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Top Celebrities With Autism


This is ppt for inspiration to autism people. they will get to know famous persons with autism. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Top Celebrities With Autism

By - Chirag Bhatt
  • We need to understand and realize that the word
    autism isn't a bad word. Autism is a medical
    condition having diverse stages of severity and
    described by the social communication disorder.
  • Youre highly mistaken if you think Autism
    Spectrum Disorder(ASD) as a culture. It can
    affect anyone whether its a common person or a
    famous celebrity.
  • Shouldn't we make a list of celebrities suffering
    from this disorder so people will get inspired?
    Some of the faces you know while others may make
    you feel astonished. Next are the famous
    celebrities who have/had autism.

  • Dan Aykroyd (1952-present)
  • One of the popular comedic actor who was banished
    from two different schools because he was
    suffering from the mild Aspergers Syndrome. He
    was awarded and appreciated for his character in
    Ghostbusters by The Academy Award-nominated actor
    and writer.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) Most famous
scientist and mathematician in history. He had an
issue of trouble socializing, experienced serious
speech delays, was trapped in the net of
echolalia where he started developing the habit
of repeating sentences to himself.
  • Daryl Hannah (1960-present)
  • One of the beautiful stars of films. Some years
    ago, she shared her experiences on the autism.
  • As a child, she used to self-soothe and was so
    shy. She even refused to give interviews when she
    began acting. She learned to control and live
    with her diagnosis for autism.
  • Temple Grandin (1947-present)
  • There is no autistic person other than her who is
    alive and very famous too. Doctors diagnosed her
  • She become a leading force in Animal Sciences.
    She was considered among one of TIMEs 100 most
    influential people. She overcame autism like a
    butter even though she was in worst condition.

Courtney Love (1981-present)

Courtney Love was diagnosed with autism as a
child. She would probably get a little rough with
you if she finds you telling the same on her
face. She was diagnosed with mild autism, it
didnt hurt her career in that way. Though she
became the victim of autism, yet she is among the
top famous personalities.
  • Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727)
  • Researchers at Cambridge University gave a pretty
    good idea that Isaac Newton had Aspergers
    Syndrome or something else on the spectrum. The
    researchers argued that Albert Einstein was
    autistic. He didnt like to make friends and used
    to be busy with his work and own routine.

Tim Burton (1971-present)

Tim Burtons wife diagnosed him with autism. He
displayed the signs of shyness, social anxiety
which are the symptoms of autism.
  • James Durbin (2006-present)
  • American Idol singer diagnosed with Aspergers
    and Tourettes when his Father died, he was only
    nine years old. In this list, we are observing
    that being autistic sufferers, they earned name
    and created a good place in our heart with their
    success and great work.

Bottom line
  • It is now justified that autistic people can also
    achieve a lot that a normal person. All you need
    is inspiration and will to get what you want.
    Autism is not a taboo that will restrict you to
    one point. If you want you can.

Thank You