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Watch this Recorded IT Webinar-Getting Started With CompTIA PenTest+


Watch this Recorded IT Webinar-Getting Started With CompTIA PenTest+ where we explain various aspects of penetration testing and demonstrate various security certification related topics. Click here to watch the full webinar recording: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Watch this Recorded IT Webinar-Getting Started With CompTIA PenTest+

Getting Started With CompTIA PenTest
Patrick Lane NetCom Learning
(888) 563 8266
  • What is CompTIA PenTest?
  • Cybersecurity career pathway
  • PenTest exam objectives
  • Partner and instructor resources
  • QA
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What is CompTIA PenTest?
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CompTIA PenTest Certification
  • CompTIA PenTest is a certification for
    intermediate skills level cybersecurity
    professionals who are tasked with hands-on
    penetration testing to identify, exploit, report,
    and manage vulnerabilities on a network.
  • PenTest assesses the most up-to-date penetration
    testing, and vulnerability assessment and
    management skills necessary to determine the
    resiliency of the network against attacks.
    Successful candidates will have the intermediate
    skills and best practices required to customize
    assessment frameworks to effectively collaborate
    on and report findings, and communicate
    recommended strategies to improve the overall
    state of IT security.
  • Skills competence for key job roles
  • Application Security Engineer
  • Penetration Tester
  • Vulnerability Tester
  • Security Analyst (II)
  • Network Security Operations
  • Application Security Vulnerability

Domain of Exam
1.0 Planning and Scoping 15
2.0 Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification 22
3.0 Attacks and Exploits 30
4.0 Penetration Testing Tools 17
5.0 Reporting and Communication 16
Total 100
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Why is it different?
  1. CompTIA PenTest is the only exam taken at a
    Pearson VUE testing center with both hands-on,
    performance-based questions and multiple-choice,
    to ensure each candidate possesses the skills,
    knowledge, and ability to perform tasks on
  2. CompTIA PenTest exam not only covers hands-on
    penetration testing and vulnerability
    assessment, but includes management skills used
    to plan, scope, and manage weaknesses, not just
    exploit them.
  3. CompTIA PenTest is unique because our
    certification requires a candidate to
    demonstrate the hands-on ability and knowledge to
    test devices in new environments such as the
    cloud and mobile, in addition to traditional
    desktops and servers.
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Job Task Analysis (JTA) Participants
  • Key JTA participants
  • Brotherhood Mutual
  • Global Cyber Security
  • SecureWorks
  • North State Technology Solutions
  • BlackFire Consulting
  • TransUnion
  • Las Vegas Sands Corporation
  • Integra LifeSciences
  • Enterprise Holdings
  • Paylocity
  • Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics
  • ASICS Corporation
(888) 563 8266
PenTest Exam Information
Item Description
Exam code PT0-001
Launch Date July 31, 2018
Availability Worldwide
Pricing 346 USD
Testing Provider Pearson VUE Testing Centers
Question Types Performance based and multiple choice
No. of Questions TBD
Length of Test TBD
Passing Score TBD (on a scale of 100-900)
Languages English only
Recommended Experience Network, Security or equivalent knowledge.
CE Program, ISO/ANSI and DoD accreditation Yes, part of CE program. CompTIA will pursue ISO/ANSI 17024 and DoD 8140/8570 approval.
(888) 563 8266
Proposed Hardware/Software for Labs
  • The CompTIA PenTest exam will include hands-on,
    performance-based simulations.
  • To prepare for these performance-based
    assessments, trainers, educators and publishers
    should emphasize open-source tools and teamwork.
    The following items were recommended by the
    subject matter experts (SMEs) at the JTA and are
    included in the exam objectives.

Software Hardware Tools
OS licensing Open source OS Penetration testing frameworks Virtual machine software Scanning tools Credential testing tools Debuggers Software assurance tools Wireless testing tools Web proxying tools Social engineering tools Remote access tools Network tools Mobility testing tools Laptops Wireless access points Servers Switches Cabling Monitors Firewalls HID/door access controls Wireless adapters capable of packet injection Directional antenna Mobile device SPARE HARDWARE Cables Keyboards Mouse Power supplies Dongles/adapters Lock pick kit Badge cloner Fingerprint lifter
These software/hardware/tools may or may not
appear on the exam. It is listed so that readers
may better understand the job role.
(888) 563 8266
Metasploit Example
(888) 563 8266
SET (Social Engineering Toolkit) Example
(888) 563 8266
Workforce Indicators
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
    classifies the job role under Information
    Security Analysts, which includes
  • Conduct penetration testing, which is when
    analysts simulate attacks to look for
    vulnerabilities in their systems before they can
    be exploited
  • 2017 Median Pay 92,600 per year
  • Number of Jobs Available 82,900
  • Job Outlook 28 growth by 2026 (Much faster
    than average)
  • classifies the job role under
    Penetration Vulnerability Tester, which
  • 2017 Median Pay 98,000
  • per year
  • Number of Jobs Available 6,695
  • (For comparison purposes, states
    Cybersecurity Analyst open jobs at 19,017 jobs.
  • That identifies one pen tester / vulnerability
    assessor job for every three security analyst
(888) 563 8266
Cybersecurity Career Pathway
(888) 563 8266
Cybersecurity Career Pathway with PenTest
(888) 563 8266
Lab concept for red team / blue team activities
Penetration testing (red team) and security
analyst (blue team) hands-on cybersecurity skills
are taught. For example
Red team
Blue team
Red team exploits are demonstrated
Blue team intrusion detection tools discover
the red team exploits
(888) 563 8266
PenTest Exam Domains
(888) 563 8266
PenTest Domain Objectives
1.0 Planning and Scoping
  1. Explain the importance of planning for an
  2. Explain key legal concepts.
  3. Explain the importance of scoping an engagement
  4. Explain the key aspects of compliance-based
(888) 563 8266
PenTest Domain Objectives
2.0 Information Gathering and Vulnerability
  1. Given a scenario, conduct information gathering
    using appropriate techniques.
  2. Given a scenario, perform a vulnerability scan.
  3. Given a scenario, analyze vulnerability scan
  4. Explain the process of leveraging information to
    prepare for exploitation.
  5. Explain weaknesses related to specialized systems.
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PenTest Domain Objectives
3.0 Attacks and Exploits
  1. Compare and contrast social engineering attacks.
  2. Given a scenario, exploit network-based
  3. Given a scenario, exploit wireless and RF-based
  4. Given a scenario, exploit application-based
  5. Given a scenario, exploit local host
  6. Summarize physical security attacks related to
  7. Given a scenario, perform post-exploitation
(888) 563 8266
4.0 Penetration Testing Tools
PenTest Domain Objectives
  1. Given a scenario, use Nmap to conduct information
    gathering exercises.
  2. Compare and contrast various use cases of tools.
  3. Given a scenario, analyze tool output or data
    related to a penetration test.
  4. Given a scenario, analyze a basic script (limited
    to Bash, Python, Ruby, and PowerShell).
(888) 563 8266
PenTest Domain Objectives
5.0 Reporting and Communication
  1. Given a scenario, use report writing and handling
    best practices.
  2. Explain post-report delivery activities.
  3. Given a scenario, recommend mitigation strategies
    for discovered vulnerabilities.
  4. Explain the importance of communication during
    the penetration testing process.
(888) 563 8266
Partner instructor resources
(888) 563 8266
Official CompTIA Content for PenTest
  • Instructor-Led Training planned availability by
    July 31
  • Official CompTIA PenTest Instructor Guide (print
    or eBook)
  • Official CompTIA PenTest Student Guide (print or
  • LogicalLABS
  • CompTIA CHOICE Platform
  • eLearning fall 2018 availability, exact dates
  • CertMaster Learn
  • CertMaster Practice
  • CertMaster Labs
  • Designed for self-paced audiences
(888) 563 8266
Features of Official Content
  • Comprehensive Instructional Tools
  • Robust Instructor Guide with presentation
    planners, helpful tips, and solutions in the
  • Class tested with real instructors before
  • Resources within CompTIA Choice including PPT
  • Focused on Job Roles and 100 Coverage of
  • Lessons in the book align with real world job
    objectives and scenarios
  • Activities require students knowledge into
    practice (some align with Labs)
  • Appendix aligns content to exam objectives
  • Flexible and Customizable Content Based on Course
  • Instructor Guide references different course
    formats and how presentation should be tailored
  • The CompTIA Choice platform is the one stop shop
    for all resources for course including eBook,
    instructor files, videos, assessments and labs
    (if applicable)
  • Students get lifetime access
(888) 563 8266
CertMaster Suite
CompTIA Official Content can be purchased at
(888) 563 8266
PenTest Train the Trainer (TTT)
  • Complimentary Webinar Series
  • The recorded sessions cover
  • PenTest exam domains
  • Comprehensive understanding of key pen testing
    and vulnerability assessment concepts
  • Hands-on experience with key technology tools
  • by security professionals
  • Instructional strategy to implement PenTest
  • Preparation for PenTest certification

PenTest Train the Trainer (TTT) recorded
sessions are available on demand https//gateway.
(888) 563 8266
Partner Marketing Sales Tools
Resource Centers
Product Info
  • Exam objectives
  • Number of questions
  • Length of test
  • Passing score
  • Languages
  • Exam code

Presentations / Webinars
Logos Brand Guidelines
Product Guide
(888) 563 8266
Useful Links
Resource Location
Content Availability http//
Classroom Training Availability http// http//
Exam Voucher Purchase http// http//
Exam Registration http//
Partner Website http//

LinkedIn CompTIA Instructor Network https// CompTIA Certified Professionals Group https//
Twitter _at_CompTIA https//
YouTube https//
Facebook https// 27
(888) 563 8266
Partner Launch Strategy
(888) 563 8266
  • PenTest Partner Launch Strategy
  • The PenTest exam will be available worldwide at
    Pearson VUE on July 31, 2018. Although the exam
    will be available everywhere, CompTIA will not
    announce the release to the public until August
    21, 2018, in order to help our partners prepare
    to teach PenTest.
  • During the three-week period from July 31 to
    August 21, please do the following
  • Certify your instructors in PenTest
  • Guide your instructors to view the PenTest
    train-the-trainer series
  • Select your courseware (July 31 CompTIA-branded
    ILT e-book available)
  • Obtain, prepare and deliver hands-on labs
  • Schedule PenTest courses and advertise on the
    CompTIA Website by updating your instructor
    information through the Partner Website
(888) 563 8266
Cybersecurity labs
  • Three options
  • Purchase certification-specific hands-on labs for
    Security, CySA and PenTest. Guide students
    through the labs in classroom assign as
  • Purchase a cyber range for red team (PenTest)
    and blue team (CySA) labs and competitions.
  • Build your own labs (requires expert
    cybersecurity instructor)
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Recorded Webinar Video
To watch the recorded webinar video for live
demos, please access the link https//
(888) 563 8266
About NetCom Learning
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