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Cancer Symptoms and Treatment (1)


Cancer Symptoms and Treatment – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Cancer Symptoms and Treatment (1)

Cancer Symptoms and Treatment Most of Your food
is vegetables and fruits. You are also exercise
routine, never forget to use sunscreen, stay
away from cigarettes and alcohol. You always try
to live a healthy lifestyle, because You know it
can be an antidote to cancer. But, the research
conducted by John Hopkins University found,
two-thirds of cancer cases in adults are
triggered by gene mutations that attack people
randomly, and eventually Cancer Symptoms and
Treatment tumors.
In other words, the case of a tumor the most is
because of the luck factor. This research started
from the curiosity of researchers why is there a
body tissue, for example in the small intestine
and the pancreas that have a higher cancer risk
than others. So they keep track of the number of
stem cell divisions in 31 tissue types, comparing
it with the risk of cancer symptoms throughout
life in the same network. The conclusion they
get is the higher number of cell divisions the
tissue, the higher the level of risk of cancer
symptoms. "Our study shows that in general, the
change in the number of stem cell divisions in a
tissue type is highly correlated with changes in
the incidence of cancer on the same network,"
said investigators of the study, Bert Vogelstein,
M. D., professor of oncology Johns Hopkins
University School of Medicine. That is, the more
cell division that occurs , the greater the risk
of random mutations and the malignant
development of cancer symptoms. So, does this
mean we don't need to implement a healthy
lifestyle? Not so. Although there are 22 types of
cancer is associated with factors gene mutation,
there are nine other types that is related by the
pattern of life.
Nine types of cancer that include, skin cancer,
neck, head, colon and rectum (large intestine
and anus), and lung cancer. The ninth type of the
cancer symptoms, in addition to a better
associated with lifestyle, also nothing to do
with heredity. Therefore, regular medical checkup
is very necessary to be able to detect the
presence of cancer early, before it progresses to
life- threatening. The other thing that needs
to be understood is, sentences gene mutations are
random does not mean completely randomly.
Conversely, cancer may arise as a result of
lifestyle factors. "The number of mutations is
higher in those exposed to toxins because of the
style of life haphazard, and lower in those who
consequent a healthy lifestyle," explains David
Katz, M. D., M. P. H, director of the Yale
University Prevention Research Center.
Studies show, gene trigger cancer symptoms become
inactive and suppressor genes the cancer to
become active in their work that favors a healthy
life. In conclusion, cancer is the result of a
combination of various factors like genetic,
environment, and gene mutation in random order,
quotes John Hopkins. Because there are several
types of cancer, which offers greater
opportunities for You to reduce the genetic risk
factors, living a healthy lifestyle is a step
that is very wise. Start limit the consumption
of meat, more fresh fruits and vegetables,
regular exercise, the anticipation of the sun's
UV rays with sunscreen and stay away from
cigarettes, advice of the American Cancer