How To Use High Pressure Cleaning Safely And Effectively? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How To Use High Pressure Cleaning Safely And Effectively?


The toughest restorative and cleaning assignments can be handled successfully by professional high-pressure cleaning experts SA Sweepers And Scrubbers. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How To Use High Pressure Cleaning Safely And Effectively?

How To Use High Pressure Cleaning Safely And
Professional High-pressure Cleaning Experts
  • The toughest restorative and cleaning assignments
    can be handled successfully by professional high-p
    ressure cleaning experts.
  • They can perform efficient cleaning on all
    varieties of surfaces or floors. With the help of
    sophisticated cleaning machines, they can clean
    stubborn dirt.
  • The cleaning is done by using machines that
    propel water at very high speed. Since the
    machine can increase the temperature of the water
    up to 120 degrees Celsius, it is possible to
    remove the toughest of dirt.

Tips to get the maximum benefit of it
  • High-pressure cleaning is ideal for cleaning tall
    buildings because the machine has booms and lifts
    that can reach heights where normal cleaning
  • It is a method that ensures optimum sanitation
    for your home, hotel, hospital or office.

As described earlier, pressure cleaning is the
best way of cleaning tall buildings and
apartments, but there are a few points that
should be considered to get the maximum benefit
of it.
  • Roof cleaning is the most difficult thing, but
    pressure cleaning can achieve fantastic results.
    It can clean all varieties of roofs like metal,
    slate, tiles, and shingles and so on. Cleaning
    enhances the beauty of the house, and it extends
    the life span as well.
  • Pressure cleaning is the best for cleaning the
    front porch, rear patio, and sidewalk. It wipes
    out all dust and dirt. This cost-effective
    cleaning method enhances the curb appeal.
  • Cast stones and bricks have large pores where
    dirt and dust getaccumulated. These surfaces are
    prone to the growth of mold and fungi. Pressure
    cleaning is the ideal cleaning method because it
    can reach the holes and pores effectively.
  • However, it is important that the pressure is low
    in this case so that there is no damage to the
    outer surface. Moderate cleaning agents should be
    added to the water.

What makes pressure cleaning a preferred method?
  • Pressure
  • It is very important to decide the right amount
    of pressure so that the result is optimum. The
    soft hot wash is sufficient for moderately dirty
    surfaces. For heavily dirty areas, high pressure
    and high-intensity blast can be applied.
  • Expert cleaners know what kind of pressure and
    temperature should be applied so that the surface
    becomes clean without getting damaged.
  • Water pressure removes stains from walls,
    driveways, domes and outer surfaces of the
    building. Also, it can restore the concrete and
    make the footpaths sparklingly clean by removing
    the gum.

Restricted use of chemicals
  • When the team gets an assignment, it spends a
    good time in analyzing the cleaning needs before
    gets to work.
  • Pressure cleaning is ideal for people who are
    allergic to harsh chemicals. Since it cuts the
    chemicals out and uses high-pressure water
    stream, fantastic results can be achieved without
    causing any discomfort to the residents.
  • More and more people prefer pressure cleaning
    nowadays. It is very important to choose a
    cleaning service where the team is experienced
    and well-trained. Thus, you dont need to worry
    about the quality of work.

  • If you are looking for high Pressure cleaning in
    Adelaide, Carpet Cleaning Machines in Adelaide or
    would like to hire a sweeper and scrubber, give
    our friendly team a call at SA Sweepers and
    Scrubbers on 8340 7936.

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