Three Coins of the World That Speak Volumes About Our History - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Three Coins of the World That Speak Volumes About Our History


Learn about three beautiful coins from around the world that have caught the attention of numismatists and collectors alike. Explore interesting world coins to learn about our past. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Three Coins of the World That Speak Volumes About Our History

Three Coins of the World That Speak Volumes About
Our History
  • Coins of the world hold a treasure full of vital
    information about our past. It is important to
    learn about them so that we understand how we
    have evolved so far.
  • Coins from India, Greece and Rome are some of the
    most sought after Coins from around the world
    because of their historical significance. Lets
    take a look at few of them today.

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  • Heres one of the rare world coins issued by
    Chandragupta II somewhere between 375 AD and 415
    AD. The obverse of this beautiful Gold Dinar
    features a King holding a bow with its string
    inwards. The Brahmi text "Chandra" is written
    vertically between the string and the King.
  • The reverse features Goddess Laxmi on a throne,
    holding a cornucopia in her left hand and a
    fillet in her right hand. Her feet are on a
    lotus. It also features the Brahmi legend "Shri

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  • When it comes to World Coins with artistic
    designs, Greek coins are always on top. Heres a
    beautiful 4.15 grams silver coin of the
    denomination Trihemiobol struck between 590 BC
    and 490 BC for Attica, Athens.
  • The obverse features a portrait of Athena facing
    right while the reverse depicts an owl facing
    right within an incuse square. An olive twig is
    seen behind along with the Inscription 'AOE'

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  • Roman coins are also considered to be some of the
    most valuable Coins from around the world. This
    7.30 grams gold Aureus was Die Struck under the
    regime of Augustus for Julio-Claudian dynasty
    somewhere around 18 BC to 17 BC at Colonia
  • The Obverse features a bust of Augustus facing
    right along with a legend "SPQR IMP CAESARI AVG
    COS XI TR POT VI". The Reverse features an arch
    over which a chariot carrying the king is placed.
    Soldiers to right are holding swords and the ones
    to left are holding battle axes.

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  • We have only spoken about three examples here.
    There are many other coins of the world that
    shares vital information about our history,
    traditions and cultures.
  • Keep researching about Coins From Around The
    World to explore world history in an exciting new