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Chinese Language Scholarship for International Students


Details Program ID : N1JP20842 Teaching Language : Chinese City : Neijiang Intake : Autumn 2018 Degree : Non-Degree Duration : 1 Year Scholarship Duration: 1 Year Original tuition fee: 12000RMB/Year Accommodation fee: 1200RMB/Year (four-bed room) or 2400RMB/Year (double room) – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Chinese Language Scholarship for International Students

Chinese Language Scholarship for International
  • China scholarship data center https//www.scholar
  • Contact 0086 025 58745604
  • Email

Chinese Language Study In China
Details Program ID N1JP20842 Teaching Language
Chinese City Neijiang Intake Autumn
2018 Degree Non-Degree Duration 1
Year Scholarship Duration 1 Year Original
tuition fee 12000RMB/Year Accommodation fee
1200RMB/Year (four-bed room) or 2400RMB/Year
(double room) Scholarship Policy (After
scholarship you need to pay) Tuition fee
3700RMB/Year Accommodation fee 1200RMB/Year
(four-bed room) or 2400RMB/Year (double
room) Important Notice Nationality restriction
Afghanistan,Somalia,Syria,Iraq Maximum age
limit 30 School deposit fee 1200rmb is needed
to pay to school when digital admission come out
and it will be used as the accomodation fee when
Tuition Fee 3700RMB/Year Accommodation Fee 1200RMB/Year (four-bed room) or 2400RMB/Year (double room)
Registration Fee Unknown Medical Test Fee 450
Visa Fee 400 Books Fee 400
Insurance Fee 600 Others 400
Procedure with scholarship to china
  • Register your account at
  • Search, choose and "Apply"
  • Complete application information and submit
    application documents
  • Pay for the application fee
  • University assessment (If you succeed, the
    digital admission notice will come out around
    5-10 working days. If you failed, we will help
    you apply another university instead)
  • Pay for the school deposit fee to school account
  • Pay for the project fee and it is charged when
    JW202 come out
  • Get your original admission notice and jw202 and
    delivery fee is on ScholarshipChina
  • Apply for a visa in the Chinese embassy
  • Book flight ticket and study in China

Welcome to get chinese language scholarship
Application Documents
  • Documents Required for LanguageBachelor
  • University application form
  • Photocopy of valid passport
  • Passport-sized photo
  • Highest degree certificate transcripts
  • Physical examination form
  • Non-crinimal record (police clearance)

Chinese Language and Me
For most international students who want to
study at a Chinese university, Chinese is only
the official language of China. This is true, but
it is not just that. Chinese is part of the
Sino-Tibetan language family. About one-fifth of
the world's people speak some form of Chinese as
their mother tongue, making it the most spoken
language. Despite the variety of words, the Han
people have a common script that makes
communication between people a possible
incomprehensible dialect. The most standard
Chinese language is Mandarin. If you are a
beginner, it is best to master Mandarin first.
Mandarin is the official language of the People's
Republic of China. Mandarin is one of the fastest
growing languages in the world. In the United
States, Chinese is one of the most popular
foreign languages after Spanish and one of the
official languages of the United Nations. It is
used in most parts of northern China and in
western China. Mandarin is used for formal
communication in government, media or education.
Those who speak Mandarin as a second language
will use their native languages on less formal
occasions, such as conversations between family,
relatives, and friends. Chinese has no letters
with more than 50,000 characters. Chinese is a
tonal language with four tones. This means that a
given syllable can be pronounced in 4 different
tones. Pinyin is an auxiliary way to learn
Mandarin. It is a great help when you are
learning a language or trying to type in your
computer. People who are educated in China know
about 8,000 characters, but you only need to
learn 2000-3000 characters. Of course, if you
want to get higher Chinese skills or get a
high-level HSK certificate, you need to master
more Chinese characters. In addition to the Han
majority, there are 55 ethnic minorities in
China. The Han people account for about 92 of
China's total population. About two-thirds of the
Han population use Chinese as their mother
tongue, so a large part of the Han is bilingual.
All in all, more than 955 million native speakers
around the world use Mandarin. In Chinese
universities, most students speak Mandarin. In
this environment for a long time, I did not
consciously learn Mandarin. Therefore, coming to
China to study is the best way to learn Mandarin.
How should I learn Chinese?
The quickest and most effective way is to live in
China for a few months and immerse yourself in
Chinese language and culture. You can choose an
in-depth study plan or live and work there. As
you may already know, Chinese is a tonal
language. First, you need to master the tone.
Spend a lot of time listening and recognizing the
four different tones and then practicing the
tones aloud. After that, you should learn how to
pronounce Chinese words in Pinyin, which will
give you the tone of the word. These tones are
represented by the direction of the stroke, and
you will encounter these tones as you learn the
four tones. Now you are ready to learn the
basics. As with any other language, being able to
greet and introduce yourself is almost your top
priority and learn to count. This is what you
learn from the pitch and pinyin. Try reading
pinyin and pronounce it yourself, then listen to
an audio clip to see if it matches. Write a lot
of Chinese phrases and read articles every day.
Don't forget to communicate with the Chinese.
Good luck!
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