Surviving & Thriving in Your First Year at College or University - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Surviving & Thriving in Your First Year at College or University


Is it your first year in College/University? Here are some tips for surviving and thriving in that first year. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Surviving & Thriving in Your First Year at College or University

Surviving Thriving in Your First Year at
College or University
  • The first year of college or university can
    be fun and very exciting. It can also be
    stressful, at times. Discover some proven tips to
    help make your transition into post-secondary as
    smooth as possible. Not only can these tips help
    students survive freshman year, they can help you
    become a better student all around. Things that
    include communicating with your family, following
    a schedule, eating as healthily as possible,
    asking for help, and carefully planning your
    first-year schedule can help ensure your success
    and that youre excited about your second year of

Communicate with Your Family
  • Believe it or not, homesickness is a part of
    the college experience. You will likely miss home
    at some point, but for most students, it happens
    during the first year. Homesickness can lead to
    depression, cause a lack of motivation and
    negatively impact your social and academic
    performance. But contacting your family and
    friends on a regular basis can help remedy this.

  • Calling, texting, video chatting or sending
    messages to your family or friends at least once
    a week helps alleviate loneliness, reinforces
    your place in the family or friendship circle and
    even reduces stress. Besides, with so much
    communication technology today, theres no excuse
    not to call your family and friends every week or
    even every day.

Create and Follow a Schedule
  • Your class schedule isnt the only schedule
    you should be following. You should also have a
    schedule or plan that includes a daily routine.
    This plan includes wake up and sleep times, your
    course and work schedules, study times, leisure
    activities and short-term and long-term goals.

  • Following this plan is the best way to
    visualize your time management, as well as how
    you could possibly use time more effectively.
    Its the ultimate time-management tool and
    essential for first-year university students. A
    schedule can also help you coordinate with your
    roommate, especially if you live in a Durham
    College or UOIT residence. For example, you could
    coordinate study times by agreeing to study at
    the same time, leave the room or observe silence
    when either roommate needs to study.

Eat as Healthily as Possible
  • The college or university diet is infamously
    one of the unhealthiest diets. Whether you live
    in a UOIT or Durham College residence, on or
    off-campus, this doesnt mean you cant strive to
    be as healthy as possible. Ensure youre choosing
    one or two healthy options per meal and that your
    meals always include at least one fruit and/or
    vegetable, as well as protein.

  • Off-campus student housing, like Village Suites
    Oshawa, also often feature fitness centres, yoga
    rooms, etc. Take advantage of these facilities or
    plan to walk as much as possible for exercise.
    Additionally, stock your mini-fridge with as many
    healthy snacks as possible, including snackable
    or snack-sized fruits and vegetables.

Ask for Help
  • Theres nothing wrong with asking for help,
    especially when youre a first-year student. In
    fact, this is one of the times when you may need
    the most help. College or university can be
    intense and overwhelming, but asking for help and
    using your family and friends for support and as
    sounding boards are great ways to manage the

  • Professors are also sources of support and
    academic assistance. If youre struggling
    academically, look for a tutor or join or start a
    study group or visit a learning centre. The
    health centre can also help ensure you lead a
    safe, healthy lifestyle. Support groups and
    student clubs or activities can alleviate stress,
    anxiety and even loneliness, as well.

Plan Your Course Schedule Carefully
  • Be sure to take the time to carefully consider
    your course schedule in first year, because there
    are many options and it can seem a little
    overwhelming. As a freshman, you must typically
    take a variety of prerequisites or introductory
    courses. Fortunately, these courses are tailored
    to your program, which narrows down your options,
    so the requirements of the program will do most
    of the work for you.

  • When it comes to your course load, carefully
    consider what it is that you think you will be
    able to manage. For example
  • Spread the classes out over the week
  • Take fun, interesting electives
  • Dont overload your schedule with credit hours
  • Ask your advisor for advice and guidance
  • Of course, one of the keys to getting your
    college or university career off to the best
    possible start is loving where you live. If you
    have yet to find your student housing, book a
    tour of Village Suites Oshawa now.