get
the Custom Magento Development done according to
the needs of your web store and expect it to
perform like a pro. (It is already a pro anyways)
Well, if you think that you are a newbie who
intends to create a small web business, you may
choose WooCommerce. But, if you are planning
something big, no other platform than Magento can
stand up to your expectations, mind it!
Magento makes your investments fruitful and helps
you build large stores with extensions and
resources for setting up and maintain a
functioning Magento website. (You should be
looking for a Magento Development Company now)
  • Magento vs. OpenCart

Choosing a better Ecommerce Platform is a big
deal. When it comes to comparing Magento vs. any
other platform, you will end-up be concluding
that Magento works better. Here is one more
platform compared.
Though the inventory management offered by
OpenCart and Magento is equally levelled, Magento
has more features to make it your choice. Magento
is a popular Ecommerce Platform with brilliance
of popularity and support. It offers a large
number of extensions and powerful SEO resources.
There are more instances when both Open Cart
and Magento stand equal like ease of
customization, multi-store capabilities and being
open-source. Again, you will need to hire Magento
Developer as Open Cart is only ideal for small
Since we have seen a lot of comparison, lets see
why Magento is so popular.
  • Advantages of Magento
  • Open Source Development
  • Specialized for Ecommerce
  • New and better extension list
  • Smoothly Accessible C-Panel
  • SEO Optimized Website Development
  • Improved Customer-centric Ecommerce Development
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Safe and Secured Upgrades and Payments
  • Multi-lingual and Multi-Currency Support
  • Prompt Checkouts

  • Key Takeaway

Each Ecommerce Platform has its own pros cons.
The final decision is up to you. However, if we
conclude from the above-mentioned comparisons
then it is clear that Magento is a star performer
in all ways. You may choose to go for Magento
Development Services for the web exposure of your
business if you are planning something big. It is
a legit platform choice for large Ecommerce
Stores. Offering any said feature to you, you
will hold a powerful Online Store at the end of
the day by choosing Magento over any other
platform. Whats your thought? Dont think much,
but hire Magento Developer now!
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