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Facts behind contamination of water


Water is the most important thing for people, plants and animals. When the water supply is not reliable, it is not healthy. Lorry water supply in Chennai providing best purified water to your Home needs – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Facts behind contamination of water

Facts behind contamination of water
Facts behind contamination of water
  • Our drinking water contains many chemicals and
    contaminants that cause the adverse effect on our
    health. What are these chemicals? Why they are
    present in water? What damage they will cause?
    And how can we avoid them?
  • For these entire questions you will get the
    answer below. Please read over

  • Presence of chemicals in the water
  • The water contamination is directly subjected to
    the degree of contamination in our environment.
    Contamination in our drinking water arises from
    different sources like cracks and leaks in pipes,
    chemicals in the environment, lead solder and
    joints, and also through the natural water ways.

  • Air borne pollution is washed into the rivers,
    rivers and aquifers in which the chemicals like
    detergents and pesticides seep into the
    reservoirs. A huge amount of chemicals and
    pollution will end up into our water ways
    thereby, finding their way into our drinking
    water supply.

  • Damages caused chemicals
  • A medical study says that there are over 200
    types of chemicals found in today's water supply
    and they are directly linked to disease and
    illness to the human body.
  • Chlorine and Fluoride
  • People are so familiar with chlorine and fluoride
    that are added into our water. Chlorine can cause
    skin and eye irritation while the fluorides can
    cause obesity and depression in thyroid gland. So
    it is better to purify the chlorine and fluoride
    in our water supply.

  • Lead
  • Lead is regularly used in solder, pipes and
    fittings. Lead is toxic and can have cumulative
    effect when it builds over years it can cause
    serious health hazards in later life.
  • Role of Benzene
  • Benzene is utilized in petrol and released into
    the air through fumes. They are also used in
    plastic, synthetic fabrics and rubber. It is
    exposed as a result of air pollution and
    contamination. Benzene can cause stomach
    irritation, convulsions and dizziness. It can
    also damage the red blood cells by decreasing
    their number that leads to anemia.

  • How can we remove them?
  • Water is very much important for healthy
    lifestyle and doctor recommends to drink 2 liters
    of water a day to keep ourselves healthy and
    hydrated. But when it contains the harmful
    chemicals it is very injurious to our body.
  • Water filtration is the best way to remove all
    those chemicals. The Private Water Supply in
    Chennai filters all the contaminant in the water
    without extracting the minerals contained in it.
    Hope the above points are useful.

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