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First Story Writing Portal in India | News Letter September -


Scribebee - We are the first portal in India where you can read and write stories, poems, poetry and can share it by our large community of people all over the world. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: First Story Writing Portal in India | News Letter September -

News Letter
Sept 2018
From the Editors desk The Results of tomorrow
depend on the e?orts of today.
September issue From the Editors Desk
Founder Author of the month Words of the Youth
Creative writting program Our users Give wings
to your words ScribeBee is an endeavour exploring
the realm of informal learning and free creative
media, focuses on kids and youth to give them
the freedom to explore their creativity and
passions and express themselves through the
power of language. Poetry AN ODE TO A GIRL JANANI
MANI "To the girl stuck
The ones who are aware about their abilities and
can freely express them are there ones who can
truly contribute and grow. Texts are immortal
and those who write them live an everlasting life.
Writing allows you to pen down your imagination,
out of your brain into the real world and make
the readers aware and astonished to learn that
humans are such a glorious creation of god. It
allows the brain to expand the hori- zon of
imagination and thought process.
Youth has the power to drive the economy forward.
They have the energy, the will and the
enthusiasm needed for the development of a
society. Youth is the bridge to a brighter
future. If they use their energy to express their
ideas and views in the writing world they can
enhance their growth as well remarkably
contribute to the society. ScribeBee o?ers them
this platform to write and provides them with
all the support and guidance needed. Through
this magazine, ScribeBee is proud to showcase
and appreciate its budding writers and their
Between pragmatism and phantasmagoria
Between self love and self pity
To the girl who stutters when asked about herself
Who laughs at love
- Chhavi, Team Scribebee
And smiles at hate
Author of the month Vaswati Das Poetry - Ghost
To the wise girl who is unaware
To her gentle ?rst snow shower and her last
Things do seem di?cult.
But yarns do not swaddle on their own
Nor is everyone fortunate enough to be swaddled.
Author of the Month
Our Founders Our founders are international
healthcare experts, who realized that formal
education system can sometimes sti?e innovation
and creativity not just in childhood but also
later in professional career outcomes. The rote
learning methodology has taken a stranglehold on
the entire education system, and they then felt
that the kids in many parts of the world may
never have the opportunity and freedom to
nurture their creative side.Therefore, ScribeBee
was founded with the inspiration to give the
tools, resources and platform to kids and their
teachers, and supplement their formal education
with creative writing as well as expression, to
raise imaginative, innovative and con?dent
children, that can contribute e?ectively in the
21st century.
Sunken in moonbeams, a silvery world snores
Exclaiming softly in a very faint breeze As the
pale wraiths hustle And a solitary bird
rustles The pitch black leaves of these Skeletal
Dr.Amit Rana Founder Director
Presently, we have A wispy little girl Dirt
on her cheek And pigtails in disarray
Whimpering as she kneels in front of the grave Of
her father.
Dr. Amit is a entrepreneur, Trauma surgeon,
invited speaker and trainer with 17 years of
experience in leading centers in Australia,
North America, Europeindia. Currently he leads a
healthcare company that has key focus innovative
models of healthcare delivery. He is leading
hospital chain project overseas and collaborative
ventures in Digital healthcare and
Biotechnology. He strongly believes in the power
of partnerships and that together, with our
disparate strengths we are stronger. He provides
business eadership to the Scribebee project.
Now, a wraith brushes past her, Trails its
?ngers across her face "It's okay, it's
alright," it tries to say But the girl only
cries some more She says, seemingly to no one at
all, "My father is dead and my sister, she lies
under six feet of snow. Where am I supposed to
Dr. Abha Malik Founder Director
Dr. Abha is a highly experienced diagnostic
oncologist and a healthcare leader, with decades
of experience in Australia, Canada Europe. She
is an entrepreneur and investor with keen
interest in developing projects that bridge
global gap in healthcare delivery globally. She
has left lucrative career in a multinational
corporate healthcare to pursue her passion for
transforming healthcare. She has been a
passionate teacher, trainer and mentor to
various students and juniors across the globe.
She provides operational and strategy leadership
to Scribebee project.
So here she waits Shamless and dumb. As the moon
pales in anguish And an owl screeches in alarm.
Words from our youth
Passion Vidya Vishwakarma
It is the motivation from the passion that
doesnt let you sleep. Life gets more
adventurous. The adventures of not giving up.
The act of trying again and again. However, all
you know is you stand still in the bad time and
work harder than the previous time. The act of
working hard with every failure is what is called
passion. Well, there has been an association of
this particular word with an act of madness and
the act of something weird. Well, here we stand
the act of being passionate is not always
negative rather it is the hidden ?re inside you
which has the capacity to bring down the entire
world at your feet. It brings the stars and
moons down to your feet. It is the inside you
strong, dedicated and has a very strong
will. Passion also adds on to the dedication
factor. It is this idea that adds on to your
dedication, one can always be dedicated towards
his or her work. It is the blend of passion and
dedication that causes an exothermic reaction.
It produces the heat to keep the work on the
track. It is the fencing of this ?re that
prevents you from deviating and getting
distracted. Passion is not just a word it is
motivation, feeling, and emotion. It is this
that builds ones personality. Well, being
passionate is not always being lunatic as a metal
is not always gold. So be aware of the
passionate heart and minds around you and do
keep your passionate self-alive.
A strong and controllable emotion is termed
passion. The act of being very strong in terms
of the will. It can be in the form of career,
love and many other aspects. It is, therefore,
an intrinsic motivation and increases the
willpower to do something. Passion can be
positive as well as negative. The act of
positivity derived from passion is the best kind
of motivation. Passion is like that igniting ?re
which increases with the failures as it acts
like an in?ammatory material rather than an
extinguishing element. It acts like ?re which
can never be extinguished. This is the ?re within
us which can burn the world around us. It can
pave the way to a lot of career options for one
and all. It burns all the obstacles that come on
the way. This is how one starts paving the way
towards the top. The top is not that easy to
reach but it is the extent of the ?re. It is the
?re whose heat makes the passive human into an
active one. It acts like the nonstop de?nite way
to reach to the ultimate goal. It is the
positivity of this ?re that keeps us alive and
acts like the heat which keeps one body of aims
and career. The body of aims and career is made
rigid and de?nite. Aims and careers are like
buds which bloom undernourishment of Passion. It
starts with an optimum requirement of this. An
optimum act of passion keeps you awake in the
darkest of the night.
Arjoo Rawat
" Is this a joke??? you agreed to babysit Georgie
we were gone!!", Mr.Fletcher snapped.
"That's impossible! I've been working here for two
weeks! ", She had a serious expression on her
face. Mrs.Fletcher's eyes widened with fear, her
lips began "If you're here, then who's
babysitting Georgie??"
it was not the ?ery intensity of your ?re that
drew me to you. it was the stealthy calm of your
?ame that did it told me that you were willing
to burn longer , that you were here to stay.
to tremble,
Quid pro quo Priyasha Choudhary The intent
does not matter, the impact does These were the
last words that were said to Scott by his
bereaving mother who mourned the loss of a son
who was still alive. Scott didnt die but his
faith in humanity most certainly did. The story
that leads Scott to this juncture in his life
culminates from a series of unwelcome
circumstances. His outlook towards life, his
family and just about anyone he meets has
undergone an unforeseeable metamorphosis wherein
he cant help but be bitter to those around him
and be termed as a rogue and a reprobate. He has
earned the reputation of being nefarious and
vindictive even though there was once a time
where he was called amiable and helpful. From
living a regal and illustrious life where he was
praised for being an arduous and erudite fellow
to transforming into a boisterous criminal who
is now seeking vendetta for wrongful
discrimination, everyone knows who Scott Norman
is and everyone who has ever done wrong by him
is now petri?ed to be the recipient of his next
The vaca?on KavanPuranik Who's the kewtest baby
in the world? yesh you are!", Mrs.Fletcher
pecked Georgie on his nose. Mr.Fletcher hauled
the luggage downstairs. "Georgie is in good
hands Mrs. Fletcher , enjoy your vacation! "
Debbie smiled. The couple arrived at Paris and
reached their hotel. They saw a familiar face
there. "Debbie? What are you doing here?,
where's Georgie?", Mrs. Fletcher
asked. "Georgie? What are you talking about?",
Debbie looked confused.
MENTOR - MENTEE PROGRAM Scribebee brings to you
their Mentor-Mentee initiative to guide the
budding writers on their journey of creativity
and exploration. It is an online mentoring
through our platform where we will provide you
with mentors who possess immense knowledge and
skills that will help in channelizing your
energy and talents in the right direction.
Scotts elder brother was murdered by his own
due to a horrible business decision taken by him
the company to bankruptcy, Scott was framed for
embezzlement by the same people who murdered his
brother and Scott was wrongfully sentenced to
imprisonment for the murder of his elder brother.
mother was bereft of not just the property but
both her
After serving his tenure at the prison, Scott is
now seeking revenge for the grotesque
accusations and
judgments made against him. His decisions are
irretrievable and his thirst for creating his own
justice will be quenched only when the
perpetrators are served
their revenge
A man in his entire lifetime has only one motive,
to live
Con?nous Evalua?on
A?ordable Price
with dignity and once that is snatched away from
all the he has is just a pair of clothes and a
long life to
live ahead. Even though for Scott things turned
down his struggle still continues to get him his
dignity and respect back and take revenge from
Construc?ve Feedback
Expert Knowledge
who have done him wrong.
Online Mentoring
But the question that lurks is whether this quid
pro quo
attitude will do any good or cause irreparable
damage for which Scott might never be able to
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