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Summer is Coming! Here’s How to Keep Your Kids Active During Summer Break


Explore the list of activities which help to keep your child physically active during summer break. Checkout the presentation now! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Summer is Coming! Here’s How to Keep Your Kids Active During Summer Break

Summer is Coming! Heres How to Keep Your Kids
Active During Summer Break
Keep Your Kids Active During Summer
  • It is not uncommon for children to be tempted to
    indulge in sedentary activities like watching tv,
    surfing the internet and playing video games
    instead of doing something that involves physical
    exertion, during their summer holidays.

  • Studies have linked sedentary behaviors of young
    children during summer break with weight gain and
    higher levels of adiposity, which can contribute
    to development of several health issues.
  • Being a parent, it is your responsibility to
    divert your child from a sedentary lifestyle and
    encourage them to do more physical activity,
    which in turn promotes healthy weight, better
    sleep and stronger muscles and bones.

Tips to Motivate Child to Be Physically Active
  • Now, physical activity doesnt mean having your
    child forcefully join a sports team or do tedious
    treadmill workouts.
  • It is important that your child enjoys whatever
    physical activity he/she does, which will
    motivate them to spend even more time doing it.
  • Here are some tips on how you can motivate your
    child to be physically active

Make Reading A Regular Practice
  • Summer learning loss is a common concern amongst
    parents whose children are embarking on a summer
  • However, with a little planning and
    consideration, parents can help their children
    ward off summer learning gaps.

  • Set aside time for your child to read and write
    every day during their summer holidays. It is a
    good idea to make it a family practice and
    involve everyone in the family (if possible) in
    this reading and writing routine.
  • This will eliminate any feelings of monotony and
    help promote a love of books and reading in your
    child. In addition, taking your child to the
    public library regularly to read their books of
    interest can reduce the chances of summer
    learning loss.

Take Educational Family Trips
  • A great way to stave off summer learning loss is
    to expose your child to educational experiences
    during their summer vacation.
  • Places like museums, historical sites, zoos and
    national parks offer great learning opportunities
    for children while keeping them active and

  • For parents having children with short attention
    spans, no prior knowledge of the related subject
    and inability to read, it can be a bit
    challenging to bring children to these places and
    keep them engaged.
  • In such scenarios, you can help your child out by
    taking small educational trips each day while
    giving them brief insights into the subject or
    place you are going to visit, beforehand.

Check Out Summer Camps
  • Summer camps are a great way to ensure your child
    stays physically as well as mentally active
    during school breaks.
  • Although each camp has a different theme, every
    camp provides children with a fun yet safe
    environment to build confidence, values and
    develop their social skills.

  • Ask your child what interests them the most. Do
    they want to indulge in water sports? Or would
    they like to camp in the outdoors staying close
    to the nature?
  • Once you have an idea of how they would like to
    spend their summer break, look into different
    programs out there to find a summer camp in
    Greenville that meets your childs interests and

  • As your child sets out on a summer break spree,
    follow these tips to keep your childs mind and
    body working all summer long.
  • Dont forget to check out varied age-specific
    programs offered by preschools and kindergartens
    in Greenville to help children stay active during
    summer months.

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