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Natural Calcium Supplements for Healthy Joints and Bone


This power point presentation describes about natural calcium supplements for healthy joints and bone. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Natural Calcium Supplements for Healthy Joints and Bone

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Natural Calcium Supplements
Our bones, primarily, are made up of calcium.
This calcium starts to deteriorate after a
certain age or even due to some illness. This
affects the joints and bones and makes them weak.
Our movement gingerbread hampered. To overcome
this deficiency, there are supplements available.
The best ones to use are the natural calcium
Causes Of Joint And Bone Deterioration
Following are the causes of joint and bone
deterioration Injuries like a car accident or
a bad fall can fracture or break a bone.
Deficiency of minerals like calcium and vitamin D
leads to bone diseases like arthritis and
osteoporosis. Natural calcium supplements can
cover up these losses. Metastatic cancer is a
cancer in other parts of the body, such as
breasts, lung, kidney, prostate or thyroid, but
affects the bones and joints.
Causes Of Joint And Bone Deterioration
Bone cancer. Overuse of joints due to
repetitive use of joints, such as in running,
dancing, yoga, gymnastics, cycling, dancing,
etc. Poor posture. Certain bone diseases like
sickle cell anaemia interrupt blood supply to the
bones, as a result of which, the bone tissues
begin to die.
Causes Of Joint And Bone Deterioration
Infections like osteomyelitis. Leukaemia,
which is the cancer of the bone marrow. Old age
leads to deterioration of collagen which builds
cartilage in the joints. Inactivity or lack of
Causes Of Joint And Bone Deterioration
Autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto's
hypothyroidism or fibromyalgia. Muscle pains
which exert pressure on the joints. Bursitis,
which weakens the muscles and causes joint
pains. Viral infection or illness such as flu.
Symptoms Of A Weak Bone And Joint
Here are the symptoms of a weak bone and joint
Loss of height Loss of grip strength Receding
gums Overall reducing fitness Brittle finger
nails Cramps, muscle and bone aches
Natural Calcium Supplements
Joint pains, affect mostly the following areas
Neck and top of the spine Lower back Back of
the leg Jaw Knees Hips Wrists, hands and
fingers Ankles, feet and heels
Supplements For Healthy Joints And Bones
Supplements for healthy joints and bones These
supplements are natural calcium supplements which
restore the lost calcium and bring back the
natural health of bones and joints. Here are some
natural remedies Epsom salt soak Exercise
Hot and cold compress
Supplements For Healthy Joints And Bones
Diet modification Weight loss Collagen and
other supplements like beef, chicken, fish and
eggshell membrane, herbs like turmeric and
ginger, seeds, dried fruits like almonds and
walnuts, dark green leafy vegetables, dairy
products, sunlight, coconut water, bananas,
avocados and sweet potatoes
Main Functions Of Calcivon Tablets
Another, very effective supplement for healthy
joints and bones is Calcivon tablets. These
capsules are natural calcium supplements. Their
main functions are to Remove harmful toxins
from the body Purify blood Reduce signs of
Main Functions Of Calcivon Tablets
Prevent premature aging Increase vitality
Improve immunity Strengthen bones and joints
Treat lethargy Improve liver and kidney
Ingredients In Calcivon Tablets
These capsules are a perfect blend of exotic
herbs like Ksheerika, Amla, Murva, Pitpada,
Amarbel, Guduchi, Chobchini, Chameri, Anantmula,
Karanj and Manjishtha. These herbs have been used
over the centuries for the treatment of weak
bones and joints. They have also helped in curing
bone diseases. They are the primary constituents
of Calcivon tablets.
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