Steps to Fix QuickBooks File Doctor are Not Working Error? [Solutions Tips] - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Steps to Fix QuickBooks File Doctor are Not Working Error? [Solutions Tips]


Intuit gives file doctor application to fix small glitches and errors. This file doctor helps to repair the damages that happen to QuickBooks and its company files. Sometimes it happens that QuickBooks File Doctor is Not Working. In such circumstance if your QB instance crashes or tosses an error, what should you do? In this topic we have discussed about the QuickBooks File Doctor issues and its solution. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Steps to Fix QuickBooks File Doctor are Not Working Error? [Solutions Tips]

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Intuit has launched QuickBooks File Doctor tool
(QBFD) in 2012. QuickBooks File Doctor is a tool
that has been designed to recover the damaged
company files and also helps in solving the
network issues. There are test results as well
each of the result has a section in it where all
the result is described in detail along with the
resources that can help fix the problem.
When the Hosting Mode is turned off
To access your QuickBooks files, you are required
to turn on the Hosting.
Note You can ignore this warning if you are
working on a workstation computer.
Now turn on the hosting!
When you are hosting QuickBooks Company Data
Files in multi-user mode
QuickBooks Company Data File Hosting means that
you allow other computers or workstations to
access the file. This file can be easily accessed
by the host (main computer) as only this host
contains the company data file.
The following services are used by QuickBooks
Desktop to manage company file access
  • QuickBooksDB28 is used by QuickBooks Desktop
  • QuickBooksDB27 is used by QuickBooks Desktop
  • QuickBooksDB26 is used by QuickBooks Desktop

You can also find this service in the Windows
Control Panel. Now, you are required to look for
the service that corresponds to the version of
QuickBooks Desktop you are using.
Ways to Access the Company Files
In order to access the company file, make sure
that your system meets following conditions
  • Database Server Mode The company file can be
    easily and successfully opened by the database
  • QuickBooks User Login Make sure that each user
    has a user login and password.
  • Windows File Permissions Ensure that if a user
    is logged in, then he must have the permissions
    to Full Control. These permissions also include
    permission to modify the files and to look at the

Modes of Hosting
You need to know that the hosting mode is set for
the versions of QuickBooks Desktop as well as for
other computers. But this hosting mode is not set
for the company file. The hosting mode settings
go independent when multiple versions of
QuickBooks 2016 or later are used simultaneously.
Usually, there are a total of three hosting modes
  1. Not Hosting Mode
  • Just like the Windows user running QuickBooks,
    QuickBooks Database Manager also runs a normal
  • Multi-user mode is not supported by the Not
    Hosting Mode. To communicate with QuickBooks,
    shared memory is used by this hosting mode.
    Moreover, database server to access a file can be
    used only by the QuickBooks user who is running
    QuickBooks on the local computer.

2. Hosting Local Files only
  • A Windows service namely QuickBooks DBXX is run
    by QuickBooks Database Server (Here XX is a
    number from 17 to 28 which has been determined by
    the version of QuickBooks) and also as the
    Windows user QBDataServiceUserXX (where XX is a
    2-digit number from 17 to 28 which is used by the
    Windows Service).
  • The service QuickBooksDBXX runs until the
    computer is on.
  • To communicate with the QuickBooks software,
    multi-user mode is supported using TCP/IP. This
    is to be noted that QuickBooks users who are on
    remote computers can access the company file
    using a database server which runs in Hosting
    Local Files only mode.
  • A computer that runs on this mode can host the
    files that are located on that computer.

3. Hosting Local Remote Files mode
  • QuickBooks Database Manager is run as a normal
    process just like the currently logged on Windows
    user. This process starts when the user logs into
    the Windows and the process stops as soon as the
    user logs out.
  • If a computer is running in this mode, then it
    can support multi-user mode in order to
    communicate with QuickBooks but this has to be
    done using TCP/IP. QuickBooks users who work on
    remote computers can access company files using
    the database server.
  • In addition to this, a local computer that is
    running in this mode can also host the files that
    are stored on it and located on remote computers.
    These files can also be opened on the local

How QuickBooks Desktop determines which database
server to communicate with
The ways in which QuickBooks Desktop determines
the database server to communicate with, are as
  1. QuickBooks looks for .nd file and this file is a
    small text file which has the same name as the
    company file but has an .nd file extension.
    Moreover, this text file is located in the same
    directory where the company file is located. The
    company file has the extension- .qbw. The details
    like IP Address and port, to contact the server
    are also stored in the directory.
  2. QuickBooks Desktop also determines whether the
    .qbw file is in use or not.
  3. When QuickBooks Desktop find this text file, i.e.
    .nd file, then it also detects the company file
    that is in user. After this, the QuickBooks
    software tries to communicate with the server in
    the following manner
  • If communication is successful, the company
    file is opened by the QuickBooks.
  • If communication is not successful, then an
    error message comes which describes the ways to
    resolve this issue. You can take a look at the
    Multiple computer receive error H101, H202,
    H303 and Error H505.

When the folder that contains file is not
writable and is not shared
Make sure that the folder that contains the
company file is shared with the other users.
Important If you are on a workstation then you
should ignore this warning.
When there is no network connectivity
Even when there is no network, one TCP/IP adapter
that is working and that the hostname of the
local machine is resolvable.
Run IPConfig
The IPConfig tool is very useful in verifying
the TCP/IP configuration of the computer you are
using. This tool helps to troubleshoot the
problems by using QuickBooks on the network.
Some of the most common IPConfig commands are as
Basic TCP/IP information
Ipconfig/ all
Detailed TCP/IP information
Ipconfig/ renew
Renew the IPv4 address for all network adapters
Ipconfig / release
Renew the IPv4 address for all network adapters
Steps to run the ipconfig
To verify the TCP/Ip configurations of your
computer, you may find the IPConfig tool. This
tool helps you to resolve troubleshoot problems
while using QuickBooks on a network.
Heres how
  • Select the Windows Start button.
  • Enter CMD in the search field.
  • From the list of results, choose Command
  • At the Command prompt, enter ipconfig and then,
    press Enter.

If you need any more information regarding this,
then you can enter ipconfig/? At the command
prompt or visit
When there is network problem IP reverse lookup
is failed
Check whether the Windows can produce an IP
address from a hostname and reverse the process.
If QBCFMonitorService/ QBDBMgrN is not running or
if Firewall is blocking the QuickBooks
These are the common errors that you will
encounter when firewall block Internet access
that you require for a specific QuickBooks
program. You can resolve this issue by updating
your firewall to the latest release or you can
configure exceptions and ports required for the
firewall software.
When QBCFMonitor Service is not running
  • To open 8019 port for the tool and QuickBooks
    applications on the client and server, configure
    your firewall.
  • Make sure that the hosting of the server has
    been turned on.
  • Now, ping the server and that should succeed
    from both the server and the client.

QBDBMgrN is not running
  • In order to open all the QuickBooks
    applications and Dynamic database port for the
    QuickBooks File Doctor, you should configure your
    firewall. Configure the firewall on all the
    client computers and your server as well.
  • Make sure that the hosting is turned on the
  • Ensure that you are able to ping the server
    both with the IP and host name on the server.

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