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Best Blood Cancer Doctors in Hyderabad | Best Blood Cancer Hospitals in Hyderabad


Dr. Ravi Chander Veligeti did his MBBS from Kakatiya Medical College, Warangal He finished MS in General Surgery at Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad Dr. Ravi Chander Veligeti filled in as Consultant Surgical Oncologist at Basavatarakam Indo-American Cancer Hospital from 2012 – 2014 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Blood Cancer Doctors in Hyderabad | Best Blood Cancer Hospitals in Hyderabad

Best Blood Cancer Doctors in Hyderabad Best
Blood Cancer Hospitals in Hyderabad
Dr. Ravi Chander Veligeti
  • Dr. Ravi Chander Veligeti did his MBBS from
    Kakatiya Medical College, Warangal He finished MS
    in General Surgery at Osmania Medical College,
    Hyderabad Dr. Ravi Chander Veligeti filled in as
    Consultant Surgical Oncologist at Basavatarakam
    Indo-American Cancer Hospital from 2012 2014
  • He Worked as Consultant Surgical Oncologist at
    Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences from 2010
    2012 He was Consultant Surgical Oncologist at
    Yashoda Hospitals from 2008 2010
  • Dr. Ravi Chander Veligeti filled in as Senior
    Resident in Surgical Oncology at Nizam's
    Institute of Medical Sciences from 2004 2005
    He filled in as Senior Resident in Surgical
    Oncology at M.N.J Institute Of Oncology from 2003
  • GI Stomach, Colon, Rectum
  • GU Kidney, Adrenal, Bladder
  • GYNEC Cervix, Endometrium THORACOSOPIC
  • Esophagus
  • Lung

Pioneer in Treatment of Peritoneal Surface
Malignancies with Hipec in the States of AP and
Telangana Head and Neck Cancers Delicate Tissue
and Bone Sarcomas Inclduing Limb Salvage
Surgeries Oncoplastic Breast Surgeries Careful
Oncologist Gynecologic Oncologist Laparoscopic
Surgeon Dr. Ravi Chander Veligeti rehearses in
American Oncology Institute in Hyderabad.
Proficient capability's of the Doctor are MBBS
from Kakatiya Medical College, Wrangal in 1998,
MS(General Surgery) from Osmania Medical
College, Hyderabad in 2002 and MCH(Surgical
Oncology) from Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad
in 2008 and has some expertise in Oncology
Surgery.Currently related as Consultant with
Department of Surgical Oncology at Continental
Hospitals, Hyderabad Has some expertise in
Surgical Oncology, Gynecologic Oncology and
Laparoscopic Surgery Clinical interests are
Cancer Surgery, Reconstructive, Microvascular
Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery and Surgical
American Oncology Institute
Individual from different famous associations,
for example, Association of Surgeons of India
(ASI), Indian Association of Surgical Oncology
(IASO) and Association of Minimal Access Surgeons
of India (AMASI)
Set up in 2012, American Oncology Institute
situated in Nallagandla in Hyderabad is a multi
strength focus. It offers cutting edge
infrastructure and is mechanically cutting-edge.
The institute has an awesome group of qualified
specialists accessible day and night and crisis
administrations. Staff individuals ensure
patients are given the best of medicinal
consideration. The institute comprise of an
accomplished group of talented experts, planned
to give the quality human services in each
restorative department.American Oncology
Institute is an Oncology Clinic in Hingna,
Nagpur. The clinic is visited by restorative
oncologist like Dr. Nikhil Pande ,Dr. Rajeev
Shrivastava and Dr. Dhananjay Bokare . The
timings of American Oncology Institute are
Mon-Sat 0900-1800. A portion of the
administrations given by the Clinic are Uro
Oncology,Urinary Tract Infection (UTI),Giant Cell
tumor Treatment,Radiation treatment for oral
cancer and Kidney Transplant and so forth. Tap on
guide to find bearings to achieve American
Oncology Institute.
Brachytherapy (Internal Radiation Therapy) Outer
Beam Radiation For Prostate Cancer Cancer
Treatment Radiation Therapy Cancer Treatment by
Linear Accelator 3DCRT, IMRT, IGRT, VMAT,
SBRT Radiation treatment for oral cancer
Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer Radiation
Therapy Cancer Cervix Oncology American
Oncology Institute, the lead international focal
point of US-based Cancer Treatment Services
International (CTSI), plans to close the hole
between models of consideration in India and the
US. So as to do as such, we transport every one
of the upsides of the most recent cancer
medications from the most progressive
nations of the world to the general population of
India. This guarantees every one of our patients
get care that is at standard with what is
accessible in the western world. Best Cancer
Hospitals in Hyderabad in various urban
communities of India. American Oncology Institute
gives the most elevated amount of consideration
and treatment choices in an agreeable, tolerant
driven condition, according to US benchmarks. We
control our choices with proof and clear
conventions while delivering care with a human
side. Social insurance is about consideration.
American Oncology Institute gives most extreme
need to comprehend the necessities of the
patients, work together with them and make a
loose and agreeable condition for treatment. At
American Oncology, it is our undertaking to
battle cancer by bringing world class cancer care
to India and South Asia.Best Cancer Doctors in
Hyderabad. Blood Cancer The term blood cancer
incorporates disarranges that influence the
blood, bone marrow and lymphatic framework. In
greater part of the blood cancers, the red blood
cells improvement is interrupted with
uncontrolled division resulting in strange kind
of cancerous blood cells. These cancerous cells
keep the ordinary capacities like guard or
avoidance of genuine bleeding. There are three
main gatherings of blood cancer issue, in
particular leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. World
over, their pervasiveness varies.Leukaemia
influences white blood cells, which assume an
imperative job in infection-fighting in the
insusceptible framework. Leukemia delivers a high
number of juvenile white blood cells and effects
other blood cells which help balance
insusceptible framework and solid blood.
Lymphoma influences the lymphatic framework,
which shields human body from infections and
diseases.Lymphoma can create in various body,
including bone marrow, blood and other
organs.Myeloma is a cancer of the plasma cells,
which are found in your bone marrow. Plasma cells
deliver antibodies which help battle infection.
At the point when plasma cells progress toward
becoming myelomas they keep the typical
generation of antibodies, leaving body's safe
framework debilitated. about American Oncology
Institute American Oncology Institute is known
for housing experienced Oncologists. Dr. Babaiah
M, an all around presumed Oncologist, hones in
Hyderabad. Visit this medicinal wellbeing place
for Oncologists suggested by 70 patients. Best
Blood Cancer Hospitals in Hyderabad
Blood Cancer Symptoms and Signs
Each sort of blood cancer is unique, however they
can share some basic side effects and signs. A
few people might not have any side effects until
the point when the infection is progressed. Or on
the other hand, here and there the side effects
might be confused for an extreme chilly or
influenza. Some basic blood cancer manifestations
include Coughing or chest pain Fever or chills
Visit infections Irritated skin or rash Loss of
craving or queasiness Night sweats Steady
shortcoming and weakness Shortness of
breath Swollen, painless lymph hubs in the neck,
armpits, or groin
Blood Cancer Diagnosis and Staging Your UPMC
Hillman Cancer Center consideration group will
direct tests to characterize the sort and phase
of your blood cancer. Staging is a procedure
that tells the spread and seriousness of the
cancer. Determination and staging regularly
occur in the meantime. Tests and systems to
analyze blood cancers may include Blood
tests Bone marrow exam Symptomatic imaging tests
CT check, PET output, and x-beam Physical
exam Careful lymph hub evacuation (for
examination) Staging gives every individual from
your consideration a chance to group know the
correct kind, area, and spread of the cancer.
Staging frameworks are somewhat predictable for
cancers that influence organs and different
tissues, yet blood cancer varies. Each sort of
blood cancer has its very own staging
criteria. Your specialist will explain how he or
she arranges your blood cancer. Blood cancer is
really a mind boggling group of five ailments,
each with its very own subtypes. Yet, in light of
the fact that they all influence how our bodies
create and utilize blood, specialists bunch them
together as a distinct class of cancers. At
UPMC Hillman Cancer Center and the Mario Lemieux
Center for Blood Cancers, our specialists are
altogether comfortable with each sort and
subtype of blood cancer. We have huge
involvement in handling complex instances of
blood cancer and delivering outstanding
consideration for each phase of the malady. As
its name recommends, this sort of cancer
influences the creation and capacity of your
blood cells. This sort of cancer begins in bone
marrow which is the integral wellspring of blood
creation. Undifferentiated organisms in your
bone marrow develop and form into three kinds of
blood cells red blood cells, white blood cells,
or platelets. If there should arise an
occurrence of cancer, the blood generation
process is interrupted because of the
development of an unusual sort of blood cell. The
different sorts include Leukemia, Lymphoma and
Myeloma.If You Can Get More Information About
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